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A New Way of Life

Posted on Wed Feb 27th, 2019 @ 7:23pm by Captain Colby Drayton & Lieutenant JG Joseph 'Seph' Swift
Edited on on Thu Feb 28th, 2019 @ 11:06pm

Mission: Episode 6: War Crimes
Location: USS Nogura
Timeline: MD136, 1100 Hours

Joseph Swift stepped off the transporter pad. The USS Tasmania had transported him to USS Nogura, his new home, at Starbase 72. Here, he would take on the role of their Chief Flight Operations Officer. This was the step that he always wanted to take, all in memory of his mother, who died in the Dominion War. He always admired his mother, who gave the ultimate sacrifice of those who serve in Starfleet. Though it was tough on him at times, he still couldn't help but think of her whenever he saw a warp core. When he finally snapped out of his thought process, he was standing in the turbolift, and it was awaiting his orders. "Deck 3." He had gotten his quarter assignments from the Quartermaster upon his arrival on the ship. His mother always taught him to report in first before doing anything else, but he didn't really want to report in carrying his duffel.

The doors flew open to the deck, and he stepped out. He walked down reading the numbers as he walked the deck to find his room number. After a few minutes he found it, punching in the code that the PADD signified, the doors flew open. The room was empty, except for the minimum furniture, luckily he brought his own to liven the place up. Seeing his totes and other personal belongings neatly stacked in the center of the room, where they had materialized. He tossed the duffel which landed near the stack of crates. Turning on his heals, he promptly left.

Stepping onto the bridge of the Sovereign class vessel, Seph nodded at an officer who eyed him. He noticed a man sitting in the Captain's chair. When the man turned towards him, the four gold pips of the rank of Captain gleamed in the light. Taking a few steps forward, Seph snapped to attention, "Captain. Lieutenant Junior Grade Joseph Swift reporting for duty, sir." Holding out the PADD he was holding, "My transfer orders, sir."

"Relax Lieutenant," Drayton waved at the man, gesturing for his stance to relax as he took hold of the transfer orders and gave them a glance over. "Everything seems in order," the Captain then pointed at the XO's seat, non-verbally asking the Flight Operations Officer to take a seat. "Tell me about your time on the Tasmania?"

The tall man moved and took the XO seat and shifted his gaze back at the Captain, "I was not an officer aboard the Tasmania, sir. They met up with the USS Gladiator, which I was Assistant Chief Flight Operations Officer. The Tasmania met up with the Gladiator to transport me here. Gladiator couldn't make the trip to get me here on time." Seph said as he shifted his weight a little, mostly out of nervousness.

"I see," the Captain nodded slowly, "forgive me Lieutenant. We've been wrapped up in several incidents aboard ship," he continued, being as open and transparent as he could with a new member of the crew. "If I were you, I'd spend the next few days on the holodeck, getting to grips with the particulars of our new Quantum Slipstream Drive. Commander Millarini and her team are overseeing the final stages of installation and we'll be conducting some tests in the next few days," Drayton suggested, a smile on his face as he thought of the possibilities the slipstream drive would generate for the crew.

"Yes sir. I have been reading up on the slipstream since I heard that I received transfer approval." Seph said with a smile, "This stuff fascinates me and I am excited to get to actually use it. I will make sure to put in some holodeck time."

"I suggest you get with the engineering team to talk through it too," the Captain told with a nod. "It is a complicated system, so you'll need as much help as possible."

"Great idea Captain." Seph said acknowledging the Captain's advice. "I will head down to Engineering as soon as I get settled in, if that is alright with you sir."

“Yeah, that’s fine,” the Captain nodded. “Take some time first to get acquainted with the ship, find your way around. She’s a fine lady. I expect you to know her like the back of your hand. Flight Control is one of the many paths to command, Lieutenant. If you harbour ambitions of sitting in my chair one day, your training for it starts here,” the Captain told with a sterner expression than he had had previously. “You’re dismissed,” he concluded.

"Yes sir." Seph stood up from XO chair. He saluted the Captain and walked off the bridge. He shot a glance at the Helm station over his shoulder, but knew that he had a lot of unpacking to do. Having to learn the QSD before they jump, Joseph needed to get some training in down on the holodeck. This assignment was what he always wanted, and he was excited to get his new life started here.


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