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They Don't Stop

Posted on Wed Apr 22nd, 2020 @ 12:38am by Captain Keziah Nazir

Mission: Episode 1: Armageddon - The End of All Things
Location: The Galaxy
Timeline: Day 4 at 0000

The Borg.

They assimilate your technology and use it against you - and they don't even need to because they're already more advanced than you. They have cloaking technology, but they don't need it. When they come for you, you will see them coming.

When one Borg learns something, they all learn it. When they take you, they ALL know your secrets.

Each drone has their own shielding. You get one shot to take out a drone, but the others adapt before the fallen drone even hits the floor. They can lose 150% of their drone population in a planetary assimilation and actually end up with more drones than they started out with by using your people to run their ships.

No matter what you do, they don't stop.

They are relentless. When one goes after you, they all go after you. And they just want you. And when the Borg Cube comes to get you, all the Borg on the Cube wants to get you. Then they will take you. They will use you to take someone else. They don't care about turning you against your own people because they assimilate everyone, even children.

And they don't stop.

They broke the powerful Federation fleet in just one battle. It took two years to rebuild it. They broke Earth's defenses and entered orbit of the planet. Twice. They attacked both Earth and Romulan outposts along the Neutral Zone border, because they can fight wars on two fronts at once. They forced enemies to become allies… then they killed them. Star system Wolf 359 is now unnavigable because of the Federation debris.

They don't care about politics, religion or ideals. They just want you. They don't even have diplomats. They don't open a dialogue. They just want you. They are an enemy to 100 percent of the universe. They don't need allies. They just want you. They don't ask. They assimilate. They don't enquire. They assimilate. They don't learn. They assimilate. They just want you. And they don't stop.

Their technology is as advanced as the most advanced enemy they ever fought. They can lose 80 percent of their vessel and still maintain 100 percent of ship operations. When they find you, they tell you not to resist. They are so powerful that they expect you not to resist. They don't understand it when you resist. Then they kill you.

And they just don't stop. Ever.


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