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Planning Ahead

Posted on Thu Aug 22nd, 2019 @ 9:17pm by Lieutenant Commander Aria Winters & Major Brynhild Keil

Mission: Episode 8: A Greater Power
Location: Shuttlebay
Timeline: Day 182 at 1230

If anyone was looking for the Nogura's squadron leader, they would find her in the shuttlebay.

This was where Captain Drayton had said her fighters would be housed, and she was given clearance to look it over and figure out what modifications were needed. She wasn't an engineer by any stretch of the imagination, of course, but she knew what a squadron needed. There was still a lot to consider, and thus the six-foot tall woman was standing in the middle of the cargo bay--fairly heedless of those working around her--with her hand on her chin as she stood...silent...and thought.

“A penny for your thoughts, Major?” Commander Winters called out as she crossed the shuttle bay. Coming to a stop near the other woman, the first officer smiled, “how goes your plans to make this your squadrons new home?”

"It goes, sir," Brynna said, her tone a faint drawl as she turned to face her new executive officer and saluted. "It's going to be a tricky fit, so I hope all my new pilots like each other." Her brow arched slightly with her dry humor.

Aria grinned, "well, you will soon find out. Is there anything I can do to help?"

To this, the Marine pilot chuckled. "I don't suppose your executive powers allow us to just make this bay about a third bigger than it is?" She met the commander's gaze sidelong. "That would be particularly useful."

"Defy the laws of physics? I'm good, but not quite that good," Aria replied with a grin, "but if anyone asks, naturally, I did not say that."

"My lips are sealed." The pilot smirked. "I'm not really sure there's much else to be done but...get some techs up here to make some changes, then get the birds and pilots in here. It's not going to be pretty, but I'll make it work. I promised the captain a good sword-arm, and I intend to give him one."

"While I'd love to never have to use you talents out there, I am glad you are here," Aria confided. "And how are you Major?"

Brynhild turned her head to look around the bay again, giving a heavy sigh after a moment. "I suppose I am as well as can be expected, Commander," she replied simply. "You?”

“I could probably eat a hundred chocolate sundaes but a diabetic coma does not fit into my plans for today.” Aria confided, stepping aside as two technicians moved equipment towards the far side of the bay. “Are you sure there is nothing you need?”

"Not at the moment, Commander," Brynna replied. "But that will probably change soon."

Walking away, Aria paused. “If you were potentially launching in waves, perhaps it would be wise to consider having a few craft housed in another bay? That saying about all your eggs in one basket... just a thought.”

The major nodded. "I'll see if anything is available, sir," she said with a wry smile.

“Just shout out if you need anything or have any problems getting anything you need,” Aria told her. “Do you ever watch old movies? I was thinking popcorn and a movie tonight. And now I’m in the mood to watch Top Gun. If you’ve never seen it, you are welcome to join me.”

Brynna's brows rose slightly in surprise, but she smiled. "I don't watch them often, but I have from time to time. I think I'd enjoy joining you tonight. Thank you, sir."

"Leave the sir at the door when you come by," Aria grinned, "say, 2030 hours?"

"I'll be there, sir," the Marine replied. Her lips quirked up. "Not through the door yet."

"Quite," Aria grinned. "And give me a shout out if there is anything relating to your planning - or anything really - that I can help with. Good luck, Major."

And with that the XO headed back out of the bay, inwardly glad to have something else besides reports to look forward to.


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