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Mental Release

Posted on Tue Sep 3rd, 2019 @ 5:47pm by Captain Colby Drayton & Lieutenant Commander Zar
Edited on on Sat Sep 21st, 2019 @ 7:43pm

Mission: Episode 8: A Greater Power
Location: Holodeck 3
Timeline: Day 186 at 1600

It had been two days since Zar had met with the ship's counselor on his mental situation, and true to his word he didn't harm himself as he had promised. The troubled Bolian did at times want to hurt himself but it was because he was use to pain being' his physical outlet, as a former CTSO he made sure that his body was physically fit and it normally helped with pent up aggression. Zar had been sitting in down Indian style on a soft cloth matt, all around him were Japanese Pagoda trees; a small creek babbled in the distance and the sound of soft breezes swept through the trees. Nearby a hot spring was giving off large amounts of steam which bathed the Bolian in very warm and some times very hot clouds of steam. As he breathed in the warm mist deep into his lungs he felt his body warming up and his mental abilities becoming stronger and clearer that had been in a long time. In one movement he whipped the towel from around his waist and finally every inch of his body was exposed to the atmosphere and was connecting with nature his mind was pushed over the edge as it entered into a state of pure relaxation.

Rue slipped out of her boots and padded barefoot across the soft grass to where her next patient sat. She found herself smiling, embracing her body's reaction to the light and heat though she stopped short of getting in the path of the steam itself. Extremes in temperature could be life-threatening to her kind and the holodeck being how it was, would mar his experience in deference to her health. Something she didn't want to happen and so, she sat in the grass nearby and waited for him to notice her.

Zar could feel his mental ability to focus become more and more intense, with each breath that he drew in; he could feel the warming and calming affects of the environment. Soon he would be able to focus on his problems and with clarity would be able to face them head on and deal with them independently as they came into his mind. Right as he was getting this moment, his external sensors went off. His mind quickly drifted away from the peace and calmness that he was was trying to get to, and his former tactical security skills kicked in. According to his senses he knew someone was close somewhat nearby. "Most people usually knock or seek permission to enter a busy holodeck," replied Zar as he kept his eyes closed and took in a deep breath of hot steam.

"Holodecks are generally locked against casual intrusion," Rue said. She half-sat, half-reclined in the grass that wasn't actually grass with head thrown back far enough that her long white hair undulated slightly in the breeze, face turned upward toward the sunlight that wasn't sunlight. "This one was wide open. You were supposed to meet with your counselor and since that's now me and you weren't in my office, I came to you ... and as I said, the door was open. So tell me, how have you been?"

Zar continued to bask his full body in the steam coming from the hot spring nearby, it was wonderful; and most relaxing to all of his senses. "I wasn't aware that I had been assigned a new counselor," he said as he continued to sit Indian style in the nude. "Normally counselor these kinds of inconsistencies would greatly cause me duress; but to answer your question let's just say that I am feeling better than I have in a long time counselor," he said as he slightly adjusted himself to get into a more comfortable position. "Also my apologizes for being in the nude, I have found clothing attached to my body while trying to relax virtually impossible to do; and besides my blue skin is enjoying absorbing the added heat and moisture in the air."

Nudity had never been an issue; if this were not Starfleet with its peculiarities about what was and was not appropriate, she would have disrobed as well not that she would say all of that. Instead, Rue focused on the more interesting part of what he had said. "Inconsistencies? Could you explain that a bit," she asked.

"Well," he said as he kept his eyes closed and continued his slow deep breathing. "Inconsistencies as being shuffled from one counselor to another without notification," he said as he then leaned his upper body backwards with his back touching the ground. "As a former CTSO I have grown accustomed to being exact and particular when it comes down to dealing with individuals. Then when I transferred over to Operations, it became even more critical because inconsistencies develop problems; however I have seen many counselors in the past few years, and it seems when one cannot reach their desired method of," Zar paused briefly for a moment, allowing his body to get rid of the stress and the negative thoughts that were creeping into his mind. He was finally learning again how to be at peace with everything and everyone around him again. "psychiatric treatment, they would pass me to the next counselor to try and crack the nut."

"I see," Rue said softly and she did. The need to maintain control, to eliminate variables, would be essential in both career fields though it did beg the question of how much control he needed. Still, being passed from counselor to counselor was not ... optimal. "You should know that was not the case here. However, if it would cause you less stress, I can step back and you can continue with Idra."

"No Counselor," replied Zar as continued to stretch while leaning back. "I do not want you to step back either." Zar then sat up still sitting Indian style and raised himself up with his legs still folded with his arms. He held this pose for a little bit before settling himself back down to the ground "Your approach is most different, and I can tell that you genuinely care. That is a trait that Bolians do poses," he said as he took three deep breaths in and out before turning around to face the counselor. He opened his dark blue eyes and looked that counselor in her eyes. "Beside counselor I am finally reaching a point in my life where I do need help, a wounded animal can only be wounded for so long."

"I can help," Rue said, returning his gaze with one of her own. Her eyes were blue, with just a trace of green, and deep, expressive if you knew how to read the depths. Altruism and Chivalry would a caring and generous heart. Her commitment was there to read, to see, to believe. "And I promise that I won't pass you off to someone else. We can do this together."

"Agreed," he said as he felt his mind clearing up again as the negative feelings and energies dissipated as he looked into the counselors eyes. "So, where would you like to begin? I know you've read my file, but where do you want to start at counselor?"

"That's up to you," Rue said quietly. "We start where you want to start and go from there." She shifted slightly so that she sat with her knees drawn up to her chest, bare feet connecting her to the Earth which was not the Earth. "To start though, you should know that I am Dokkaran. I'm a contact telepath but not in the sense that you understand them. My people can share memories and feelings through touch. Its a conscious process and one that I have control over. You are in no danger of accidentally revealing more than you wish. So tell me, where do you want to start?"

"I wish to start literally 4 months ago, it is a painful time in my life; and I wish for someone to finally understand why I've become so cold" he said as he spoke to the counselor. This would surely be a different regiment and experience than he was use to, but he was glad to know that finally someone would be able see what he saw and feel what he felt instead of trying to feel via words.

Rue slid forward so that she was kneeling in front of him. "Give me your hands," she said as she opened her own to him.

Zar did as she ordered and he slid his large warm hands into hers, and instantly he let out a deep breath; as he looked at her eyes and felt relaxed.

It took a moment or two. Attuning and settling in so that she could have absolute control over the connection that now existed between them. It would be one-way, in that her thoughts and memories would not pass to him, but he would feel supported and encouraged and at peace. That she could give him. She took a steadying breath and opened herself to his memories and feelings. ~Show me. What happened four months ago.~

~In a a matter of milliseconds Zar's mind went to the event four months ago. There he was sitting at his operations station aboard Outpost 275, he had just finished fine tuning the optical data control systems to improve computer efficiency to the 145 year old Asteroid outpost. He was about to log off his console when his console beeped about an incoming transmission. Using security protocols he scanned the incoming transmission frequence and saw that it was not hostile to the base but was in fact a Federation transmission, as he allowed the signal into his console the computer registered that it was a call from Bolarius IX. As he allowed the transmission to be decoded he discovered that it was his mother calling for him, it had been three weeks since he had spoken to her and was looking forward to it. "Commander Graves, I have an incoming transmission from Federation Council member Julza; permission to dismiss early to take the call," he asked as he turned towards his commanding officer and gave a bit of a sorrowful home sick look.

"Granted Commander," replied Georgina. Zar quickly transferred the transmission to his personal quarters and logged of his station calling for one of his underlings to relieve him of duty. Zar's mind shows him walking down the corridors heading towards his personal quarters, as he walked into his quarters he sat down at his bedside and activated the old style computer console and saw his mother's face. The feelings that he is expressing is one of gratitude, thanksgiving, and also happiness as he missed his family dearly. "Mother how are you?" replied Zar.

"I am doing good my son, I miss you more than you can know; and thank you for the wonderful gift on the adversary of me and your father's conjoining," she said with what appeared to be a mustered look of happiness. For a brief moment Zar's mind picked up that his mother was calling because there was something that she was going to tell, it was her weakness that he picked up when she always wanted to relay hard information.

"Your welcome mom, but what are you trying to hide from me? I can see the look on your face, you've never been able to have a good poker face when it came to me." Zar leaned forward on the table in front of him bringing his face closer to the small looking tv monitor.

"Zar I have terrible news my son, and me and your father have tried everything in our power to stop it from happening; however the rules on Bolarus are strict especially when it comes to the founding families," said his mother. Zar looked deep into her eyes and searched and searched and searched for what she was talking about, and the pain must have increased because tears were welling up in her eyes. "What has happened? Did the ruling council decide to remove you a Representative to Earth? Has charges been brought against our family regarding..." said Zar as his mother quickly put her hands. "My position is fine my son, but I am afraid that the ruling council of Bolarus has decided to honor the ruling elder of our family's wishes."

Zar felt his heart stop in his chest and slowly descend into his stomach, he knew what his mother was talking about. His Great Aunt no doubt had found out about what had happened to him these past three and half years. The family had tried their best to hide what had happened from her, but somehow she found out, and suddenly the sorrow was replaced instantly with rage, anger and bitterness. He hated his great aunt and she hated him as well, the way she treated him as a child growing up; his great grandfather protected him at every chance that he got but when he passed away and head of the family passed to her, she did everything she could to destroy him. Zar's mother was pushed aside as a member of the judicial council appeared on the screen, "You know why I am here today Zar Propht," his deep voice boomed and echoed throughout the entire room. "You are hear to bring the weight judgement upon me per the laws of agreement to the current ruling Bolarus collaborative charter."

The judge nodded his head "The council in this matter cannot over rule the oldest living member of one of the six founding families, and sadly your great aunt is the old living and senior member alive. Zar Propht, Heir of the Propht family name, title, and privileges and you are stripped of your family name. You are no longer allowed to carry the name Propht! You will be known as Zar the Deposed, the rejected heir of the founding family of Proht. You will no longer have any contact with your family, and you are prohibited from setting foot on an Bolian property. In my closing remarks Zar," said the judge as saying his first name only stung like a hot knife dug deep into his heart. "Your family presented the facts as to why you were removed from your command and imprisoned those facts were brought to your great aunt but she instantly dismissed it. I am proud of you for the salvation of all those lives and you have done more than any Bolian has done since the end of the Dominion War," their was a brief pause and then. "The sentence has been issued out." Suddenly Zar's mind faded back to reality as he opened his eyes looking at the counselor~

Rue saw and felt everything that Zar had in those moments. She understood the pain he had felt and the need to barricade himself from further attack. When those we love can do such a thing, trust becomes a difficult thing indeed. She took him back through those moments and paused to show him the overwhelming grief in his mother's eyes, the hate in his aunt's expression, and the sadness on the judge's face. ~Do you see,~ she asked as, with linked minds, they moved through the moment, ~your Aunt gave herself over to anger and hate but the others? There was respect for you and your choices in their expression and in their words. They would have chosen a different ending if the laws of your world permitted so.~

Zar nodded to her responses as he closed his eyes once more, his mother's sadness; the judge's pitty and the fact that he was bound by the law. He understood what the counselor was trying to do, and for the first time he could hear the words differently. Before they were muffled as he first had subcommed to bitterness and anger and slowly hate began to brew and sep through his mind and into his subconscious. He then opened his mind and took her to when he had just turned 18 years old, Zar was standing with his Mother and Father before his Great Aunt in the family house on Bolarus. "He will not be attending that school! He will follow in the foot steps of those who are heirs and heiresses to the Propht name," said an old looking Bolian woman.

"You cannot make me do what YOU want me to do! I am my own individual and I," said Zar as he was quickly silenced as the old lady walked across the floor and physically grabbed his face. "Don't you DARE! Tell me what I cannot do! I am the Head of THIS FAMILY! You are the next Heir and you are mine to do with as I please!" replied the old woman. Julza quickly pushed Zar away with her hand and stood in between her great Aunt and her son. "You for get your place Aunt Maish, Great Grandfather Belma is still alive, and as long as he breathes even on his sick bed he controls the family not you," he said as he looked her aunt in her eyes. "Before he slipped into the comma HE gave his permission for Zar to enter the Academy; we told You as a privilege because outside of Great Grandfather you are next in line to command the family. Starfleet will train Zar to be a better diplomat then even Me and even my Grandfather, which is why he gave his blessing. Now Zar has agreed to spend ten years in Starfleet," Zar stepped forward but his mother gave a quick shake to the head. "Which time he will retire and join in following the family tradition in leading the Diplomatic Arm of the House of Propht and playing a major role in Bolrus politics."

"Besides, there is nothing you can do about it; the law does not prohibit any of the ruling families to join Starfleet," spoke Zar's father as he proudly wore his Red Uniform with the four solid gold pips displayed on his collar. "Be silent you outsid...." replied Aunt Maish but Zar this time spoke up. "Don't you dare call him an outsider, he has done more for Bolarus and Starfleet then you ever have," Zar's father padded his son on the shoulder and pulled him back.~

Zar had never travelled this far back into his memories, and then finally something triggered. His mind warped to their old home on Bolarus and their was Zar in the crib with his Great Grandfather and Great Aunt standing over him. "The pride and joy of the Propht family, he will continue in the traditions of the family; and he will one day make decisions that will affect the lives of people," replied the old Bolian as he tickled the young infant's chin. Zar giggled and grabbed his Great Grandfather's finger and smiled and then stuck it in his mouth chewing on it with his gums. "You are giving this boy the title of Heir??? His father is an outsider, he was not born under the conjoining of one of the ruling families the law clearly says!" said Maish. "I am the law of this family, and that law has not been in practice on Bolarus in over three hundred and fifty years. As long as he comes from a descendant from a ruling family he can be the heir, and that is final." he said as he continued playing with Zar. "Then he is lucky you are in charge because it certainly would not be him!"~ Zar didn't even know that memory existed, he had been hated all his life by his Aunt because in her eyes he wasn't pure, but an outsider...and for the first time in years he allowed one single tear to streak down the right side of his face, and eventually fall onto his naked thigh.

Rue relieved those memories with him, stood with him through each one, and felt the first barrier fall within his mind. ~See the price of her hate.~ Together they focused on his Aunt's face and she waited. Waited to see if he would turn away from that, toward the memories of those who loved and fought for him throughout his life. Just waited.

~I cannot see the price of her hate~ he replied to her mentally. For once he was truthful, he did not know why she felt this way towards him; and at this point it didn't seem like it truly mattered.

~Do you think,~ Rue replied as she directed his attention to the faces of those who loved him, ~that they could ever have forgiven her for what she did? Her hate cost her the one thing she truly valued.~

~Which was what? Power? Control? She has that now more than ever. She cares for nothing and no one, and she did not mind belittling anyone that came in her way.~ he replied back. He was hated by a family member who looked at him as a half breed. ~Unless, the one thing she wanted was respect which she has only because of her position not because she is family.~

~We have reached a good place to pause, I think, and this sort of connection is difficult to maintain. You may feel very tired and I suggest you rest for a bit before resuming your duties.~ Gently, slowly, she extricated him from the connection until they were separate again. "We will speak again, if you are willing," Rue said.

Zar did feel drained, so much so that he unraveled his legs and layed back on his elbows to rest. He allowed the area around him to to slowly rejuvenate him, granted it would take some time but he would fully return back to normal. "I am willing, I believe we have made some progress here counselor. By the way I don't even know your name?"

She rose in a graceful, fluid move and smiled down at him. "I'm glad to hear that. Starfleet dictates require me to call you Commander, but you are free to call me by my name ... Rue."

"Thank you Rue for your help thus far, and I will think further on this matter about my aunt and myself. You may also call me Zar on duty or off duty, I've shared more with you than anyone else and you deserve that right."


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