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Sleep is overrated

Posted on Wed Aug 28th, 2019 @ 10:54pm by Lieutenant Commander Aria Winters
Edited on on Sun Sep 1st, 2019 @ 12:58pm

Mission: Episode 8: A Greater Power
Location: Gym
Timeline: Day 184 at 0000

In the dead of night the gym was deserted which suited the ship’s first officer just fine. With music blaring through the earbuds, sparing practice had been an intense and therapeutic affair. Though by the time she started on the punching bag, the commander was already sure she would regret this later in the day.

Yet it was preferable to sitting in her quarters, trying not to dwell on the last two months. When compared to the lives of everyone who had been lost, eight weeks was nothing - absolutely nothing - to be stolen from you.

Her godfather would rightly chastise the illogical guilt of surviving when others did not. Her assault of the bag momentarily ceased as she thought of Sekar. Heaven knew she could certainly use his calming influence and unfailing belief in logic.

Stripping off the gloves she wore, the first officer walked towards her kit bag, dropping them inside as she rescued a bottle of water. Finally starting to feel like she might be able to sleep. Grabbing her bag she took her time walking back, in no rush.

It wasn’t like she had anyone or anything to run back to besides updates reports from engineering. They seemed to be overhauling the entire ship at the rate they were going...

Entering her quarters the lights came on but stayed subdued. Her terminal still flashed to indicate a waiting message but she ignored it, again, and instead headed for the shower. Only after that was done and she was changed and braiding her hair did she play the messages.

All of them were from her mother.

Every single one she read at least twice. Some made her smile, others laugh and one out and out made her cry in the most cathartic of ways. If ever anyone knew her, it was her mother.

It took a long time to reply, to simply decide what to say. Her mother would read through lies and insincere reassurances. So she kept it short.

Mum, promise I will write again soon. But I will be okay and tell dad not to worry. Love to you both. Ps. I lost your necklace. I am so sorry.

Sitting back, she read the message over but before she could hit send she changed her mind. Touching delete the reply disappeared from her screen. Her mother deserved better ...

At that the comm channel opened at any thoughts of sleep were banished.


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