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It's Called Helping

Posted on Sat Aug 31st, 2019 @ 7:46pm by Captain Colby Drayton & Lieutenant JG Eza Bergen PhD & Ensign Minerva Gates
Edited on on Sat Sep 21st, 2019 @ 7:43pm

Mission: Episode 8: A Greater Power
Location: Messhall
Timeline: Day 184 at 0730

"I'm going to kill you." Eza, said approaching the table where Minerva was eating breakfast.

She looked up from her bowl of cereal and smiled. "You're welcome."

"Why did you leave me alone with him, I barely knew what to say, he came over because you were there." Eza said sitting down across from her.

She poured him a mug of coffee from the carafe on the table. "He did not sit down because of me." She said smiling, "Besides his eyes were on you far more than they were on me." She added with a wink. "He's a babe, I get why you have a crush on him."

Eza felt his face redden, "I do not have a crush on him."

"You totally do, it's cute, I've never seen you like this, always so focused on your work, hell, half the time I wonder if you even hang out with anyone other than me." Minerva said with a laugh, "So, when are you going to ask him out?"

"I'm not going to, we work together." Eza started.

"You're both department heads, of two very different departments, you rarely 'work together' except when you're on the bridge and you aren't in each other's chain of command. I see no problems there." She rebutted.

"Still, he's not interested, I can tell." The Trill counter.

"You know for someone who is as smart as you are with all those fancy degrees you can be pretty dumb some times." The red head replied, she finished her bowl and drained the last of her mug of coffee.

"Ask him out, the worst thing that could happen is he says no." She replied, "and if he does, one, he's an idiot, and two, it gives us an excuse to get drunk." She got to her feet and clapped a hand on Eza's shoulder. "You better ask him out, before I have to do it for you." She said heading for the door before he could respond.


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