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Escape Maneouvers

Posted on Wed Apr 22nd, 2020 @ 12:42am by Lieutenant Commander Sebastian Farrell & First Lieutenant Ariella Arnold

Mission: Episode 1: Armageddon - The End of All Things
Location: Runabout Axiom, En-route to DS5
Timeline: Day 4 at 1405

Muffled noises began to stir a sense of life back into Farrell, his eyes starting to flicker as he tried to make sense of what he was hearing. “He’s coming around,” a voice spoke as he finally managed to open his eyes long enough to adjust to the lights around him. He tried to push himself up but felt a massive pang of pain in the back of his head and swiftly found himself back on the floor again.

“Take it steady! You’ve taken a significant blow to the back of the head and probably have a concussion,” the unfamiliar voice spoke again. Now the Lieutenant Commander could make out the words enough to note that it was a female and as he managed to blink enough to focus, he saw that she was a beautiful blonde woman.

“What… where am I?” he whispered as he tried to adjust to the pain levels in his head. He was no medical practitioner but even he knew she was probably right judging by the throbbing in his head.

“You’re aboard a Runabout,” the woman revealed as she shuffled a bit to get comfortable next to him. She had clearly been designated to look after the injured passenger of the craft since she was his only focus. “We found you among the rubble of one of the buildings. God knows how you weren’t more injured. We found a Runabout and managed to escape the surface,” she revealed as she looked down at the prone man on the deck plating of the Runabout.

Her revelation seemed to suddenly spur him on a little and he managed to sit up quite quickly, only to feel the after effects of his sudden movements. The blonde woman reached out to support him and help him sit up against the bulkhead. “The Borg…” he suddenly recalled. “I was headed for the Hangar Bay,” he informed as he winced in pain again.

“You a pilot?” a second female voice called from the conn at the front of the Runabout, drawing his attention towards the front of the craft.

“Yeah…” he spoke quietly before taking a deep breath. “Lieutenant Commander Sebastian Farrell. Somewhat between assignments right now,” he smirked as he shuffled his back up the side wall of the craft as he tried to support himself.

“Hey, if you’re a pilot, I could use you up here when you’re ready Commander,” the second woman called out again from the front of the craft.

Seb considered it for a brief moment before opting to take a little more time to come around from his pain induced slumber. “What happened? Where are we headed?” he queried as his blonde angel of mercy offered him a canteen of water. He took it and began to drink as she filled him in.

“They came out of nowhere, attacked multiple worlds all at the same time and launched attacks on all major Starfleet facilities. DS9 is gone, Bolarus was hit. Admiral Nechayev took command of the Fifth fleet aboard the Excelsior,” she sighed as she looked down at the deck plating.

Farrell recognised the look all too well and spoke quietly. “How many?”

“Thirty starships in the first engagement,” the woman revealed as she looked up again. “The rest were assembling at Deep Space 5,” she sighed, a tear in her eye as she sat back against the opposite wall to him.

“Where are we headed now?” he queried as he tried to adjust to the situation. It had just dawned on him that he was, apparently, the senior most officer aboard the small craft.

“th’Zorati and the fleet are regrouping for a counter attack at DS5. Atlantia, Columbia, Triton and Ulysses were leading the charge last we heard. We’re headed to meet them near the Angel system,” a male voice spoke and took him by surprise. A bald headed man turned and glanced back at them from the co-pilots seat. “I’m sure they’ll welcome an experienced pilot Commander,” the man smiled before disappearing out of view again.

Truth be told, the Captain was not feeling the urge to fly again anytime soon, but reached out and gestured for the blonde to help him to his feet. “What’s your name, Lieutenant?” he asked with a smile as he recognised her rank.

“Mel Walker. I’m the Science Officer for the Triton,” she smiled as she supported him and guided him towards the conn. The man who occupied the co-pilots chair vacated it just in time.

“Ensign Maxie Schneider,” the bald man spoke as he moved past the Commander and sat at the aft consoles. “I graduated from the Starfleet Academy a few weeks ago. I was at fleet HQ on Bolarus to get my first orders when the Lieutenant’s found me,” the youngest member of the ship's personnel informed as he adjusted to a new seat.

Farrell slid into the co-pilots chair and briefly glanced across at the no-nonsense woman at the controls. “Well Ensign, you are getting quite the education today,” the Commander smiled through the pain barrier; it was clear that the pilot beside him was not going to be the positive, reassuring voice on the ship.

“Ariella Arnold,” the woman blurted out. “I was, until earlier today, Deputy CAG aboard the Columbia.”

“A pleasure,” Farrell smirked as he adjusted his posture in the seat, still clearly recovering from his injuries despite feeling the need to get to it straight away. He was, after all, the most senior person on the Runabout.

“Hey. You guys are going to want to hear this…” came the voice of the Ensign from the back of the cockpit as his fingers danced across some of the controls. Eventually, a different voice filled the small craft.

“=/\=This is Lieutenant Marcia Byers to all Starfleet forces. Deep Space 5 has fallen. I repeat, Deep Space 5 has fallen. By order of Starfleet Captain Keziah Nazir, all surviving forces are to regroup at Deep Space 4.”

The transmission went dead, which allowed them the chance to take in the words from the Lieutenant. It seemed they were no longer going to rendezvous with the fleet at Deep Space 5 afterall. They remained silent for a while after the message was received until Farrell spoke out again. “Okay Miss Arnold. Let’s set a course for DS4. Ensign,” he called to the man behind him, “send a message back on the same frequency. Let them know we’re coming…”


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