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Asking the questions

Posted on Tue Jan 2nd, 2018 @ 8:13pm by Lieutenant Commander Garen Romaes & Lieutenant Lukiz Smyth & Lieutenant JG Lisa Creed & Master Chief Petty Officer Andrea Carter

Mission: Episode 2: Lady Luck
Location: Bridge, USS Endeavour
Timeline: MD060

Lisa still sat at the Tactical station and had been running the diagnostic systems for the last hour and hopefully they were all coming back in the green. Now that the news of the new Commanding officer had been released, Lisa wondered when the quarters would also be she turned in her seat and asked “Lieutenant, may I ask a question?” as she waited for the diagnostic to finish running.

Lieutenant Shantic looked across at the nearby Tactical Officer and smiled. "Go ahead Lieutenant, ask away!" the Bajoran smiled politely.

"When are the quarters ready on this ship," as she was ready to move aboard the ship as were her tactical officers, Still this was to be her new home or hopefully it was, she turned her seat round again to face Lieutenant Shantic.

"As far as I am aware Lieutenant, all shsips systems and facilities, except for the bridge module, are functioning within normal parameters," Romaes spoke with a little shake of the head and an odd demeanour. He looked at the Terran and stopped. "Sorry, I was mimicking an Android I once met aboard the Enterprise-D," the Lieutenant smiled as he recalled the flagships visit to Deep Space Nine many years ago. "All quarters are ready and assigned. Just get the computer to tell you where you are located," he concluded.

"That's good news as my Tactical teams are still living in the shipyard quarters," replied Lisa. As she knew that she could inform her teams that their quarters were ready for them, she continued, "Maybe after shift I will find mine," as she still wanted to get out of the small, cramped room that she had. She tapped her combadge and spoke carefully. "=/\=To all Tactical Operations teams, I have just learnt that quarters are now available on the Endeavour. To find your quarters, please use the ships computer. Creed out," closing the channel once more, she asked "any of the other senior officers aboard?"

Romaes assumed the woman was talking to him still and turned to look at her again. "No I don't think so. Right now, I think it is just you and me," the Bajoran smiled. "But all my people are aboard ship," he grinned cheekily. "I imagine Azulas will bring the rest with her fro the Solaria. New CO's tend to like their own people," he spoke quietly before glaring over at her. "You never know Lieutenant, she might dispose of both of us the minute she gets here..."

"So its us two running the ship then?" asked Lisa looking back at Romaes, as she knew that reports needed to be done so that the New CO would know the state of play when she got here, she finished and I hope she don't as I've only just got here," she said, "well one of us two better do the reports on the ships status?" looking back at Romaes.

“I’ll leave that one to you Lieutenant,” Romaes smiled.

Behind them, the turbo lift doors opened and two bickering individuals walked out onto the bridge. Lieutenant Smyth was accompanied by one of the senior Yard Engineers, a Master Chief Petty Officer and their debate clearly got the attention of the Bajoran at the Conn. Romaes turned to listen to the two engineers and couldn't help but let out his trademark grin. "Let me guess Lieutenant... you found someone else that thinks the holocommunications grid is a stupid idea?" he grinned, knowing it would wind up his colleague.

"It is a standard piece of equipment on most starships these days," Smyth protested as he walked towards the front of the bridge.

"Most of the older Captains forget to even use them!" rebutted the surly red-head that stepped out of the lift with Smyth. "And what's wrong with using the fancy new view screens?! They're like the holo-screens in Astrometrics," the ex-Borg woman said with exuberance. With a lopsided grin, 'Andy' Carter looked out over the Bridge module; the install was almost complete, this new ship was looking good!

"Yeah but the hologrid really brings people to life, right Lieutenant?" Romaes mocked with his cheeky grin. He loved winding people up, it was his 'thing' that he did very well and as one of the most senior officers aboard at present, he loved not having to be on his best behaviour.

Lukiz opted to ignore the baiting of the Bajoran and walked over to the frame for the holocommunications grid. "You must think there is benefit in this, Lieutenant Creed?" he asked of the nearby Tactical Operations Officer.

"I can see the benefits," replied Lisa. As she turned to face the Bajoran officer, she continued, "However; a small miniature one for covert operations would be useful," she stated as she remembered what happened with Davina, she finished "but I'd like the blueprints for it for emergencies."

"Well, the schematics for the device are in the LCARS database. I'm sure you could work on it when you get chance," Smyth sighed as he crouched down at the forward piece of equipment. "If it helps the Captain with running this ship, I'd install anything."

"Oh no, don't be the guy installing every new gizmo and gadget just because it 'might' help," Andy said, giving the man a playful jab to the arm.

Lukiz feigned a serious injury, stopping just short of rolling on the floor in agony as he laughed and returned to work. He hoped there was some way he could remain on the Endeavour when the Captain arrived.

He wouldn't have much longer to wait in order to find out.


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