Episode 1, Day 2: These are the Voyages...

The current missions of the USS Nogura.
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Episode 1, Day 2: These are the Voyages...

Post by Sebastian Farrell » Sat Jan 11, 2020 3:46 pm

Almost two years to the day since the destruction of 39 starships at the Battle of Wolf 359 against a cybernetic species known as the Borg, Starfleet has almost recouped its losses thanks to a mammoth ship building programme. Most notably among those new vessels are six of the now famous Galaxy-class, the same class as the flagship of the fleet. After starting construction in the early part of the decade, the spaceframes for these three vessels were put in storage until required. Now nearing the end of their construction, one in particular is destined for a bright future. Designated as the USS Nogura, the third ship of the second Galaxy batch is nearing completion at Starbase 565 in the Trill sector.

With a new Captain assigned and a crew assembling for the first time, the Starship Nogura will soon pass her shakedown cruise and begin standard operations, but what awaits them out in the wilderness of space?


All personnel not already aboard the Nogura are requested and required to make their way to Starbase 565 in the Trill system to rendezvous with the ship and commence their tour of duty. Families (including pets) are permitted unless you hold a junior officer billet. Check with the XO before boarding any family members if unsure.

Mission continues on...

Mission Day 02 - August 2nd, 2368
Stardate 45497.26
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Re: Episode 1, Day 2: These are the Voyages...

Post by Sebastian Farrell » Sat Jan 11, 2020 3:48 pm

Mission Day 02 - August 2nd, 2368
0700 Hours

Pausing only long enough to press the door chime and wait for a permission to enter, Lt Commander Winters entered the Captain's ready room and offered him a bright smile as she held up her gift. "Good morning," she offered, at a level of energy which was very out of place so early in the day. "Our list of repairs is down to twenty six outstanding items. We isolated and removed the coding error that was preventing the replicators from dispensing hot chocolate which, personally, is up there with my top ten career achievements to date."

Seb silently watched the woman approach his desk with a frown as he held his PADD up, in the same place he had been reading it from. Her initial report sounded pleasing and, had he been in a better mood, he might have mustered a smile. But there was still much to do and the briefing he had received before was still playing on his mind.

She moved to hand over the report and paused before he could take it, "the lack of sleep does not bother me as much as the lack of food. Are you hungry?"

Taking possession of the data PADD, the Captain finally relented and relaxed a little as he nodded slowly and reviewed its contents. "I'm always hungry..." he admitted with a smirk, before placing the PADD on the desk. "Breakfast?" he suggested.

“Thought you’d never ask,” Aria grinned. “Mess hall? You are guaranteed the best table which means the best views. I believe this morning is a theme of old English breakfasts. Not sure what it involves...”

"Bacon, sausage, beans, toast, black pudding, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes..." the Captain reeled off a long list of ingredients as he made his way onto the bridge, leading the XO towards the aft turbo lift with a look of sheer pleasure on his face as he rubbed his stomach.

“So you are saying I’m gonna spend the rest of the day in the gym,” Aria clarified as they entered the lift. “It sounds like a feast, not a breakfast. Deck ten.” As the turbolift started moving she studied him, “is it just breakfast that has improved your mood? Or is your guest still aboard?”

The Captain bristled a little at the mention of his 'guest' and turned to face forward, his hands clasped together behind his body. "Breakfast... only breakfast," he responded quietly. "What about you?" He eventually asked, "you're always so happy! Have someone locked away in your quarters? Or maybe the new Doctor has taken your fancy?" he smirked as he turned his head towards her with a smile on his face.

“He certainly would be different,” Aria grinned. “And why wouldn’t I be happy? New ship, new start and in about half an hour I will probably need a new heart. This breakfast does not sound healthy.”

"It's not," the Captain declared as the lift began to slow down and eventually stopped. "It's always the unhealthy stuff that tastes the best..." he grinned before stepping aside and gesturing for the lady of the lift to lead the way to the breakfast extravaganza.

"Why thank you," Aria grinned as she stepped out of the lift. Even from here the smell of food filled the air and she wasn't going to lie, it smelled amazing. Even if she had not been as hungry as she was, she knew she would not have been able to say no. And, as they entered the mess, it seemed like most of the crew had the same problem. The room was busy, yet still a few tables dotted around the room. Spotting a corner table, she headed for it, sliding into the chair and taking a second to admire the view.

Sebastian simply stood and watched as the Commander made her way over to a table and shook his head with a friendly smirk of derision. "Number one, you've never been to a breakfast buffet have you?!" he laughed. "You help yourself and THEN you sit down..." he pointed across the room at a large row of tables where there were steaming trays of food ready for everyone to delve into.

Aria rolled her eyes, climbing back to her feet, “at least your smiling. Okay, come show me what is good.”

Once the XO joined him at the buffet table, the Captain offered her a plate and started to walk along the row of different items. "Sausages and bacon good," he smiled as he used some tongs to place a couple of rashers on his plate and then two sausages, before moving on. "Hash browns good. Beans good. Tomatoes bad. Black pudding... just no," he feigned being sick as he looked at the black pudding and swiftly moved along. "Then you have a choice of bread. White, brown, granary. Bread, toast, fried bread. All depends ho unhealthy you wish to be," and with that, he picked up a slice of white, fried bread - the unhealthiest of the offerings.

Aria followed him, opting for a try everything approach. Especially the foods she hadn’t eaten before. Hell, she could do an extra workout in the gym to make up for it. From the drinks on an adjacent table she picked out some fresh orange juice, deciding it would help compensate for everything else.

“We should avoid physicals for a little while,” she pointed out as they found a table.

"I'm sure the good Doctor would be disappointed to hear you say that, Number One," the Captain smirked as he took a seat opposite her and placed the tray down, suddenly getting a glimpse at her plate. "Good god woman, did you leave anything for the rest of the crew?" he asked, very tongue in cheek and in reference to the amount of different items on her plate compared to his tried and tested favourites. He got comfy on his seat and took a sip of his apple juice.

Aria gave the only response his comments warranted, by respectfully sticking out her tongue as she sat down opposite. “I’m obviously not going to eat everything,” she pointed out as she rolled her eyes, “but I don’t know what I will like unless I try some.”

To prove her point she used her fork to cut off a piece of black pudding, taking a bite. After less than a second of chewing, contemplating if she liked it or not, she made a face and pushed the rest of it away. Far, far away.

Reaching for her water and drinking half the glass in an effort to banish the taste. “So that was disgusting,” she said after a moment, studying the plate with a cautious look. Playing it safe, she took a bite out of her toast.

"I told you, black pudding is a no no. Now bacon," the Captain admired a rasher that had been folded and forked by his eating utensil, "bacon is the food of the kings," he grinned before placing it in his mouth and chewing. When the bacon was gone, and before he moved on to a hash brown, the Captain looked at his guest. "So, what are our remaining priorities?"

“Engineering,” Aria said as she set aside her toast. “While we only have a few more system tests to run, the fact they managed to tear up half the ship just emphasises how badly we need a Chief Engineer in place. Right now they aren’t working as a team. Lieutenant Matthews would be a good candidate as a temporary measure. As would Lieutenant Vilas... Our training exercises are showing marked improvement - I plan on one tomorrow morning at 0400. A welcome aboard for our new CMO so he can see how his department copes with a scenario involving multiple casualties.”

"They're going to love you," Seb smiled as he cut a hash brown in half and scooped it, and a small pile of beans, onto his fork. "We'll send Commander Zar down to Engineering. He can pull double duty and merge Ops for a while. Give him Matthews as a wing man and they can start getting stuff in order. We can't let this hold up our departure or Command will go crazy," the Captain frowned as he lifted the fork and devoured the mixture of food.

“I think a lot of the crew will as well,” Aria commented as she took another bite out of her toast. “Shall I speak with Commander Zar or would you like to give him the good news?”

"I'll do it," Seb confirmed as he devoured the last of his hash brown-bacon-bean combo, "I need to have a bit of a chat with him and our young Tactical Chief anyway," the Captain revealed, pushing his plate aside and lifting his apple juice glass to his lips, before pausing. "I'd like you to get the lay of the land on the bridge. Run a couple of diagnostics from up there and see where we're at. I need to have some good news to report to the Admiralty or we will never get out of this place..."

“Oh, I don’t know,” Aria asked as she took a bite out of her toast, “provided you don’t ask him about his cat, Admiral Kyle's bark is worse than his bite.”

With a grin she rose, picking up her plate. “Consider it done.”

Sebastian mimicked her actions as he rose to his feet. "First, I think I'll stop by impulse control and see how things are progressing..." he mused with a raised eyebrow towards the XO. They both knew what that meant, and it most likely wouldn't be pleasant...


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Re: Episode 1, Day 2: These are the Voyages...

Post by Cameron_Lynch » Sat Jan 11, 2020 4:16 pm

Mission Day 02 - August 2nd, 2368
0930 Hours

Deck 23 in the 'neck' of the large Galaxy-class Starship was home to her primary impulse engine. It was there that Lieutenant Lynch had gone following his outburst on the Bridge. It still pissed him off that the senior officers were quicker to bitch about things not working right than they were to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in to help fix those problems. He was even more pissed off that he had said anything at all. 'You should have just bit your tongue and said nothing.' He'd told himself over and over since then.

'Problem with that is that I probably would have bitten the tip of my tongue off if I had.' The thought brought a smile to himself. Cameron had always been prone to speaking his mind, no matter who he was speaking it. It had resulted in a number of black marks on his record and he doubted that he was in line to receive a promotion to Lieutenant Commander anytime soon. "You're here to fly, not to gather pips and awards." He told himself out loud as he completed the readjustment to the Impulse Stabilisers. Typing a command into the console, he began a level three diagnostic that would tell him if his work had been successful.

A short while later, the doors to impulse control parted and another individual in command red entered, but this was not one of the Flight Operations team. No, it was someone a little more senior than that. "Lieutenant Lynch," Sebastian announced his arrival, a little sterner than he had perhaps meant to.

Cameron twisted at the hip to find the Captain standing at the door. He turned completely. "What brings you to impulse control, sir?"

"Oh, you know, just taking a stroll," the Captain lied, but did so with a smile on his face. The reason he'd come down to impulse control, the true reason, was probably not lost on the man opposite him. "How are the engines?" he queried, feigning interest in the impulse drive.

Lieutenant Lynch knew bullshit when he smelled it but, miraculously, he refrained from calling him out on it. Instead he turned back to the console, "I've corrected the problem with the stabilisers." The just completed diagnostic had confirmed that for him. "They're good for launch."

"Excellent," the Captain smiled as he sheepishly tapped the console top with the palm of his hand. "They're about the only things that are ready," he added, "which brings me on to my next question..."

Cameron nodded. "Which is?"

"Do you have a problem with the senior staff?" the master and commander of the ship queried, finally looking at the Lieutenant, "or perhaps with the Captain, or his orders?" he added with a fake smile.

A war was being waged internally between Cameron's demons and his better angels. 'Don't take the bait.' Argued the angels. 'You'd better believe you're gonna take the bait.' Shot back the demons. He met the Captain's gaze. The demons were right. "I have a problem with any group of officers, senior or otherwise, whose first instinct is to stand around and complain rather than showing some real leadership and getting involved." Never mind kissing Lieutenant Commander goodbye, he'd be lucky to still have a job after this conversation.

Sebastian regarded the man opposite him closely, and sternly. With a raised eyebrow, he eventually spoke again. "And you are right to be, Lieutenant," the Captain conceded, "but that frustration at senior officers should not be aired on the bridge for all to see. Any other Captain would have likely dragged you into the ready room and bollocked you, but I'm not any other Captain and I can see how frustrating it is," the Captain frowned as he moved his body and perched on the edge of the console.

If the Captain was expecting Cameron to apologise or to even feel remorseful, he would be bitterly disappointed. "I understand you would've prefered that I'd taken you to one side and had a quiet word but, due respect, the point needed to be made and, in my opinion, it needed to be made right there and then in front of your senior officers. It wouldn't have landed with the same impact otherwise."

"Maybe so, but these people need to be able to trust you, Lieutenant. They need to be able to trust that you will have their back in a crisis, no matter how big or how small that crisis may be," the Captain told again, despite the adversarial nature of the Lieutenant's previous remarks, he would persist. "And I need to know you are part of the team, Lieutenant, and that I can trust you to have the backs of my people. If that trust is even remotely misplaced..." he opted to let his words trail off, hoping that the Flight Operations Officer would get the gist of what he was trying to say. If not though, the Captain would happily spell it out for the man.

"Sir, I'm a Starfleet Officer. The men and women on-board this ship, no matter how annoying I may find them, are my brothers and sisters. I'd give me life for any of them if it came down to it. I'll always have their backs." Cameron replied, making his position clear. "I can't guarantee that I won't upset anyone by speaking my mind but my dedication to Starfleet, the Nogura or her crew is not to be doubted."

"Glad to hear it," the Captain smiled at last, happy to put the disagreement behind them. "When you're done here, I'd like you to stop by engineering and see what you can do to help them with the warp engines," he requested before turning to head for the exit of the control room.

Cameron nodded. "Sir, with your permission I'd like to take charge in Engineering? It's not like there's much going on at the Flight Ops right now so I'd be more use acting up as Chief Engineer, unless Starfleet has finally graced us with a permanent Chief?"

"Do you think you have the technical know how to deal with all the other glitches we're having? Earlier I had to help Nayeli with a sensor issue that linked with tactical," the Captain explained, genuinely curious as to whether the man felt like he could handle the issue. He had, of course, been planning to send Commander Zar down there, but if Lynch was good enough, Zar could be put to use elsewhere. "The yard engineers have cut so many corners they'll never recognise her the next time I let them loose. IF I let them loose again," he smirked.

The Chief Flight Ops Officer didn't think he had the technical know how, he knew it. "I graduated from the Academy with a degree in Propulsion Systems Engineering." He told the Captain. "Being a shuttle pilot doesn't just mean flying the things, but also maintaining them alongside the engineering staff. I've kept my engineering knowledge up to date since graduating. I'm more than capable of filling in temporarily."

"Very well," the Captain nodded slowly, "make sure you let the XO know and be sure to liaise with the other department heads for anything you need," he directed as he turned to walk away, stopping briefly to add "no matter how annoying they may be" with a cheeky smile.

Lynch smiled. "Understood, sir." He would have no problem working with the other senior officers but he would have to try to control his mouth in order to work smoothly with them.


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Re: Episode 1, Day 2: These are the Voyages...

Post by Sebastian Farrell » Thu Jan 16, 2020 8:47 pm

Mission Day 02 - August 2nd, 2368
0945 Hours

Fresh from his clear the air talks with the Conn Officer, the Captain was now headed to the nearest turbo lift when his brain suddenly gave him the urge to check in with one of his repair team leaders. Tapping his commbadge, the Captain opened an internal comm channel to the Chief Science Officer. "=/\=Farrell to Lieutenant Behar."

Hearing her comm badge go off, Nayeli sat up too quickly and hit her head on the console above her. She'd almost forgotten where she was working, but she had no idea why the captain would be calling her. "=/\=Behar here, go ahead Captain," she answered as she crawled out from under the console, rubbing her head.

"=/\=Just thought I'd check in and see how you are getting on," the Captain sounded positively cheery as he entered the turbolift at the end of deck 12 but held off on directing it anywhere for now.

"=/\=Not to bad considering I'm trying to fix all of the science systems while stuck in my lab with the rest of my team. Though, right now it is just me." She sat down in one of the chairs to check on how her progress was going.

"=/\=I'll head your way and see what I can do to help," Farrell told before directing the turbolift to deck _. "I'll be with you shortly, Lieutenant. Farrell out."

Sighing, Nayeli took a drink of the water she had sitting on one of the tables before crawling back underneath the console. "What the hell could the Captain want to do down here? Does he know anything about the science systems..." she mumbled rather loudly as she started back into her work.

It wasn't long until she would get her answer as a short while later, the Captain wandered into the science lab and looked around until he spotted the Scientist, buried in her work. "Lieutenant," he announced his arrival chirpily. "Can I put any of my engineering skills to use?" he offered.

Hitting her head again on the underside of the console, Nayeli groaned and looked out, "Oh, Captain. Didn't take you long to get here. Um... as for your engineering skills?" She came back out and looked around for a PADD she'd been using. "I can't get the damned sensors above 78%. I've done all I can but something seems shorted out or...something. I'm no engineer but they said it isn't a priority."

"May I?" the Captain queried as he gestured to the scientist's tricorder. "I have some experience with sensors from my time as Tactical Officer on the Ahwahnee. We always had problems with the bloody things when trying to link the tactical systems with them," he revealed as he rolled up the sleeves of his uniform tunic and prepared to get to work.

Handing the tricorder over, Nay nodded, "Go for it. Honestly, I could use the small break and have you look at it for a bit." She grabbed her water and took a sip. "For how new this ship is, I don't know why things are so cross-wired."

"I'm begining to realise that they've cut corners," the Captain frowned sadly as he took possession of the tricorder and began tapping away. "What with the Borg attack and the Klingon civil war, Starfleet Command wants to churn out ships quickly, but then we have to deal with the things that go wrong," Seb told as he began to scan the area with the device and then walked across to one of the bulkheads. He lifted off the panel and began to scan the circuitry inside.

"Cut corners is an understatement. I wouldn't trust the long ranges sensors right now if we were to go out on a mission, not at how they are currently operating." Nayeli rubbed the back of her neck. "Until engineering is done, I'm not sure what more progress can really be made here."

Silently, the Captain continued with his analysis of the ships sensor systems as he listened to the words of his scientist and, of course, she was right. He wouldn't even take the ship out of dock without the sensors functioning properly. He hated that corners had been cut, but he kind of understood the urgency to make up the losses of Wolf 359 and, as the Galaxy was the most capable class in the fleet, they were churning out the available spaceframes as quickly as possible.

"AH HA!" he eventually exclaimed as he waved the scientist over. "There's an issue with the connections between the sensor palates and the tactical sensor array; its shorting out some of the relays which is reducing efficiency," the Captain revealed, "it's a tactical problem, not a science one, but it is one we can hopefully fix," he smiled.

Looking over at the readings, Nayeli could only shake her head, "That's why I didn't catch it before. I didn't dig that deeply into the tactical systems. I was only focusing on the science systems. I'm glad you were able to find it or I'd be butting heads with who knows who to figure this thing out." She finally set her water down. "So, how do we fix it?"

"Well," the Captain passed the Lieutenant the tricorder and then folded his arms across his chest as he contemplated the best way of fixing the situation. "The best thing to do would be to start at the tactical sensor array and wherever the hell it was linked to the main sensor grid," he shrugged as he gave his suggestion, hoping that it didn't sound to implausible to his scientist colleague.

Taking the tricorder back, she nodded. "Were you able to find out where that was? So many connections aren't in the right places, things are cross-wired into other systems. No wonder we are having so much trouble. I found some of the replicators routed through some of the circuitry in here even. That...was a mess to pull apart."

He looked at the tricorder in her hand and pointed to an area on the display. "I think we'd be best to start here on deck 8," he advised.

Looking at the display herself, Nayeli nodded, "Agreed. I might not know a ton of engineering, but I know enough that it looks like the best place to start. Going to put my skills to the test with this I think, Captain."

"Let me know if you need anything further Lieutenant," Sebastian smiled, "Lieutenant Lynch has taken temporary charge of engineering. He can send you someone if you need them," he added as he picked up his uniform jacket. "I'm heading to the bridge, so when you get it sorted, I'll run the necessary diagnostics from up there."

"That sounds like a plan to me." She stated as she gathered up her tools, "I hope I can sort it without having to pull an engineer away from something else. Once the diagnostics are ready to be run, I'll let you know."

"Don't you worry about pulling engineers," the Captain shook his head, "if you need to, you do it. They should have got it right in the first bloody place!"

Nayeli smirked, "I think you have more faith in my engineering skills than I do, Captain. But, I do agree with you, they should have done it right, no matter their time crunch." She headed towards the door, "Let you know when this damned thing is done."

"Wicked," he smiled before bidding farewell. Heading off in the opposite direction to his subordinate, the Captain looked back at her briefly, then continued on his way, a little skip in his step. Yep, he was confident that his science department was in good hands. Engineering, however, he was much less confident about.


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