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Lieutenant JG Chance Taylor-Matthews

Name Chance Laque Taylor-Matthews

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 29

Command Codes

Physical Profile

Height 6'1
Weight 180
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Chance is a strapping young lad of 29. He stands 6’1, has blond buzz cut hair and blue eyes. He weighs in at 180lbs. He has that typical boy next door look about him. He has a tight and lean muscular body, without being overly muscular. He does like what the humans call a “cheeseburger.”
Annual Medical Review From the Desk of Commander Jason Priest MD USS Apollo CMO

Chance is in great shape. Some would say that he as healthy as an ox, but he is not that big. When Chance returned from Risa, after some much-needed shore-leave, he did come to see me with an achy left wrist. After some tests and x-rays, it was determined that he did sprain his wrist. Upon questioning Chance, I found out that he was competing in a Martial Arts tournament and he was sparring and one of his punches made impact and it sprained the ligaments in his left wrist. Now Chance did bring home first place in the tournament, which we all celebrated, but he should not have been competing with a sprained wrist. But that is Chance, always a risk taker. Chance has been cleared for active duty after 2 days getting wrist worked on.
Nothing further to report

Personality Profile

Personality Overview In uniform Chance is your model officer. Out of uniform, Chance is quick with a joke and a smile. He is loved by his ship family. He is warm, caring, and he is great listener.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests He wants to become a JAG officer. So, Chance has applied and was accepted to the On-Ship JAG Officer program, where he can take his classes and get credits for his on-ship work. The other ambition is that he wants to become the Captain of his own ship someday. A ship full of Diplomatic officers.

His hobbies are reading, singing, dancing, Earth KungFu.

His Interests are Law and Diplomatic Relations
Strengths and Weaknesses Chance is very loyal and dedicated officer. He is loved by his ship family and friends as well as his Imzadi Jacob. He is not with out weaknesses. Chance can get overworked because he cares about his job to much. He is shy at first, because of who he is and his relationship to his Imzadi, but overall Chance is big soft teddy bear.
Annual Psychological Review From the Desk of Commander Dali Dax USS Apollo Chief Counselor

Chance is very sound and grounded person. I had to the pleasure to meet both Chance and Jacob when our Captain performed their union ceremony. Psychological speaking, Chance can sometimes get overworked, which can cause anxiety in him. He wants to be the best and sometimes he works to hard. My prescription for him is when he walks out of the office for the day is that he has fun. His social circles are small, because he only has a few people that are close to him. That is his trusted circle. Chance can adjust to change quickly. He is a great leader and will be the best asset to any ship that will have him.

Family History

Spouse Lt. Jacob Ezra Taylor-Matthews
Children None
Father Tyzon Laque
Mother Diana Matthews
Brother(s) NOne
Sister(s) None
Other Family Various other family members

Service History

Personal History Before Starfleet Tyzon Laque, Chance’s biological father is the Ambassador to the Federation. He is loved by the Betaziod people. However, Tyzon is not without his flaw, and he has a big one he loves to gamble and play cards. One fateful night he was playing in the local tavern, where he met a Ferengi Trader and his beautiful Betazoid assistant. The Ferengi Trader challenged Tyzon to a game of cards and the bet was if Tyzon won, he can a night with his assistant. During the game Tyzon discovered that the Trader was cheating. At one point of the game the Trader got up and went to the bathroom and Tyzon was able to switch the deck of cards to his own deck, so the Trader could not count the cards. So, when the Trader came back Tyzon confronted the Trader and exposed him as a cheater. By default, Tyzon won the game, and a bet is a bet and Tyzon took the beautiful woman home.

After a lust filled night, the pair woke up in the morning and he kissed the woman goodbye, thinking he was never to see the woman again, but boy was he wrong.

About 9 months later Tyzon was sitting on the porch of his home enjoying a drink and the Betazet sun, when the same woman came walking up the path leading to Tyzon’s door. The woman was dressed like she was traveling and that she was holding a baby in her arms. Tyzon greeted the woman, and she thrusted the sleeping baby in his arms and told him that she could no longer care for the baby boy and that this was Tyzon’s son. She also told him that she was on the run from some awfully bad men and that having a baby with her was slowing her down. Tyzon looked at the sleeping baby and he knew right away that the sleeping baby was indeed his son. The woman told Tyzon that his name was Chance. Hearing a sound, the woman turned around and pressed the personal transporter on her arm and disappeared without a trace. Tyzon took the sleeping Chance inside and started to raise Chance, teaching him the ways of the Betazoid people.

About 10 years later a group of Federation explorers came to Betazet. In that group there was a woman by the name of Diana Matthews. Tyzon was smitten with her, so the courting of Diana became. At first, she was put off by Tyzon’s advances, but as she got to know him, she started to fall in love with him, but most of all she fell in love with young Chance. Diana took to Chance like a duck to water. So, after about 6 months of dating and courting Tyzon and Diana were wed. Chance now a full set of loving parents.

2 years later, Diana went into a deep depression from being homesick for Earth. Night after night Diana and Tyzon argued about sending Diana home and she wanted to take little Chance with her. Finally, during an exceptionally long and loud argument, Chance got up out of bed and padded downstairs to see what was going on. Chance found his parents in Tyzon’s office and his adopted mother was crying. Chance telepathically contacted his father and said, “She is loud father.” Shocked at the little voice in his head he turned and looked and there was his son standing there with tears in his eyes looking at his mother. That just broke Tyzon’s heart and he finally relented and sent Chance and Diana to Earth.

Chances time on Earth was not so typical. Because of his Betazoid powers he had trouble in school, with making friends and having teachers understand that he was telepathic and empathic. So, he was bullied a lot and was framed for cheating. So, Diana pulled him out of public school until his freshman year in high school. Now to deal with the bullying, Chance discovered a holo-program that contained a Martial Arts called KungFu, which was from a country called China. Everyday he used that holo-program and got better and better and stronger and stronger.

Jumping ahead to his senior Year of high school, Star Fleet came to his school and taught about doing something good and Chance was hooked. Now Chance was not a big fan of the military, but the thought of travelling to distance planets and seeing the stars, made Chance’s ears perk up and listen. So Chance brought this information home and told his mother and his mother told him to contact his father, which was not a overwhelming contact. Tyzon threatened to fly halfway around the galaxy to bring Chance and his mother back home to Betazet, but after a long-drawn-out conversation he convinced his father that he was going join the Diplomatic Corp, with or without his father’s consent. Tyzon knew he had no say in the matter, but he tried pleading with him anyways. Finally, Tyzon gave his blessing and Chance enlisted in the Star Fleet Academy.

Chance’s freshman year in the academy was the luckiest year of his life. He got paired with a human boy, Jacob Eraz Taylor, as his roommate. Chance and Jacob became fast friends, doing everything together. They were both in the Diplomatic track. What started out as a deep friendship blossomed into something more. Chance was comfortable in his own skin and fell head over heels in love with Jacob and Jacob in turn felt the same.

Upon graduation, Jacob and Chance stood in front of the graduating class of cadets and gave their speeches, for Chance was Valedictorian and Jacob was Salutatorian. The pair of young men could not be happier until it came time for deployment. Chance was ordered to report to the USS Apollo and Jacob was ordered to report to the USS Triton. The evening before transport, Chance and Jacob sat down together and talked about their relationship and how it was going to be difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship, but it was going to work out, because nothing was going to split the power couple up. So, Chance and Jacob went to their respective ships, but every evening the pair talked over subspace message.
Starfleet Service History 2388-2392 Star Fleet Academy – Diplomat Officer
2392-2397- USS Apollo, Ensign Diplomatic Officer- Lieutenant Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer
2398 LOA (Death of Tyzon Laque)
2398 Returned back from LOA and resumed his post on the USS Apollo, Assistant Chief Diplomatic officer. Getting married to his Imzadi, Jacob
2399- Present : Transfer to USS Nogura

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