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Ensign Helin Lahm

Name Helin Lahm

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill
Age 22

Command Codes

Physical Profile

Height 5' 10"
Weight 148
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Helin (pronounced HEY-lynn) is an average height/weight male Trill with characteristic spots that dabble playfully along along the hairline of his forehead and down both sides of his face and neck. His dark hair is kept in a style that is still considered short and within regulations, but long enough that hair in the front sweeps down across his forehead and lands whistfully at about eyebrow level. Dark brown eyes and a chiseled, angular chin lend to an overall handsome face while a suitably trim but not overly athletic physique hint at a balanced, healthy lifestyle.
Annual Medical Review Fit, nothing of note.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Helin, at his core believes that nothing happens by accident, everything in the universe has a purpose even if the purpose isn't seen or understood. This manifests itself in a desire to be connected to more people and be in touch with situations around him so that he can draw connections to outcomes and purposes. Part of this drive requires that he acknowledge and holds a deep appreciation of the individual talents and traits of those around him, being especially observant and empathetic. This also drives an open-minded curiosity and desire to understand more about the present.

He is comfortable in the spotlight because he knows people are always watching so he tries to set a noble example and be worthy of watching. He also likes to do work that makes a difference and will outlast any legacy that he could hope to leave, which is why he chose a career in Starfleet. He truly believes in the mission of the Federation even if it hasn't been the popular choice among those that knew him growing up on Trill.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Helin is registered with the Trill Symbiosis Commission and has undergone training and evaluation as a host candidate. It is still his hope that he could someday be selected for joining, though it is a bit of a long shot and would be unexpected at this point.

His hobbies include painting, drawing, running, trying to train his cat (Edgar) to do tricks, and meditation. He prefers beach holidays on his shore leaves, wine over harder alcohols, savory over sweet foods, and science over spirituality.

Even though he would enjoy playing a musical instrument and appreciates a wide range of genres, he is very much not musically-inclined.
Strengths and Weaknesses + Straightforward: When dealing with life, Helin has found the best results seem to come from a direct approach because most people can't read your mind and most people don't have time to wade through the mud when addressing issues. Though he is careful about this when he is in a session with someone, his approach to solving a lot of problems tends to come through an abrupt ripping off of the proverbial band-aid.
+ Friendly: At the end of the day, Helin is a friendly soul and makes aquaintences and earns trust fairly easily in most situations.
- Moody: Helin IS moody, even if he does a good job hiding those moods pretty much all of the time.
- Inhibited: Because he's grown up being expected to apply for joining and the rigorous process that included, Helin tends to be reserved, even around those he trusts. He is careful to present a well put-together fascade even when he's crumbling inside.
Annual Psychological Review Fit, nothing of note.

Family History

Father Gedlan Lahm
Mother Harien Lahm
Sister(s) Jarea (older)

Service History

Personal History Before Starfleet Helin grew up on Trill with one older sister, Jarea. His mother was a botonist and his father a local government worker. It was a kind, loving home and he performed above-average in primary school. It was not until secondary school that an instructor recommended that he go down a path to be considered as a symbiont host. At this suggestion, his mother became quite obsessed with the notion and pushed him hard to exceed in everything he did. It was not out of his ability to do so, but he came to resent the process a bit and her continual pushing. He never brought this up to her, however, and he internalized his feelings about it, living with the added stress of seeing her dream for him come true.

While in the end he was not a top tier candidate for hosting and he had yet to be selected, a subconscious drive to put some distance between himself and his family pushed him into applying for Starfleet Academy. It was not a decision that his mother supported and still does not support to this day. It has put a strain on their relationship, but he still calls her regularly out of a moral obligation.

At the Academy he met amazing peers, made a few life-long friends, and had few brief romantic interests but he's never been into personal relationships like that and none of them amounted too much.

Originally intending to go through Starfleet Medical to become a doctor, he instead changed his interest to counseling at the last minute. He and his advisers felt like it could be a better fit and he has never regretted the decision. He completed officer training school and had a cadet cruise about the USS Black Prince.
Starfleet Service History USS Black Prince - Training cruise

USS Thunderchild - Counselor
Six months as the junior counselor before the ship was damaged in a skirmish with Orion trade vessel and the crew was reassigned while the ship was refit.

Spacedock - Counselor
Three months as counselor on Spacedock before reassignment to the USS Nogura.

USS Nogura - Counselor
Meeting the ship at DS5.

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