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Lieutenant Anjohl Gaden

Name Anjohl Gaden

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 38
Starfleet Service Number GA7233475

Command Codes

Command Access Authorisation Code Gaden7Tango Alpha Delta7
Voice Authentication Code Gaden 9 Tango Tango 7

Physical Profile

Height 5 11"
Weight 190
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Gaden stands just a shade under six feet tall. It is clear he takes care of himself and works out. He has a well-defined chest and tight abs. Not quite a six-pack but close. He has black hair with auburn highlights and undertones, which become more pronounced in the summer months.

He wears it well within regulation length It is wavy, but tends to behave itself, making it easy to control and style. His eyes are a warm chestnut brown that tends to reflect the light.

He wears his earring in his left ear.

In sickbay, he is almost always in scrubs whenever he can get away with it. When his duties take him around the ship, or an away mission, he of course wears his uniform which he tries to keep immaculate. When he is off duty he prefers casual, relaxed, clothing. Depending on his mood that might be more traditional Bajoran garb or it could be more Federation style.
Annual Medical Review Gaden is in excellent physical shape While not a Vegan he tends to eat healthily. He does have a rather high metabolism which means on the positive side he has a body fat of seven percent on the negative side, he eats four meals most deals to keep from being hungry.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Gaden has gone through quite a bit in his relatively young life. It is said that whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and that is true for Gaden. He has become stronger. He is determined, he is dedicated and he truly cares about others. He’d rather avoid a fight than pursue one, but he is not afraid of confrontation, or of speaking his mind. Generally, he follows the rules, but he does not do so blindly.

He doesn’t suffer fools, or bullies and has a strong sense of justice as well as right or wrong. He is highly spiritual and believes and tries to follow as best he can the teachings of the Prophets.

He hates death, and when he loses a patient, even one he had no chance of helping, he takes it personally and not well
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Parrises Squares, Swimming, medical research, billiards, holodeck adventures (and secretly romances)

Ambitions: Gaden has no desire to have his own command one day and he is quite happy in his current position. He would, however, like to be the best he can be.
Strengths and Weaknesses Like everyone, Gaden is a flawed individual. The death of his parents had a great effect on his life. For the most part, it has made him stronger, more resolute. He is tenacious and doesn’t back down from a challenge or a fight. At the same time, he sometimes finds himself fighting depression. Likewise, even though he would like to get close to someone, perhaps even to romantically involved with them he has a fear of losing people.

He is immensely curious which can, depending on the situation he finds himself be a strength or a weakness. His concern for others and defending the weak tends to get him into difficult situations.

On the plus side, he is both patient and intuitive, but on the negative, he is stubborn and once he does get angry it is very difficult for him to calm down.

Every time he loses a patient it takes a toll on him. He’s no marksman with a phaser and beyond the basic self-defense techniques he learned at the Academy, and a few dirty tricks, he’s not really a fighter.

He is somewhat relationship challenged. He’d like to pursue a romantic relationship, but he has problems with letting people get too close to him. He doesn’t want to hurt them, be hurt by them, or lose them.

Annual Psychological Review Gaden has no serious psychological issues. He is a well-adjusted individual for the most part, though he remains guarded and hard to read.

His most serious issues are three-fold. He is often distant in personal relationships.

He suffers from recurring nightmares, but those are further and further apart. Generally, those come two to three times a year, unless he is under stress, in which case they might be more frequent.

He has issues with Cardassian and doesn't trust them.

Family History

Spouse None
Children None
Father Anjohl Timor
Mother Anjohl Mikaro
Brother(s) Anjohl Kala
Sister(s) Anjohl Tahna
Other Family Various cousins, uncles, and aunts he has lost track of. Adoptive parents Faren Jakar, Faren Deande. Adoptive brother Faren Mono

Service History

Personal History Before Starfleet Gaden was born on November 17, 2361, the youngest of three children. His parents, Anjohl Timor, and mother Anjohl Mikaro had at one time been farmers. But they had been prisoners since 2351. So, Gaden and his siblings were born in a labor camp on Cardassia. His brother Kala was five years older than him and his sister Tahana was seven years older.

He didn’t have a chance to know his parents well. When he was ten they both died. While the brutality of the guards and the harshness of the camp played a part in their death, perhaps a large part, the real culprit was disease, Orkett’s Disease.

There was nothing a young, ten-year-old could do but watch them waste away and die a slow, painful death. The children weren’t able to mourn in the proper, Bajoran fashion. No time for a death chant or a chance for them to light Durango lamps. None of that. The Cardassians allowed them a single hour before all of them, including a young Gaden, were sent back to work

Gaden’s job was a gruesome one, cleaning up after the dead, both Bajoran and animal. This was a pivotal event in his life. His sister, already teetering on the edge with all the abuse she experienced and saw, became a freedom fighter, a terrorist according to the Cardassians, while his brother immersed himself in his culture and religion. He would go on to be a Priest.

Gaden could have gone either direction following the example of his brother or his sister. He loved and admired them both, It wasn’t a decision he made lightly, nor did he make it instantly. It took several years before he decided to follow the path of peace, of spirituality, the way of his brother. He never developed a desire to be a Priest, but he did want to follow the path that the Prophets desired for him.

In a sense, he chose his own path. For as long as he could remember he wanted to help people to heal rather than hurt them. The best way to do that in his mind was medicine. He learned as much as he could from as many people as he could; art. culture, literacy followed by literature, simple things like sewing and cooking. He taught himself over a period of years.

Shortly after he turned twelve, long before he aspired to be a doctor, the Dominion War started. At first, there was little to no news of it and little to no effect on the camp. But gradually that changed, conditions became bleeker and more severe. Old guards, who had been bad enough, were replaced with those more violent and ruthless.

During the war, Gaden was separated from his siblings and they disappeared. To this day he doesn’t know where they are and he assumes that they are both dead. A year after the war ended, in 2376 when he was fourteen, he was finally released from the labor camp and returned to Bajor, experiencing freedom for the first time.

He had of course never seen his homeworld and it was all new to him. Having no family he was, at least technically an orphan. He was taken in by the Faren family. The Farens were well off and eager to adopt, not only to help those who had been displaced, or imprisoned but to replace their son they had lost in the war. They had one child living at home, a son, Morio who was two years older than Gaden and they shared a room.

It took a while for Gaden to acclimate to his new home, for years he would wake up almost every night after a horrible and very graphic nightmare, reliving what he had experienced. Indeed, to this day, he will still have a nightmare, but now it happens infrequently, usually when he is under a lot of stress.

It was during this transition time that he decided to become a doctor, specifically an epidemiologist. He gradually became close friends with Morio, a friendship that came close to being romantic and might have developed as such if they had not been brothers.

Things on Bajor were in a state of flux, despite the Faren’s wealth, so Gaden’s options for pursuing higher education were rather limited there. So in 2379 he applied for admission to Starfleet Academy and was accepted.

Starfleet Service History 2379-2387 Starfleet Academy/Medical School
2387 -2390 USS Nightengale Residency/Internship
2390 2396 Starfleet HQ (various short-term assignments in various hotspots in the Alpha Quadrant)
2396-2399 USS Comfort
2399-Present USS Nogura

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