The Timeline

Lost with all hands

December 2389: Having survived every major event to have befallen the Federation since her construction in the early 2380’s, the USS Nogura, commanded by Captain Sebastian Farrell, is believed lost with all hands during a first contact mission.

Salvage Rites

November 2398: Almost a decade since she was presumed lost with all hands, the abandoned hulk of the USS Nogura is found by Ferengi privateers and sold back to the Federation for a massive price in order to keep all of her technology and files in tact.

Return of a Legend

November 2398: Towed to the fleetyards at Deep Space 5, the USS Nogura undergoes refit and repair. During the process, Starfleet Intelligence investigates her computer systems to try and ascertain the cause of the ship’s disappearance.

A Captain Reassigned

February 1st, 2399: Captain Nilani Azulas, the first commander of the USS Nogura, is transferred from the aging Galaxy-class USS Solaria to assume command of the Nogura once again, with a focus on ascertaining what happened to the ship’s crew.

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