Chief Science Officer's Log #1

Posted on Monday January 4th, 2021 @ 1:01pm by Commander T'Pasek

Chief Science Officer's Log, Stardate 76008.861

As I assume the responsibility as head of the Nogura's Science Division, I find the complement of officers and enlisted assigned to me to be a diverse group. As an adherent and advocate of Kol-Ut-Shan, I cannot help but approve of this complex mixture of sentient beings. Although several of my colleagues at the Vulcan Science Academy operate under the paradigm that a scientific team consisting entirely of logical beings will always produce the optimum results, I would have to disagree, and I believe history agrees with my viewpoint.

There is, of course, the danger of those individuals whose self-proclaimed diversity feel they are entitled to be disruptive in the name of said diversity, illogically attacking those who do not conform to their diverse viewpoints.

I myself, though not a student of philosophy, adhere to the tenets of the human philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, and particularly his dialectical method. A pool of diverse viewpoints and methodologies must be cultivated in order to achieve optimum results.

At the moment, at the behest of the Captain and First Officer, I am preparing a staff briefing on the hazards the Nogura will face while navigating within the Maelstrom. The approach I will take to this will be unique in that it will be based on predictive analysis, rather than comprehensive analysis. Although the latter is obviously preferable from a purely scientific viewpoint, the former presents more obtainable goals and has practical benefits, particularly for those ships operating in the Maelstrom.

End Log




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