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Weather Permitting

Posted on Wednesday December 30th, 2020 @ 1:18am by Ensign Helin Lahm

Mission: Episode 1: Maelstrom
Location: Spacedock
Timeline: Day 2 at 2100

"A field docent," Helin repeated back to the viewscreen, trying to hide the undertone of the excitement he was feeling. Behind him, a storm swirled silently in one of Earth's major oceans. He had been watching it with some interest before the comm had been routed to his quarters. Lightning flashed malevolently within the clouds, which is what initially drew his attention to it. It had both spectacular beauty and yet was still terrifying even all this distance above it. Given enough time, the storm would surely be deal with by Earth's weather modification network, but he had been content to enjoy the show until then.

"That's a good thing," he added, allowing himself a subdued smile. It was well-talked-about that being assigned a docent was one of the last stages in the Trill joining candidate process. It was a formality, but surely they already knew him well enough. He wondered about how useful it could actually be.

"It's neither a good thing or a bad thing," Lidran Karran said in a tone that was meant to be grounding. "The initiate supervisor will file a recommendation and the Commission will take that into consideration. It's another data point."

He had talked to Karran twice before and recognized and appreciated her calm, cool demeanor. The first time when she and other Guardians had visited him while he was still living at home on Trill, as part of his initial evaluation into the program. He thought he had done well in that interview but the second visit had given him more doubt. Thousands of Trill apply each year and only about three percent were placed with symbionts. It was an overall grueling selection process and he had been disheartened but also relieved on some level when she disclosed after the second meeting that he was not a top-tier candidate. It was that final notice that had sealed his decision to go to Starfleet Academy. He hadn't heard from anyone at the Trill Symbiosis Commission since.

"The Supervisor, who is it if I may ask?" Helin inquired, his head tilting slightly as he ran through all of the Trill he knew stationed on Spacedock. None of them were joined that he was aware of.

Karran nodded curtly and drew a breath. "A Starfleet Captain by the name of Nilani Azulas. She's currently... transitioning assignments and we have leveraged some influence to have you reassigned to her command."


"Is that a problem?" Karran asked pointedly but not harshly.

"Uh. No, ma'am, not at all--" he would have kept talking but she cut him off.

"Good. Your next contact will be with Captain Azulas then. Expect transfer orders whenever Starfleet gets around to it. Karran out."

The screen flipped back to the Spacedock logo and Helin found himself plunged into a void of silence. He let the silence fester for several minutes, his eyes drawn back down toward Earth outside. The storm wasn't letting up yet and, if anything, was only growing in intensity. He bit his lip. "Computer," he commanded, "show me Captain Azulas' service record." He paused as the image of Nilani came up on the screen with several screens of additional text.

Helin took a deep breath. "Computer, I'm going to need a glass of wine, too."

The replicator buzzed obediently and produced a dry red. "Perfect."


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