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Keeping Pace

Posted on Wednesday December 30th, 2020 @ 8:40pm by Lieutenant JG Dadora Jecia
Edited on on Wednesday December 30th, 2020 @ 8:43pm

Mission: Episode 1: Maelstrom
Location: USS Nogura
Timeline: Day 3 at 1410

There were times that Lieutenant (jg) Dadora Jecia felt as if she were cursed. She had peeked when she shouldn't have, and now instead of enjoying a Ferengi mud bath, she was actually aboard the USS Nogura, trying to help push things back on track. She had simply wanted to see how the refit was coming along, and it seemed that things may have been slightly behind schedule. So, she volunteered to help push things back on track. And that was how she had ended up aboard the ship.

"Excuse me, ma'am," said a petty officer as he pushed an anti-grav lift just past Dadora. She took a step to make certain she was no longer standing in the middle of the corridor, with her eyes glued on the padd in hand. Her lower lip folded as she bit down upon it. The induction stabilizer that was supposed to have arrived for the navigation deflector had been delayed. Dadora had pitched the idea of using the one that was scheduled for the Hathaway to DS5's Quartermaster. The Hathaway was slated to be there for another 30 days. It was extra work to uninstall it, but it would certainly keep the Nogura's departure on track.

The chime of the padd signaled the reply she had been waiting for. Her hand slid across the padd to access the message. Her eyes skimmed over the message and she shook her head. Finally, she decided upon a more direct approach. The Halanan woman made her way to computer and initiated a visual comm-call. The image of Starfleet's emblem was replaced with that of a human male, middle-aged and balding, staring back at the Halanan. "Carmine, you're killing me here," she said with a smile. "Tell me this isn't your final answer."

"It's the best I can do, Jecia," said the quartermaster. "I've got people pulling doubles to keep the Hathaway ahead of schedule. Brass wants to hold some sort of press conference there and I can't have isolinear rods and neural gel-packs lining the halls when the press comes aboard."

"First of all, call me, D.J.," she corrected him. "I understand your plight. I really do. But that press conference you're stressing about is four weeks from now. My captain has already been spotted lurking about. She's probably reviewing rosters right now. It's only a matter of days before she starts doing walkthroughs. You know what that means, right?"

She paused as he seemed to reflect on Dadora's words. "So, help me... help you... to help me not look an ass before we pull this ship out of dry dock. It's barely a two-man job to uninstall that stabilizer and move it to a transporter pad. From there, I can and will handle it. What do you say?" she asked. Petty Officer Carmine seemed to ponder over it, but his silence had Dadora believe that he was leaning towards a no.

"I got to check out Josie's last night," Dadora stated matter-of-factly. "Their happy hour is unreal. I think a few rounds for the last game of the Knights' playoff series on me is a generous show of appreciation. Not to mention me showing you a way to cut your lattice redundancy by 1.9%. And it is possible, because I've done it twice."

With the pot sweetened, it didn't take Carmine long to finally agree. "You should expect to receive the stabilizer by 1600," he said.

"And you should expect your first round at 1800," Dadora said with a smile. "Thank you, Carmine." Her voice was practically melodic as the communication closed. She let out a long sigh and then looked around. Now, it was just a matter of seeing who she could find to help her with the stabilizer's installation.


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