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Early Morning Run

Posted on Wednesday December 30th, 2020 @ 10:30pm by Lieutenant Ziq Chura

Mission: Episode 1: Maelstrom
Location: Deck 4
Timeline: Day 2 at 0730

Ziq was on his fifth lap of deck 4. Sweat dripped from the bulky Bolian as he checked the time on his wrist. He had time for one last lap before he needed to shower and meet with the new Captain.

He was going to miss the empty corridors of the Sovereign class USS Nogura. Although he hated being assigned to a pretty much empty starship while it was being refitted, the quiet life had grown on him.

Along with his duties, he'd been able to focus on his fitness. Something he'd wanted to do for a long time but life always seemed to get in the way. Here, however, he had gained a good work life balance, although he'd heard some of his security team refer to him as an introvert or recluse for never leaving the ship but the facilities aboard Deep Space 5 didn't appeal to him.

As he ran, he looked back on his time on Nogura and couldn't help but smile. The only irritation Ziq had had during the refit is the amount of reports of 'ghosts' of the previous crew. Anything mysterious or unexplained was put down to them. Of course, the Bolian knew ghosts didn't exist and it was just the over active imagination of the refit team or they did it just to wind the security officer up. Either way, it irritated him to his core but he tried to not let it get to him.

Half way round deck 4, the Bolian's mind turned to Nogura's new Commanding Officer, whom he hadn't met yet. If he was being honest to himself he knew he wouldn't be staying aboard the ship once the Captain had made a few calls to get her own choice of officers into positions of trust. Security chief was one of those positions which were generally close to the Captain therefore they wanted someone they knew and trusted.

Ziq understood the reasoning and had seen it before. Sadly for him though it probably meant he and his team would probably be integrated into DS5's security department. This was something he really didn't want, a step back in his career, if you could call being a chief of security on a mostly derelict ship a step up, but he just hated DS5. If that was to happen then maybe he'd consider resigning from Starfleet and heading back to Belarus and joining the Civilian security force there.

Chura's mind came back into focus and realised he was now about a quarter way round Deck 4 on his sixth lap.

"Damn it." He muttered to himself again looking at the time on his wrist. He needed to step up the pace if he was going to shower and get to the Captain's office on time.


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