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Brotherhood of the Blue Shirt

Posted on Monday January 11th, 2021 @ 6:05am by Lieutenant Anjohl Gaden & Ensign Helin Lahm

Mission: Episode 1: The Maelstrom Awaits
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Day 8 at 2330

"Doctor Anjohl?" the Trill counselor popped his head into the CMO's office to see if the time was alright to disturb him. If Sickbay was anything like the counselors' offices today, it was an absolute revolving door of people in and out. "I was hoping to steal a moment if you're not too busy."

The Bajoran man had a PADD in each hand with seven more stacked up on his desk. He put the PADDS down and looked up at the man. "How can I help you?"

"Yes, I see now you're too busy," the visitor nodded to the PADDs as he stepped more fully into the room. "Counselor Helin Lahm. I just wanted to introduce myself, make myself available if you needed anything... do the whole medical check thing, but," he held up a hand, "there'll be plenty of time for all that in the next few days I'm sure."

Gaden shook his head. "No, don't leave. Please. I need the distraction."

This elicited a smirk of surprise from the counselor and he cocked his head a bit, quetioningly.

"Okay, that may not have come out right, but trust me I'd rather be dealing with people and not PADDS. Why don't I give you your official physical. And you give me my officially pscyh eval and call it a day. I've been trying to sort through things for the last four hours and I need to just stop."

"I also need a nice dinner, but that can wait."

"So, who goes first?"

"Sickbay's a little too...." Helin turned his head and watched nurses and doctors dance between enlisted crew checking in. "busy for much of a conversation. How about you do your thing and then we'll schedule a chat over a lunch or a coffee or something?" He almost suggested dinner-- maybe because Gaden had mentioned dinner -- but some people associated that meal with personal off-duty time and he wanted to make sure boundaries were respected.

Garden was Bajoran not Betazoid, so he couldn't read the counselor's mind and if he had been hewould have agreed that agreed that dinner, with a virtual stranger, even one that was a colleague would have been something other than professional.

"Sure, why don't go find a spare biobed. There should be a few this time of night. Tomorrow we could do a working lunch at your place. Your office of course."

"My office would be great," Helin nodded, then turned and led the way out to a free bed. He sat on it, then swung his legs up to rest a laying position as he laid back. "Did I read right that you came from a previous assignment on a hospital ship?"

"I did," Gaden agreed. It's a little different on a ship like this. There I was a specialist and one doctor among, well a whole bunch of them. Now I'm a genarlist. And, this is my first assignment as a CMO. I just hope I'm up to the challenge."

He pulled at a tricorder and began to sweep the wand over the counselor's prone body.

"What about yourself? I haven't had a chance to read your file yet."

"Not nearly as interesting. I'd been on Spacedock for a few months. I had a shipboard assignment for a several months before that. We'll see if this becomes my longest assignment," Helin smirked. "Out of curiosity, what was your specialty?

"Epidemology and infectious diseases,he smiled down at the other man. Microbes and viruses cand be deadlier than a phaser."

How long have you been an officer?"

"Well, an Ensign less than a year, and now thrown to the wolves as the Chief Counsellor on a Sovereign. It's exciting, but also very... terrifying? I don't think that's too strong a word for it," Helin chuckled. He glanced over to the biobed display. "Did you find anything I should be worried about? I shouldn't think so, considering it's only been a few months since my last."

"I can totally relate to your feeling of terror. I could give into a panic attack myself, given the chance."

The newly minted Chief Medical Officer, looked over the results and shook his head. "Nope, nothing wrong here. You're cleared for duty."

"So, tomorrow, you're office. Sounds like a date," Gaden said, then after a pause said, "well, you know what I mean."

"Appointment," Helin said lightly as he swung his legs down and hopped off the bed. "In the meantime, try to hold off on any panic attacks. Those are usually best saved for the end of a mission and here we haven't even started it yet."

The counselor glanced around casually, then back to the doctor. "I bet you've been on duty all day. You should get some rest. Prioritize yourself."

"Yeah, I should get some rest", the Bajoran agreed, "it's been a long day."

"And I did mean appointment."

"I'll avoid the panic attacks for now. You have a good night."


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