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Strategic Consultation

Posted on Wednesday February 17th, 2021 @ 2:18pm by Lieutenant Commander Deila Fargold & Lieutenant Ziq Chura

Mission: Episode 1: The Maelstrom Awaits
Location: Nogura security office
Timeline: Day 7 at 1415

Busy busy busy. That's what Deila was. Every day, it seemed something new decided to drop itself into her list of responsibilities. Coordinate with other Starfleet vessels, analyze any available data on species within the Maelstrom, and the newest member of her growing list: participate in regularly scheduled meetings with the Chief Tactical Officer.

She sighed, straightening her uniform while walking down the halls of deck 5, on her way to participate in the aforementioned meeting. She hadn't met the Chief Tactical Officer yet, but from what she'd heard he was cold on the outside, but warmer on the inside.

Reaching the security office door, she sighed and pressed the buzzer, waiting for a response.

"Come, come." Chura called out not bothering to look up from the report he was reading. He was sure it would be another crewman who had seen a ghost or something else to waste his time.

The door slid open and Deila stepped inside. "Lieutenant Commander Fargold, reporting for duty," she said, putting on a small smile as she approached the Bolian's desk.

The Bolian frowned as he stood up. "Are you my replacement?" He queried. It wouldn't be the first time a Captain had lied to a crewmember but he'd have preferred if she had been more candid with him

Deila stared in surprise. "What? No no no! I'm the Chief Strategic Operations officer, not your replacement. I'm sorry if you thought that."

"Oh." Chura replied as he stood up and offered his hand to the Commander. "A pleasure to meet you, sir. Lieutenant Ziq Chura, Chief of Security or as the Captain is now calling it, Tactical operations..."

Deila took the hand and shook it, perhaps a little vigorously. "It's a pleasure as well, Lieutenant. Oh, and before we move on, I'd appreciate it if you dropped the sir. I'm happy to be called ma'am or Commander, but sir is a little too much."

"My apologies, the last female commanding officer liked to be called sir, it's a habit I will break quickly." Chura replied before gesturing to the free seats in front of his desk. "How can I help you, Commander?"

She sat in one of the seats and nodded as Chura spoke.
"Well, considering the dangerous territory we'll be heading into soon, I thought it wise, as the heads of our respective departments, to draft up a meeting schedule so we can regularly discuss security and strategic matters."

"Of course, makes sense. Do we have any intelligence about what we might be facing in the Maelstrom?" The Bolian asked.

She shook her head, crossing her arms. "We're one of the few Starfleet vessel's who's ever been deep into the Maelstrom, and those that have been in before us didn't bring back much in the way of intelligence. What we do know mostly centers around the strange phenomena that exist within that region of space, and the colonization attempts by various species."

The Bolian nodded, "Do we know if any of the colonisation attempts were successful?"

Deila nodded and handed Chura a PADD she'd had clasped in her hands. "Before the supernova, the Romulans managed to establish a couple of colonies which are now being forced to fend for themselves since the destruction of Romulus. The Cardassians have also established a presence in the region, frequently raiding other colonies for supplies. By reports, the Kzinti of all people have begun colonization attempts as well, probably to regain some sort of recognition on a galactic scale."

Chura looked surprised as he took the PADD and carefully thumbed through its contents. "Romulan's, Cardassian's and Kzinti in close proximity, that's bound to be interesting."

She nodded, smirking slightly. "Of course, I can count on you and your security and tactical teams to deal with any threats to the ship or the mission, right?" She was teasing slightly, hoping to put him at ease with her. He seemed like a likeable enough fellow if it weren't for the tough exterior he seemed to have.

"Of course, sir. My teams go through rigorous training and are ready for anything they met, as is there chief." Ziq said with a smirk. "Is there anything we should be specifically training for? I only ask, so I can adjust training schedules to help the mission."

The Commander thought for a moment. "Due to the strange properties of the Maelstrom, I suggest engaging in a few manual targeting exercises, in case we're ever in a situation where targeting sensors are offline or being scrambled, as well as a few exercises dealing with possible hit-and-run attacks by the Cardassians or Kzinti."

Ziq picked up the closest PADD and began making notes. "Are the established colony's in the Maelstrom still affiliated with their place of origin or are we expecting the gloves to be off in there?"

"The Cardassians seem to be keeping within the confines of their home government, albeit their raids on other colonies is a bit of a factor against that. The Kzinti...well I'm honestly not sure about the Kzinti. Our intelligence reports aren't as conclusive in regards to them. However, it's the Romulans I'm most worried about. It's not that they're probably any threat to us, but that everyone else is a threat to them. Ever since the destruction of Romulus and the devastation that caused to the Romulan Empire, these colonies have been pretty much on their own. The Empire can't spare any resources or ships to support them, which has led them to be easy pickings for raiders and pirates."

"Which in turn has probably caused them to toughen up and defend themselves." Ziq replied. "It wouldn't surprised that theyve learned from their attackers and start raiding themselves. They are a devious bunch after all."

Deila frowned, looking the Lieutenant in the eye, her demeanor losing it's friendly air and being replaced by one of condescension.

"Lieutenant Chura, it is a very low thing to insult a species like that, especially the Romulans. They've lost their home and any support they had from the remains of the Empire. Past differences aside, they may need our help and I hope you and your officers won't accidentally start firing at them instead of the enemy."

"Forgive me, Commander. I meant no disrespect, however we should remain cautious. They've lost so much, they could be unpredictable." Ziq replied.

"Perhaps, perhaps not. Just make sure you don't have any preconceptions when we encounter our first Romulans." She looked down at her PADD, then back up Chura. "I've got to meet one of my Ensigns in five minutes. I'd like to make Strategic/Tactical meetings at least a bi-weekly occurrence. Does that fit in with your schedule?"

"There's never any preconceptions, sir. I take things as they come, however, I'll be ready for anything." The Bolian replied before picking up another PADD. "Bi-weekly should be fine, similar time, Commander?"

"Works for me," she replied, standing up and smiled cheerfully. "It was a pleasure to meet you Lieutenant. I can tell you have what it takes to be a great officer." With that final remark, she turned and headed for the door, off to meet with her subordinates.


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