A lot can happen in just one day, let alone thirty. For the crew of the Nogura, thirty days seemed like one thanks to the horrendous, never ending simulations they were thrown into by a new, dangerous foe. Over and over again, dangerous scenario after dangerous scenario, the crew had been traumatized and terrified, culminating in one final simulation. For them, a battle to the death against the Federation’s most feared enemy; the Borg. But just as it seemed their nightmare was over, the crew woke to a new, horrifying reality…

…none of it was real. Yet, they the scars, the memories of their deadly conflict with their cybernetic enemy, all of it was real. Physical injuries can be healed in no time at all, but mental anguish, such as that the crew now carried with them, would take a lifetime to heal, if it all.

But the crew of the Nogura do not have the luxury of taking time off to deal with their traumatic, shared experiences; as always, duty calls. Captain Drayton and the team will be thrown together with their tormentors once again in a race to determine the origin and purpose of a strange artefact located in the Wastelands. When the Cardassians show up, it soon becomes a race against time to understand the nature of what they have found. The repercussions, should they fail, have the potential to be catastrophic…

If only they knew the reality of the true danger they were in…

They say time heals all wounds, but three days after the startling revelations regarding the Nihari mind simulations, the crew are still struggling to come to terms with events. Holding position in the Iota Cassiopeia system, the Nogura has received a haul of supplies and replacement personnel to help deal with the aftermath of the firestorm that came with the Nihari first contact. Among the new crew, Idra Kizohl returns to the ship to assist with counselling the affected personnel, but soon enough, demons are let out of the closet that are very hard to contain.

Meanwhile, Nogura is soon drawn to Psi Pergonae, a system with a Blue Hyper-giant at its centre, is unremarkable to say the least. With no inhabited worlds, no historic ruins, not so much as a sign of intelligent life, past or present, its no surprise the system is located in the Wastelands. Until a strange signal is detected near the stars corona, a signal powerful enough to draw the attention of not only the starship Nogura, but also adversaries from both the Cardassian Union and, disturbingly, the Nihari Ascendancy.

As each power tries to investigate the nature of this strange signal, a race against time ensues which will have drastic consequences for all… win, lose or draw.


Swearing is generally permitted, with some limitations.
Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted.
Explicit violence is permitted.
16+ Rated Sim.

Latest Mission Posts

» Building A Better Egg Shell

Mission: Episode 8: A Greater Power
Posted on Sun Oct 6th, 2019 @ 12:39pm by Lieutenant Akaria Okan & Lieutenant Commander Zar & Lieutenant Hask Rassak & Lieutenant JG Laki Udri

For the first time in a long time...Hask felt overdressed.

He stood and basked like an elder on a rock at noon, greedily allowing the heat from the shield generator to warm his blood and sinew. Even in its powered down state, a lot of the active components were still…

» Let's Avoid Being Cooked From the Inside Out

Mission: Episode 8: A Greater Power
Posted on Sat Oct 5th, 2019 @ 3:21am by Lieutenant JG Eza Bergen PhD & Lieutenant Commander Aria Winters

Eza entered Science Lab 4 where he had the data on the phenomena piped to allow the team to review it and determine the threat it may pose to the crew.

It was only a couple of minutes before the doors opened and Commander Winters entered, the doctor hot on…

» The First Move

Mission: Episode 8: A Greater Power
Posted on Wed Oct 2nd, 2019 @ 4:39pm by Lieutenant JG Eza Bergen PhD & Lieutenant Alexander Mitchell

Lieutenant Mitchell pinched the bridge of his nose and slowly massaged each of his tired eyes in turn. He'd been on duty since about oh-five hundred hours, having had his first good nights sleep interrupted, and decided to take a few minutes away from his station. The chance to stretch…

» It Is What It Is

Mission: Episode 8: A Greater Power
Posted on Fri Sep 13th, 2019 @ 4:08am by Major Brynhild Keil

=/\= Begin Log =/\=

"If you tilt your head to the left, squint your right eye, and cough five times while trying to say Xanadu, it almost might look like a proper flight deck."

Major Brynhild Keil slowly arched one brunette brow and turned her head, just as slowly, to…

» Anyone remember when we used to be explorers?

Mission: Episode 8: A Greater Power
Posted on Sat Sep 7th, 2019 @ 3:58pm by Captain Colby Drayton & Lieutenant Akaria Okan & Lieutenant Commander Aria Winters & Lieutenant Commander Zar & Lieutenant Alexander Mitchell & Lieutenant Hask Rassak & Lieutenant JG Eza Bergen PhD

Sitting in silence at the heart of the command centre, Captain Drayton was slouched with his chin resting on his right fist as he stared at the viewscreen. The Nogura was still on the move, but slowly until they had cleared the coming area of space of any anomalies. Sitting,…

Latest Personal Logs

» A Victim Of My Own Success

Posted on Tue Aug 13th, 2019 @ 5:22pm by Lieutenant Hask Rassak

Quantum Slipstream Drive.
The MARS stealth system.

Having one of those on the board is bad enough, but both at the same time? And both reliant on the main deflector dish for proper functioning? Its a recipe for disaster. It's a classic blunder I've seen Starfleet make time and again,…

» Shadows

Posted on Wed Aug 7th, 2019 @ 1:26am by Lieutenant Commander Zar

Lieutenant Commander Zar's Personal log:

It has been a very stressful four days for me, since the incident in the mess hall I have been in my quarters trying to rest. I've been seeing shadows again in my sleep, it is as if something is creeping into my dreams. I…

» Birth of a Berserker

Posted on Thu Jul 25th, 2019 @ 1:31am by Major Brynhild Keil

"Computer, begin log.

"I'm fairly certain that there is a God of Coffee, and I've been praying to him with more fervor than I've ever prayed to any god in my life. I'm about to create an altar out of mugs and sacrifice bags of coffee grounds, if the ship's…

» This Isn't What I Signed Up For

Posted on Wed Jul 24th, 2019 @ 9:07pm by Lieutenant JG Eza Bergen PhD

"Chief Science Officer's personal log supplemental. We're about 4 hours from the patch, the crew is tired, the ship is slowly being made battle ready again. Every where I look I see people we lost, the Captain, the XO, 13 people from department. Dozens more across the ship. I know…

» Shifting Tides

Posted on Wed Jul 24th, 2019 @ 8:30pm by Lieutenant Commander Zar

Personal Log: Stardate unknown.

It has not been a good series of events here lately, since our time in the Wastelands we have encountered a Borg invasion, the task force was basically decimated. Captain Drayton and Commander Neprem are dead, and we have been given a new Captain who does…