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Ensign Zettval

Name Zettval

Position Assistant Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Denobulan
Age 27
Starfleet Service Number DL-70262480-LMS

Command Codes

Physical Profile

Height 181cm
Weight 66kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Green
Physical Description Zettval's face features prominent ridges for a Denobulan of his age. He has long hair by Denobulan standards, which frequently touches his shoulders.
Annual Medical Review Zettval is in decent health, and is fit for duty.
He has a long scar across his back, starting from his shoulder, and ending near his liver. This is the result of an accident at age 16. He has also received surgery to remove his Viltian organ, a vestigial organ found in Denobulans. He possesses a strong immune response, even by Denobulan standards, resulting in poor reactions to several routine vaccinations.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Like most Denobulans, Zettval is very upbeat and optimistic. His view of Starfleet as an organisation is very positive. He sees his job as both a chance to make many friends, and as a chance to help better the universe. This vague goal is his main driving force.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Zettval is not interested in rank or power. He works because he feels that he can better people by doing so, not because he is interested in improving himself in the eyes of others. As such, he can act extremely selflessly.
He prefers to spend his time socialising with everyone. The fact that he does not sleep means that he is able to meet people from every shift. He enjoys hanging out at the mess hall, willing to lend an ear to anyone who needs someone to talk to.
Generally, Zettval finds being alone to be quite stressful, generally preferring larger groups. He has a tendency to ramble when in a one-on-one situation, especially with authority figures.
Strengths and Weaknesses + His optimism makes it easy to be friends with him
+ He always puts his best effort into his work
- Often, he can be very demanding as a friend, which can put people off
- Career-wise, he has little ambition, and little direction in his life
Annual Psychological Review Zettval is sound of mind, and is fit for duty.
He has a very strong sense of what he wants to do, yet a very vague sense of how he wants to do it. He has a tendency to put others before himself, and generally acts selflessly. This may well act to his own detriment, however as of now he seems perfectly happy.
He also appears to be a mild hypochondriac, having reported to sickbay a number of times with minor symptoms.
Further guidance from counsellors may prove beneficial in helping to shape Zettval’s life, and help give him purpose. For now though, he seems to be in a good place.

Family History

Father Dulrutt
Mother Lattasa
Brother(s) Stretlun, Phlesc, Vlottis (Only biological brothers listed due to sheer quantity)
Sister(s) Birlaura, Velesa (Only biological sisters listed due to sheer quantity)
Other Family Step-Mothers: Karmil, Flenna
Step-Fathers: Threpp, Barut

Service History

Personal History Before Starfleet Zettval was born in 2372 to Lattasa and Dulrutt, in Iyax, one of the northernmost points of the Denobulan continent. As a result, it is less densely populated than the rest of the planet, yet still quite packed.

At age 16, Zettval attempted to start a Parisses Square tournament in his city district. During his first tournament, he fell off the board and caught a sharp edge, resulting in a large cut across his back. He was immediately transported to the medical facility. He chose to keep the scar, as a reminder of the event.

At age 17, the Denobulan threshold for adulthood, Zettval chose to join Starfleet. He was a physically active adult with a strong education, and was able to get in easily. His parents, while not fully understanding his decision, were supportive. At age 18, he began a course at the academy.

At age 21, while studying at the academy, he suffered a major infection of his Viltian organ. While the infection itself was non-fatal, his immune response almost killed him. His hypochondria most likely developed during this incident.

At age 23, he graduated from Starfleet Academy, and was awarded the rank of Ensign.
Starfleet Service History 2395 - Zettval was posted to the Parliament-class USS Tyrrhenia, a ship mostly involved in engineering projects, as an operations officer. During this time, Zettval dedicated himself to his work, frequently pulling double shifts. After a few years, he began to focus more on socialising and interacting with the crew, and became known among his friends as the Morale officer, due to his constant optimism.

2398 - the shuttlecraft Anzio crashed on an uninhabited L-class planet during a routine survey, due to sudden and unexpected subspace and electromagnetic interference from the planet. The away party lead officer, Lt. Jones was killed in the crash. Zettval assumed command as ranking officer, and with assistance from science officer Crewman Phelps, and security officer Ensign Y’Balakev, was able to construct a low power phaser, which was modulated to send a message, and a sensor to detect any responses using the same technology. This allowed the USS Tyrrhenia and the away team to work together, and after 6 days, leave the planet. Zettval was commended for his leadership skills.

2398 - the captain of the USS Tyrrhenia informed Zettval that while there was little room for promotion aboard the Tyrrhenia, there was an opening aboard the USS Nogura for an assistant chief operations officer. After a few days of difficult decision making, Zettval decided to take the position.

2399 - Zettval was transferred to the USS Nogura, joining the crew at Deep Space Twelve.