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Lieutenant Commander William Hunt

Name William Andrew Hunt

Position Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39 (5 January 2350)
Starfleet Service Number WH-20101105-ACN

Command Codes

Command Access Authorization Code Hunt-Five-Foxtrot-Zulu
Voice Authorization Code Hunt-Echo-Seven-Theee

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 10”
Weight 160 lbs.
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Brown
Physical Description William is reasonably tall and broad shouldered. He tries to exercise regularly and thus has a fairly trim body (muscular with a bit of belly fat). He keeps his brown hair fairly short. When off duty he often wears button-up shirts and long pants, occasionally adding a tie or jacket.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview William is absolutely fascinated with Galactic politics at all levels (within the Federation, among its members, outside it, and between different governments). He hates when people are partisan to any extreme; he much prefers engaging in either a nonpartisan way or academically.

William is fairly pleasant to be around, though when he meets new people he is usually shy. He responds very well to new people, especially women, bringing him out of his shell.

He enjoys socializing with his friends, but is most content curled up in his chair with a book, a drink, and his cat on his lap.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Ambitions: Command of a sector flagship or space station; eventual Admiralty.

Hobbies: Reading (especially political science articles and papers, as well as political thrillers and spy novels), cooking, discussing politics (but hates when they turn partisan), playing games that require a degree of strategy, and exercising.

Interests: Politics, foreign cultures (especially Romulan), food, cats (he owns one)
Strengths and Weaknesses +Eye for detail, while still able to see the big picture
+Love for his family
+Good at reading people
+Very well spoken

-Can drown out everything around him while reading or studying
-Does not sleep well at all
-Can be shy around new people, though is easily brought out of his shell
-Badly distraught by destruction of Romulus and subsequent divorce

Specialist Profiles

Family History

Family Andrew Hunt (father, 67)
Alejandra Reyes-Hunt (mother, 65)
Marisol Hunt (sister, 36)
Anne Hunt (sister, 31)
Teema (ex-wife, 36)
Liviana (cat, 4)

William’s parents are both still alive and living on the New Hague Colony. The elder of his two younger sisters, Marisol, lives there as well. The younger, Anne, joined Starfleet and serves as a Security and Tactical Officer.

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History William Hunt was born on the Federation Colony of New Hague in 2350. His father, Andrew, was an artist who made sculptures from local marble and wood. His mother, Alejandra, was a Starfleet Science Officer who was dispatched to help the colonists address a virus affecting their crops. She met the artist, and the two began a relationship. She sought approval to become part of New Hague’s permanent Starfleet presence. The two married and over a span of eight years had three children, William, Marisol, and Anne.

William grew up restless; colony life did not suit him. He heard stories of his mother’s adventures in space prior to her settling on New Hague and became fascinated. Unlike both parents, he lacked the affinity for arts and science. Humanities and politics suited him best. In school, he took an interest in Galactic history and politics. His parents and teachers encouraged that interest, pushing him into learning more about the Federation, its members, its neighbours, and their collective histories and cultures. He also learned a variety of skills useful in those fields, like speechwriting, debate, and how to accurately read opponents.

Rather than enter Starfleet, William moved to Earth and enrolled in the History program at King’s College London. During this time, the Borg attacked Earth and tensions with the Dominion continued to mount. William chose to remain on Earth and continue his studies, fascinated by the apolitical nature of the Borg and the very unique internal organization of the Dominion. William finished his undergraduate degree Magna Cum Laude.

While studying on Earth, William became aware of a professor named Yulia Semynova. She had an incredibly rapid ascent at the Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs, becoming the Federation Ambassador to the Khitomer Peace Conference by age 34. After retiring at age 43, she was offered tenure at the University of Cochrane on the Proxima Colony. William was fascinated with her career and experience, and so applied to become her Master’s student. He moved to Proxima and stayed there for most of the Dominion War.

BA and MA in hand, William was offered a position as a Foreign Service Officer at the Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He began as a political officer covering the Romulan Star Empire, during the time when relations with the Empire were improving following its entry into the alliance against the Dominion, and then received his first posting as a political-counsellor to the Embassy of the Federation to the Romulan Star Empire. It was during this assignment that he first met a young woman named Teema, who worked as a baker’s apprentice at a shop close to the embassy compound. They had an instant chemistry that William wanted to explore. After a survey by Starfleet Intelligence revealed she had no connection to the Tal Shiar, William and Teema began a brief romantic relationship.

The Ambassador to Romulus, an Andorian named Mirial zh’Varak, noticed William’s keen eye for detail and his ability to see the bigger picture. On more than one occasion, William helped identify useful intelligence from seemingly innocuous reports, or offer advice that helped defuse a situation before it became a political crisis. She thought his talents were being wasted in the civilian sector and recommended he apply to Starfleet Academy. She sponsored his request for an accelerated program, taking into account civilian education and years of service. Teema, of course, remained on Romulus and continued her apprenticeship.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History William arrived at the Academy in 2377 at age 27, close to a decade ahead of his peers. He took a dual-track program focussing on Diplomatic Affairs and Strategic Affairs. He learned the role of diplomats aboard starships and how to analyze military intelligence. He never lost his ability to see the small details and the big picture simultaneously, which earned him praise from Academy instructors.

Upon graduation in 2379, he was assigned to serve aboard the Steamrunner-class USS Soval as a Diplomatic Officer, where he stayed for a little under three years. In that role, he kept his department head aware of galactic developments, wrote speeches for the Captain whenever he had diplomatic engagements, and otherwise assisted in any diplomatic event in which the ship was involved. In late 2381, he was promoted to Lieutenant (jg) and transferred to the New Orleans-class USS Houston as Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer. While he helped manage the team, he also specialized in relations with the Romulan Star Empire, having been posted on Romulus years earlier.

Three years into his assignment aboard Houston, he decided another career change was in order, though not quite so dramatic as the last one. He left the Diplomatic Department to become a Strategic Operations Officer. In one of the finer moments of his career, he studied starship deployments of the Cardassian Seventh Order and noticed that while it looked like a normal military exercise, it was likely a prelude to an attack on an unaligned planet populated by a pre-warp civilization. He also asserted that the Gul in command of the Seventh Order was likely operating without orders from his government. Starfleet managed to prevent the invasion and have the Gul removed from power before a single shot was fired. This earned William a promotion to full Lieutenant.

In mid-2385, coincident with his promotion, William was transferred back to the Embassy of the Federation to Romulus, now with a dual role as Strategic Operations Officer and Starfleet Command Attaché. There he was most surprised to see Teema again, now owning the artisanal bakery where she worked earlier. They rekindled their romantic relationship. While on holiday on Earth in 2386, they adopted a cat together and gave it the Romulan name Liviana. In early 2387, the two married.

When the Hobus Supernova threatened Romulus, the Federation Embassy was fully evacuated, and as such both William and Teema survived Romulus’s destruction. They were given leave to recuperate from the planet’s loss, but eventually William was reassigned, now as Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer aboard the Ambassador-class USS Saturn. Teema lived with him for 20 months, but felt the need to relocate to Rator III to help rebuild her people’s society. They agreed, however, reluctantly, to prematurely end their marriage so that Teema could contribute to repopulation. They still remain on good terms.

After a two-year stint aboard USS Saturn, mostly spent patrolling the Raeyan Transit Corridor, William was offered a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and the position of Chief Strategic Operations Officer aboard the Sovereign-class USS Nogura.
Service Record 2368-2372: BA in History, King’s College London, Earth
2372-2374: MA in Political Science, University of Cochrane, Proxima Centauri
2374-2376: Political-Counsellor, Romulan Star Empire Division, Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Earth
2376-2377: Political Officer, Embassy of the Federation to the Romulan Star Empire, Romulus
2377-2379: Starfleet Academy (accelerated program), Earth
2379-2381: Diplomatic Officer, USS Soval (Ensign)
2381-2384: Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer, USS Houston (Lieutenant jg)
2384-2385: Strategic Operations Officer, USS Houston (Lieutenant jg)
2385-2387: Strategic Operations Officer and Starfleet Command Attaché, Embassy of the Federation to the Romulan Star Empire, Romulus (Lieutenant)
2387-2389: Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer, USS Saturn (Lieutenant)
2389-present: Chief Strategic Operations Officer, USS Nogura (Lieutenant Commander)