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Lieutenant JG Joseph 'Seph' Swift

Name Joseph 'Seph' Ezekiel Swift

Position Chief Flight Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28
Starfleet Service Number JS-748392-YVL

Command Codes

Command Access Authorization Code Swift-7-2-Epsilon-Xi
Voice Authorization Code Swift-November-0-3

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 210lbs
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Physical Description Seph is a tall, fit, handsome man. He stands roughly 6ft 4in tall, has a broad muscular chest, nice arms, and a flat stomach(sometimes a 6-pack). His brown hair is kept up in an undercut, with a swipe to the left. His eyes are a deep brown, and have a kind look to them. He generally is clean shaven, but has been known to grow out a short beard..

Off duty, he usually wears a tank top and shorts. But in his quarters, he sometimes is shirtless.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Seph is a tall, well built man in his late 20's. He loves to swim and workout. He works out 3-4 times a week to keep his muscular build. He is a kind man, he cares for others. He's not afraid to get rough with people who threaten the people he cares about. Seph is a young man that is an outgoing introvert.

He loves to hang out on the beach and play volleyball
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Ambitions:
To serve Starfleet the best he can to honor the memory of his mother.

Shuttlecraft, reading, swimming, beach volleyball, Mythology, flying, water, beaches, and Billiards
Strengths and Weaknesses +Keeps busy with tasks
+Takes orders well
+Strong headed
+Physically strong
+Can swim great distances of all strokes
+Can pilot almost anything

-He tends to spend along time looking into things
-Has a hard time making decisions.
-Tends to "Leap before thinking"
-Tends to be lazy when woken up suddenly.

Specialist Profiles

Family History

Family Father: Nick Swift
Mother: Lieutenant Commander Linda Swift (Deceased)
Brothers: James (24), Reed (20)
Sisters: Carrie (31), Paula (28, Seph’s Twin)

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History [Childhood]
Seph was born in the year 2361 to his parents, Nick and Linda Swift. He mostly lived on a Starship or a Starbase, since his mom was a Starfleet Officer. He is the second born, having an older sister, a twin sister, and two younger brothers.

[Teenage Years]
Seph spent most of his time at school, but he loved it on slow days when his mom would bring him to engineering with her and show him around. He loved to see her work on all the systems. When he was 12, hjs mother sent their father and his siblings back to Earth because of the Dominion War starting. Her ship docked at DS9 to let them off, where several Federation transports where taking civilians, mostly children and their other parent, back to Earth. From their transported to their own homeworlds. Seph had never known home, besides the starship his mother served on.

Settling on Alpha Centauri in late 2373, they started adjusting to a stationary life, and going to an actual school. Seph dreamed of being back on the starship, with his mom. The watched the news constantly keeping up on the war. They were always excited to see and hear news from their mother. In 2374, they were watching the coverage of Operation Return, to retake DS9. Linda had told them that she wasn't going to be able to contact them for a while, and couldn’t tell them why, and this was it. That was three days ago, and there was no word. All they knew is dozens of ships were destroyed during the attack.

The next few days are ones that he will never forget. There was a chime at the door. All of the older children stopped and looked at eachother. Slowly Nick got up and walked to the door. During dinner, a pair of Starfleet Officers came to their door, and informed them, that Lieutenant Commander Linda Swift did not survive the battle. Her whole ship was destroyed, they are still working on recovering bodies. He had never seen his father cry so hard… or so much. Seph will never forget the look on his older sister, Carrie’s face when she jumped up and ran towards the door. Seph and his twin sister, Paula, followed her and the all embraced each other. The two younger ones came and joined in. A woman in a teal uniform knelt down, she was a counselor if any of them needed to talk.

They buried an empty casket, with full honors. A Starfleet officer presented the Federation flag to his father. It was that moment, amongst his family, friends, and fellow officers and admirals who knew his mother or were there to honor her, that he decided he was going to join Starfleet.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History In 2379, Seph stepped off the shuttle at Starfleet Academy. He turned 18 a month before and had been looking forward to this day. He had declared a his major is Starship Flight Operations with a minor in Shuttle Flight Operations. The group of recruits were sorted by major and enlistment and sent to get their uniforms, schedules, and room assignments.. Throughout his academy training, he kept his head held high in honor of his mother.

In his Senior year at the academy, he got accepted into the ship study program. He was able to get stationed on the USS Westminster. Seph worked as a Flight Control Officer, and received a lot of hours in the shuttlebay. Towards the end of the year, he was able to cover a whole shift, one of the Flight Control Officers went on maternity leave.

Graduating in 2383 he got assigned to the USS Wayne as a shuttle pilot and a reserve Flight Control Officer. He wasn’t too thrilled about being a reserve to pilot the ship, but he knew that these were just stepping stones. In his quarters he kept a holopicture of his mother’s official Starfleet picture on his nightstand, along with a family one with all of his siblings, and his father and mother.

In 2384, Seph was flying a routine shuttle mission down to a planet with a heavy ion atmosphere. It was pretty routine, as they train if it, and he could fly and land one like walking through his childhood bedroom blindfolded. On his way back up from the surface, after the away team had finished, a bolt of ionised lightning struck the impulse drive of the shuttle. They plumated back down to the surface, Seph was able to put them down on the ground with only bumps and bruises on the crew.

In 2385, Seph transferred to the USS Gladiator, where he went to full Flight Control Officer. Being the “new guy” he didn’t get the most desirable shift, or a shift every night. With his experience with shuttle and support craft, the Chief Flight Control Officer put him in charge of the shuttle bay and had him working with the shuttlebay manager. He was promised two or three bridge shifts a week, and the Chief Flight Control Officer kept his promise.

In 2387, the Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer, announced to the team, that he was transferring to the Operations department, as their Chief Operations Officer had just transferred to become the XO of a ship. The Chief promoted Seph from Ensign to Lieutenant JG and then to Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer. Ecstatic, he was finally able to have most of his shifts on the bridge, piloting the ship. After a few shifts on the bridge, he started to miss the shuttle bay. So he gave up one or two shifts a week to another low ranking Flight Control Officer so that he could spend them in the shuttle bay.

A couple years later in 2389, Seph was feeling ready to move on. Feeling the urge to move up again. He had been on the Gladiator for four years and was ready for a change. He looked and saw that the USS Nogura was looking for a Chief Flight Control Officer. Seeing all the technology and advanced flight systems, he knew it was a long shot, but after talking to his CO and Chief they both wrote him letters of recommendation for his transfer request. Shortly after putting in the request, he got an acceptance letter. He started packing, as the Gladiator was going to rendezvous with the USS Beijing to take him to the Nogura. It was a bitter sweet goodbye, with all of the other on the Gladiator, but they were all excited to see him moving up in his career.
Service Record Starfleet Academy: 2379 – 2383
USS Wayne ~ Shuttle Pilot/Reserve Flight Control Officer ~ Ensign: 2383 - 2385
USS Gladiator ~ Flight Control Officer ~ Ensign: 2385-2387
USS Gladiator ~ Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer ~ Lieutenant JG: 2387-2389
USS Nogura ~ Chief Flight Control Officer ~ Lieutenant JG: 2389