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Captain Kayla Desai-Scott

Name Kayla Desai-Scott

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Terran
Age 41
Starfleet Service Number KDS-7121986-AKD

Command Codes

Command Access Authorization Code Desai-Scott-8-6-Tango-Lima
Voice Authorization Code Desai-Scott-Omega-Two-One

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 120lbs
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Brown
Physical Description Kayla is the epitome of the phrase “appearances can be deceptive”. Her slender frame and emotional eyes may make her look petite/fragile but she is far from that. A beautiful woman who is highly athletic in nature, Kayla is usually the envy of many; she maintains a great physique despite eating what she wants, when she wants and puts little stock in exercise. She will go to the gym to train but only when she feels the desire to do so. On duty, the Captain prefers to maintain a high standard of presentation and is rarely seen without her full duty uniform (which is always in immaculate condition).

She has been described by many over the years as having a beautiful, classy and elegant look to the way she presents herself – she has a quiet, sultry voice to accompany her feminine charm. She enjoys keeping her hair well-groomed and changing its style when she feels the desire to do so.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Kayla is the epitome of the phrase “appearances can be deceptive”. Her slender frame and emotional eyes may make her look petite/fragile but she is far from that. Strong willed with a feisty temper, this woman takes after her father and is full of emotion and is deceptively strong. Fiercely loyal to family, friends and colleagues alike, Kayla is the kind of woman anyone would want on side in an argument or even in the middle of a brawl. Despite all she has been through, the last surviving member of the Desai/Scott clans does have a funny side and loves to socialise when off duty.

Ruthless and calculating and with a keen strategic eye, her aptitude for tactics and thinking outside of the box (where it is rumoured she lives) makes the woman the ideal candidate to assume command of the Nogura following the loss of Captain Drayton in the Borg advance. Cool, calm and collected, she is not quick to anger, nor is she known to act in haste, instead she is very methodical in her work and prefers time to think things through before acting.

Kayla is a woman that commands the utmost respect from her crew, usually thanks to stories of her service in the Gamma Quadrant and also from tales of people who have served with her and seen her ruthless efficiency up close. She has a vast knowledge and understanding of every engagement in Federation history; she certainly fancies herself as a bit of a historian. Her service has taught her that even the most respectable people can either trade allegiances or tuck tail and run and as such, she often has difficulty trusting others. She is more likely to engage in cowboy diplomacy than gather people around a table to share sob stories and spend days searching for an outcome. But, never the less, this proud woman has made five first contacts since gaining her first command and has negotiated no less than four different trade pacts and diplomatic treaties. She is firm and direct, not believing in molly coddling people and as such, she pushes her officers to get the best out of themselves.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests In the wake of the Borg assault on the home quadrants, the Captain's only ambition is to guide her crew to safety and reunite with the remnants of the Federation fleet.

Whilst she loves to be engrossed in a good novel, Kayla is no book worm. She will spend time socialising and is eager to foster an air of friendship and camaraderie aboard the Nogura given the incredibly tough, sometimes brutal nature of their mission. She will socialise with anyone she deems worthy of her time and openly chastises those ancient CO's that see fraternisation as a bad thing. To develop the respect and bonds of friendship that make a command successful, Kayla knows she must put in the time and effort to get to know her people; as such, she regularly hosts movie or games nights for her senior staff and has even been known to cook.

In the gym, she has been known to practice many different styles of martial arts.
Strengths and Weaknesses A talented tactician and well versed in security regulations, weapons and tactics, Kayla is a good woman to be around in a crunch situation. Although she is well grounded in tradition, the Captain has been known to use innovate techniques to get out of sticky situations and is highly creative when required. Despite her flaws as a diplomat and a scientist, she has been able to enjoy some success in both fields over the years and has a new found respect for those in such divisions. A talented pilot, Kayla has flown her way out of many sticky situations including during countless skirmishes with the Dominion. She is able to think out of the box to formulate tactical manoeuvres and plan escape strategies.

In terms of weaknesses, Kayla can come across as somewhat arrogant at times with a significant ego. This sometimes gives the false impression that she is unapproachable. When she lets someone in, she has a fragility that very few are allowed to see. Her temper has been known to get her into trouble in the past and, whilst it has significantly subsided during her command years, it has lead to some... trying... situations.

Specialist Profiles

Family History

Family Father: James Desai (Deceased)
Mother: Malika Scott (Deceased)

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History In the year 2348, Lieutenant James Desai and Lieutenant Malika Scott became the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl they named Kalya. Whilst Malika stayed at home to bring up the couples child, the Cardassian Border War threatened the Alpha Quadrant and saw James travel to the front and serve in most of the major engagements throughout the conflict.

By the time Kayla was nine in 2357, she had only seen her father four times. Not only did her relationship with her father suffer, but her mum's relationship with him did too. The final straw came in 2358 as Malika finally had enough and left her estranged partner, taking Kayla with her on assignment.

In 2361, for the first time in three years, Kayla saw her father again. A newly minted Lt Commander, James Desai was on the verge of completing command school. The meeting was tense, with the relationship between father and daughter having suffered greatly with the absence of her father over the previous years, so much so that when she left Starbase Four-Eleven, at just 13 years of age, Kayla told her father she intended to be known as a Desai no longer and would take her mothers maiden name of Scott. On top of that, she announced that she wanted nothing more to do with him. It was a bittersweet moment for a such a grounded, well-educated child who had been raised on a Starship. Together with her other and now using the name Kayla Scott, the youngster plotted her future.

Shortly afterwards, Starfleet was rocked by news of an attack on a Federation colony at Setlik III. The Cardassian's had attacked the colony under the belief that it was a staging ground for an attack on Cardassian territory when in reality it was simply a home to civilians. The attack sparked massive protests against the Cardassian's and calls for all-out war. During a near two-year lull in the conflict, Starfleet began beefing up defences and increasing the number of Starships at its disposal. It was during the early months of 2363 that Kayla learnt that her father had been given command of the USS Solaris, assigned very close to the Cardassian Border. At the same time, Starfleet morale was boosted by news that a new Starship Enterprise had been commissioned and would soon be among the stars. For Kayla, she made it her ambition to one day serve on the Enterprise but, at just 15 years of age, she still had some way to go. Inspired by her single mother who had managed to maintain a career and raise a child, Kayla worked diligently in her studies and the youngster began to pursue a career in Starfleet.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History As Kayla had grown up on Starships from before the age of 5, it was only natural that she submit her application to join Starfleet in 2368 at the age of 20. Whilst her mother, disheartened by recent events including the Borg attack on the Federation, warned her against enlisting and following in her footsteps, Kayla was determined to pursue her career of choice. Her application was successful and she started her studies in the summer of '68. But as her enthusiasm for her new career was at its highest, the Federation became involved in the Klingon Civil War and almost came to blows with the Romulan Star Empire. Cadet Scott slowly began to consider if her mother was right – was the Federation a war mongering society that couldn't resist getting involved in other people's affairs?

Kayla, deep into her studies in 2370, was shocked when news reached Earth of the destruction of the USS Odyssey in the Gamma Quadrant with a powerful new foe known as the Dominion responsible. Aboard the Odyssey was her mother, assigned as the ships Anthropologist. Kayla was heartbroken at the loss of her mother. Alone in a vast galaxy, the tragedy helped the Cadet to see that it was time to heal old wounds and reach out to her father aboard the Solaris which was still operating near the Romulan Border. Whilst their reunion meeting was postponed, the two began to share regular correspondence and both shared the desire to make amends for the events of the past.

In 2372, Kayla Scott finally graduated from Starfleet command as a Flight Controller and was assigned to the USS Pittsburgh, assigned to the fifth fleet near Vulcan. The Pittsburgh was soon reassigned, however, upon the outbreak of the brief, yet brutal Federation-Klingon war. As the Pittsburgh was re-assigned to DS9, so too was the USS Solaris. Biting the bullet, Ensign Scott finally reunited with her father for the first time since the age of thirteen. Their relationship went from strength to strength in the intervening months to the point that when the Solaris was re-assigned in late 2372 following the outbreak of the Dominion War, the two said an emotional good bye at DS9.

Several months later, the Pittsburgh received word that Captain Desai had led a Battle Group against the Dominion with the Solaris and several other vessels engaged in combat, allowing several civilian transports to flee the Minos Korva system. The remnants of the Battle Group had retreated to DS9, bringing news that contact had been lost with Captain Desai, the Solaris and the colonies on Minos Korva. With all presumed lost, Kayla, now the only surviving member of both the Scott and Desai families, was distraught at the news that she was now alone and began to go off the rails. She decided that it was time to honour the legacy of both parents, so she again changed her name to ensure that neither would ever be forgotten, thus becoming Kayla Desai-Scott. During this devastating time, her work life suffered, but her friends and colleagues never gave up hope for the young Ensign. In a bid to get the promising youngster back on track with a fresh start, the Pittsburgh’s commander promoted Desai to Lieutenant JG and transferred her to the Akira class USS Kensington as Chief Flight Controller. It was just the fresh start the promising youngster needed.

The Kensington was involved in several engagements throughout late 2374 and early 2375. Determined to go on the offensive following several demoralising defeats, Starfleet forces captured the Chin'toka system only to lose it again months later. But with a Cardassian rebellion going strong and threatening the Dominion stranglehold, the Federation Alliance pushed on and eventually, the Alliance succeeded in ending the war at the Battle of Cardassia. During the battle, the USS Kensington was heavily involved and destroyed over ten Cardassian and Dominion vessels before the Cardassian's opted to switch sides. As the Dominion retreated into orbit of Cardassia the Kensington joined the allied fleet and engaged their enemies. After hours of fighting and with well over forty percent of the allied fleet lost, the Dominion surrendered and war was at last over.

Following the signing of the Treaty of Bajor several days later, the Kensington was one of several dozen Starships that remained in Cardassian space as an Occupation force. She searched for survivors and rendered aide and assistance on Cardassia itself. For Lieutenant Desai-Scott, the war had been costly and had left her without a family but the one thing she did have was a renewed sense of purpose. To atone for the loss of her family, but to ensure that Starfleet, and the galaxy at large, would never make the same mistakes they had in the last ten years.

For her service to the Kensington, Kayla was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and her career was well and truly back on track. With the rebuilding effort getting underway within Cardassian space and the 4th Fleet tasked with exploring abandoned territories, Kayla was transferred to Starfleet Command for command training in late 2378. After eight months of intensive training, the last remaining member of the Desai/Scott clans returned to the Kensington to replace the outgoing Executive Officer. With the ship ordered to patrol the outskirts of the Chin'toka system, Kayla simply waited for the right time to follow her father’s example and take a command of her own.

The Kensington was assigned to Task Force 21 of the 4th Fleet and carried out a large number of Border Patrol and Convoy Escort duties along the Chakilian Border. The Akira-class starship played a significant part in the rescue of survivors from the destruction of the USS Miranda at the hands of Chakilian forces, and Kayla herself was instrumental in the rescue of the ship’s Captain, James Ryan. For her efforts, Kayla was considered for promotion to a command of her own, but rejected the opportunity to stay on the Kensington, secretly harbouring a strong desire to succeed her aging Captain.

In 2385, the Kensington was part of a joint Federation-Klingon Battle Group that was tasked with defeating a Chakilian House that had been evicted from their government. Commander Desai-Scott commanded the Kensington into battle following an injury to her commanding officer, a battle where the ship and crew ship served her well, but eventually, she succumbed to the wounds sustained in combat and was lost. Desai and many of the ship's crew were rescued by Captain Ryan of the new USS Miranda, a role reversal from just several months earlier.

Following the customary inquiry regarding the loss of a starship, Commander Desai-Scott was cleared to return to duty and, after a short period of shoreleave, a chance meeting at Starfleet Command gave Kayla the chance to follow in the footsteps of her father at last, not that she would initially know it. Learning that the newly refit USS Roehampton was at Utopia Planitia Fleetyards without a crew or an Executive Officer, Kayla petitioned her Commanding Officer to contact Starfleet Command and recommend her for the vacancy. The chance to serve Captain Dolan Ramsey, a veteran of several conflicts and someone well respected within the echelons of Starfleet Command, was an opportunity too good to miss. Captain Ramsey agreed to a meeting with the Commander out of respect for her family name. At the meeting, Commander Desai-Scott acquitted herself admirably, vowing that if she were to be given the opportunity, she would serve the Captain and his ship with the same charisma, style and flair that her father had commanded the starship Solaris. Deeply enamoured with the dignity, charisma and respect shown by Kayla, Ramsey confirmed her transfer to the Roehampton with immediate effect.

In mid '87, the Hobus Star, located deep into Romulan Territory went super nova, causing a massive shockwave that destroyed several key planets, effectively decimating the entire Empire. The Roehampton was involved in several early relief missions until she was ordered to put back to Deep Space 10 for repairs and re-assignment. The Adriatic transferred to the Gamma Quadrant two months later and it was there that Desai-Scott began to really make a name for herself. It just so happened that Desai-Scott’s career advancement came at the cost of Captain Ramsey’s. The aging man, a once highly respected officer, had begun to make some highly questionable decisions and, after his physical with the ships Doctor, it was revealed he was suffering from a rare disease that was, as yet, incurable. With the Captain relieved of command, Desai-Scott finally got her chance and was promoted to Captain. She set about reforming the ship and crew in her own image and turning the Roehampton into a vessel to be proud of again.

Not long after her promotion, the Gamma Quadrant was rocked by what was, in essence, a Starfleet civil war. At a predetermined time, three words were transmitted on all Starfleet frequencies, “Pity is treason.” In an instant, communications were cut off and a violent, well-organised underground movement known as the Consortium sprang to action.

In an instant, unsuspecting crewmen and officers on ships across Starfleet controlled territory turned on their colleagues in an effort to usurp power and seize control of some of the fleet’s key facilities and starships. Adriatic was not immune to the Consortium’s efforts. Several officers, led by the ships Tactical Officer, turned on their Captain and First Officer. For a short time, it looked like they may succeed in gaining control of the Nebula-class starship and add it to the Consortium’s growing arsenal, but their efforts were thwarted by the Roehampton Marines who rescued their Captain and began to retake the ship. In a brutal showdown with her former Tactical Officer, Kayla was left with no choice but to kill her former friend turned foe and gunned him down in an exchange of phaser fire. With Roehampton soon under loyalist control again, word soon spread that Starfleet’s resistance was underway.

As Consortium agents rallied forces by falsely portraying the true loyal officers as those committing treason and sedition, the Consortium quickly took control of Deep Space 11. This day was not without consequences. The USS Princeton, orbiting Deep Space 11, saw an internal uprising just like every other ship in the Task Force. While that uprising failed, the Consortium-controlled USS Antares engaged and destroyed the Princeton to prevent it from turning the tide. Several other vessels were soon commandeered, and the Starfleet loyalists were facing an uphill battle to maintain their foothold in the Gamma Quadrant.

The Task Force was fragmented across the entire galaxy. Roughly half of the force's roster fell to the Consortium; however, that half contained most of the quadrant's most powerful ships. Loyalist forces began to consolidate at Starbase Unity for both a thorough Consortium purge and preparation to strike back. Among them, the Roehampton was tasked with hunting down several vessels that had succumbed to Consortium control. Over a six month period, Roehampton tracked down several vessels and either destroyed them in battle or managed to launch counter-insurgency missions and retake control of the ships. For her part, Kayla earned a fierce reputation among Consortium agents as ‘the Hunter’ and was the focus of a new Consortium plot to destroy the Roehmapton and end the Hunter’s purge.

Meanwhile, the Consortium wasted little time in locking down the Gamma Quadrant. Communications to the Alpha Quadrant were immediately suspended, though a false message was sent to appease Starfleet. They began consolidating their forces in three locations, Deep Space 11, the Bajoran Wormhole, and Gavara IV. Several elements, including several of their heaviest hitters, began to hunt down isolated Starfleet assets where their planned Consortium uprisings had failed. A couple of these hunts proved to be fruitful, as those ships were drafted into Consortium service, while others continued on wild goose chases, always outsmarted by the ingenious Starfleet captains. For nearly four weeks, the Roehampton was on the run, avoiding Consortium battle groups and bounty hunters until there was a final showdown in the Yadera system. In the midst of battle on the border of the Maran Republic, the starship Nogura arrived and, together with the Roehampton, they managed to defeat three Consortium vessels. Both loyalist ships returned to Starbase Unity for orders.

Both sides knew that the status quo would not last forever. As the Consortium continued to consolidate their forces on Gavara IV, Starbase Unity prepared for the inevitable battle, while trying to use its limited assets and starships to keep the Consortium from wreaking havoc on civilizations such as the Wadi colony on Yolvanda II or tracking isolated ships like the USS Nelson and the USS Renown.

The Consortium knew that the longer that they gave Starfleet, the harder and costlier it would be when they tried to eliminate Starfleet once and for all. In August 2388, the Consortium embarked on their most ambitious mission since revealing themselves. Twelve starships departed Gavara IV bound for Starbase Unity, making quick work of overwhelming several hasty defenses including minefields and thwarting diversions along the way.

Unbeknownst to the Consortium, Admiral Saatyi Noru (ret) had entered into negotiations with the Dominion, promising access to high-level Starfleet meetings in the Gamma Quadrant in exchange for eliminating the mutual threat. Dominion reinforcements arrived at Starbase Unity in time to disable and destroy the Consortium Task Force, but not before the Consortium caused massive damage.

With the aid of the Dominion, Starfleet quickly regrouped and embarked on two missions of its own. A small Task Group led by the USS Nogura, of which the Roehampton was a key asset, was sent on a suicide mission to send a ship through the Bajoran Wormhole to call upon the Fourth Fleet for reinforcements while another Task Group, led by the USS O’Carroll, the USS Black Hawk and others, were joined by Dominion elements to retake Deep Space 11.

The Nogura Battle Group fought all the way from Unity to the Wormhole, valiantly surging forth in the hopes of reaching the Alpha Quadrant and bringing reinforcements to finally rush the Consortium. At the height of battle, the starships Scorpio and Roehampton flanked the Nogura on a final surge to the wormhole, with all three vessels taking massive damage in the process but, at the last minute, the Nogura evaded certain death to make it into the wormhole and flee to the Alpha Quadrant. Behind them, the Roehampton and the Scorpio fought long enough to give their colleagues time to reach the other side and to eventually force the Consortium forces to withdraw, but their victory came at a cost. The Scorpio was lost, along with several other vessels and now the Nogura, one of the most powerful weapons in the Task Force arsenal was over seventy thousand lightyears away. Those forces that survived the wormhole attack remained in the vicinity of Idran, led by Captain Desai-Scott, hoping for word from the Nogura before a counterattack came from the Consortium.

Following the surprise Consortium defeat at Starbase Unity and Nogura’s successful flight to the Alpha Quadrant, Starfleet’s loyalist forces were left with two choices: wait for more Dominion reinforcements for a proper assault on Starbase Unity or Immediately launch their counterattack at New Bajor/Deep Space 11. If Starfleet were to strike immediately, then the Consortium had a slim chance they could rally enough reinforcements to continue their offensive. Starfleet's decision was therefore quick and decisive - they would launch their attack at the earliest opportunity.

Six days later, the attack began as the Starfleet/Dominion alliance squared off against the remnants of the Consortium (aside from those blockading the wormhole). The alliance was able to overpower and defeat the Consortium, but at a large cost, including the severe amount of damage inflicted by the Consortium on New Bajor. Just as the battle ended, word reached Starfleet forces from Idran. A heavily armed task group had just emerged from the wormhole and decimated the Consortium elements blockading it. The Consortium Crisis was soon declared over, leaving a massive amount of cleanup for Starfleet and leaving many to count the cost of war.

For the Roehampton, a short period of repairs at the Hadara Fleetyards followed before the ship launched again. For her Captain, there was a sense of great pride at all they had accomplished in recent months and she was confident she had finally lived up to the family name. For others, Desai-Scott had developed a fearsome reputation as an effective combat leader and stories of the Roehampton’s exploits in battle against Consortium renegades almost became a thing of legend.

The Nebula-class cruiser began a year-long mission to explore regions to the south of Starfleet controlled territory in the Alpha Quadrant, only to be recalled eight months later to join the Nogura, once again, in a special mission in an area of space known only as ‘The Wastelands.”

During their initial mission, the Nogura Battlgroup detected a Borg Transwarp Conduit forming inside the Wastelands and raced to close it before any Borg vessels could attack the Alpha Quadrant, but they were too late. Their deflector modifications failed to seal the conduit and soon, the Battlegroup was engaged by three Borg vessels. As the battle raged, the USS Adriatic was lost, the Ulysses recovered the survivors before fleeing (only to be intercepted elsewhere) and the Nogura was boarded by Borg drones. In the battle, the Captain of the Nogura, and her executive officer, were lost. Detecting more Borg vessels on the way, and in a last attempt to seal the conduit, Desai-Scott ordered the Roehampton into the conduit where she self-destructed the vessel (but not before being beamed out by the Nogura).

In the aftermath, and hiding within the nearby Mutara Nebula, Captain Desai-Scott merged her crew into the Nogura pool and assumed command, at least temporarily, until the Nogura could make contact with Starfleet Command.

Only, once they did, nothing would ever be the same…
Service Record 2368-2369: Cadet Freshman Grade, Flight Operations Academy Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2369-2370: Cadet Sophomore Grade, Flight Operations Academy Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2370-2371: Cadet Junior Grade Flight Operations Academy Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2371-2372: Cadet Senior Grade, Flight Operations Academy Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2372-2374: Ensign, Relief Flight Control Officer, USS Pittsburgh
2374-2376: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Kensington (Akira-class)
2376-2378: Lieutenant, Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Kensington (Akira-class)
2378-2378: Lieutenant Commander, Command Academy Training Programme, Starfleet Academy
2378-2381: Lieutenant Commander, Executive Officer, USS Kensington (Akira-class)
2381-2385: Commander, Executive Officer, USS Kensington (Akira-class)
2385-2388: Commander, Executive Officer, USS Roehampton (Nebula-class)
2388-2389: Captain, Commanding Officer, USS Roehampton (Nebula-class)
2389-Present: Captain, Commanding Officer, USS Nogura (Sovereign-class)