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Lieutenant Commander Lexa kom Trikru

Name Lexa kom Trikru , Heda

Position Chief Tactical Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Kongeda
Age 32

Command Codes

Physical Appearance

Height 165cm
Weight 55kg
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Physical Description Despite her small height and low weight Lexa still forms an impressive figure. Through both posture and a certain look on her face she will often force most attention in the room to be focused on her and gives an indication of the incredible power her people hold.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Like many of her species, Lexa is a very difficult person to reach. Trained from an early age in a warrior culture setting she has been conditioned to resist those seeking to get close to her as one could always lose their friends at any time in combat. This distance enables her to be highly effective in determining strategy and send people to their deaths without hesitation if it serves the greater good. To those that she does consider friends though, or even more importantly lover, she is beyond loyal and will literally walk through fire for them.

As family names do not exist in Kongeda societ, their clan name is often used when referring to people from different communities. When being addressed personally, Kongeda prefer their first name or title being used if one is applicable.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Lexa has few ambitions beyond serving her people to the best of her abilities, while originally this was as their leader she has since accepted that the best way she can help them is through fighting within Starfleet to defeat any threat that would harm her people or their new allies. Being born for leadership, she would eventually be in search of a ship of her own to command.
Strengths and Weaknesses Strengths:
-Very high physical strength
-Master strategist

-Closed off

Specialist Profiles

Starfleet Medical Physiological Profile Due to the harshness of their homeplanet, including extreme temperature differences, very high gravity and strong levels of surface radiation, the Kongeda have diverged from their human ancestors through the development of a wide tolerance of temperatures, incredible strength when in environment with lower gravity and a limited tolerance to the radiation encountered in space. Lexa herself additionally has a rare genetic anomaly which has turned her blood into a solid black. People with this anomaly are called natblida or nightblood and revered as royalty, believed to be destined to rule, in the Kongeda culture. The more practical effects of the anomaly are however a further tolerance to radiation and as such scientists believe it has evolved as a defence mechanism with eventually all Kongeda destined to have it.

The culmination of all these traits combined with in general maintaining a healthy lifestyle guarantee that Lexa is in top physical condition and based on the slow rate of aging likely will remain so for centuries if not affected by a fatal disease or a critical combat injury. Additionally Lexa has a strong allergic response to the venom of reptiles and if exposed to it must be provided with an antidote within an hour.

A microchip has been implanted near Lexa's brainstem which gives her access to the memories of past leaders in her culture (also called the flame which was believed to hold the spirit of the Commander)
Starfleet Medical Psychological Profile When analyzing Lexa's psychological profile it is easy to mistake traits inherent in her culture from behaviour profiles that we would normally associate with mental conditions. When correcting for cultural differences, Lexa fits well within the normal range and is both a productive and functioning member of Federation society as well as Starfleet.

She has a strong tolerance of personal loss, which at times borders on indifference. In many ways this shows an overlap with previous cases of humans raised among Klingon families in that she values death in honourable combat over a life lived to old age. To die for one's people is the ultimate service to nation and people in her own view. Regardless, she has developed strong friendships during her stay at the Academy with members of several species and is generally well regarded. She does at times have problems with authorities, considering certain actions as cowardly and confronting superior officers about that in front of fellow officers and crew. This has more than once resulted in disciplinary action but never amounting to the level of a permanent record in her service record or to be considered insubordination.

Family History

Family Lincoln kom Trikru (Father)
Safia kom Trikru (Mother)
Luna kom Trikru (Sister/Twin)
Xavier kom Trikru (Brother)

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History Lexa was born in a small farming village on the Kongeda (simply Coalition in the native language which has come to define the 12 clans collectively) homeworld to the War Chief Lincoln and the medic Safia, followed shortly by her twin sister Luna. When it became clear both she and Luna were nightbloods, their life was essentially out of their hands. After spending several weeks with their parents, both sisters were retrieved by soldiers, loyal to the Commander of the Coalition directly, to be taken to the capital and trained under his personal supervision. In Kongeda culture only nightbloods could rule, and as they remain rare to this day great care is taken to protect those that are found. Over the years she was educated in the many ways of combat as well as given an education for rulership, including the language of the ancestors which would eventually allow her to communicate with the Federation, the history of their people and a basic understanding of the engineering leaps her people were working on. As the sitting Commander grew increasingly weak, both Lexa and her sister knew what was going to be in their near future. The Commander had lived to an exceptional age already being nearly 1000 years old but illness was affecting him more and more and it would not be long until it finally took him. When both Lexa and Luna were 15, the Commander died and the next stage in succession would commence. After the Flamekeepers officially pronounced him dead a Conclave was called. All nightbloods between the ages of 10 and 18 would be forced to participate in a massive battle to death to determine who was worthy of becoming the next Commander. Only 16 nightbloods were eligible and with those the battle royale would begin. The first round would consist of 8 one on one battles, Lexa's prayers were answered when she was not selected to fight against Luna and instead easily defeated her opponent. Her luck was less good when Luna had also defeated her opponent and in the next round they were matched to fight each other. Reluctantly Lexa partook in the battle and with tears in her eyes she eventually won and had defeated her sister. Broken mentally she wanted to quit at that point, but through the support of the Flamekeeper that had become a kind of mentor to her she regained the strength to fight on. Both for herself, her village and even her sister whose death would have been without purpose is Lexa just gave up.

As part of the final four there was one more battle left where all four would fight at once for the flame. After nearly losing to an inpromptu alliance she barely escaped with her life but in doing so killed to of her opponents. After a long battle she eventually killed the final nightblood as well, leaving her as the new Commander before all twelve clans and the leader of her people. Though to which extent you could really talk about leadership was disputable, most settlements were nearly autonomous and much was decided by the clans themselves. Lexa primarily served as the arbiter of disputes and as the leader of the combined armies when there was a rebellion or other threat against the Kongeda or one of the twelve clans. This saw her primarily lead her people in battle against Skaikru (the name for the alien race that had abducted their human ancestors and forced them to work as slaves on the planet until they eventually rebelled and killed most of their overlords) incursions from space and the odd Clan Chief seeking to shift power balances.

In 2378, researchers had finally completed reverse engineering one of the SKaikru ships fully. This gave them access to the disruptor weapons used by them but more importantly the propulsion technology. Kongeda had built spaceshuttles and even minor ships for use in their own system, but faster than light travel was beyond their means. After failing several times, engineers managed to use the new warp engine on one of their cruisers. The operation was a success and with it the Kongeda finally broke the warp barrier. Only weeks after a new incursion in orbit of their planet was detected, however this time it was not Skaikru. Starbase 395 had detected the warp signature of the cruiser and reported it to Starfleet as no similar signature existed in its database. The USS Washington was sent to investigate and determined that they were dealing with a species that had crossed the warp barrier. After consulting the Federation and Starfleet, permission was granted for first contact.

The Kongeda treated the visitors that looked surprisingly similar with distrust at first but upon Lexa's orders they were welcomed, albeit in environmental suits as the gravity and environment on the planet was unsuitable for them. The visit by the Washington was followed swiftly by additional Federation delegations composed of diplomats, consultants and historical experts. It didn't take long to trace back the shared ancestry of the humans and Kongeda with the point where their ancestors were likely taken being placed at around 23000 before Christ.

Many in Kongeda society were hesitant about the increasing friendship but in 2381 they were granted Federation member status which would also end the Skaikru threat against their people once and for all.

Deciding that the best way she could protect her people was from within Starfleet and to set an example to her people that they could trust their new allies, Lexa applied to join Starfleet directly.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History Through her experience in combat and the education she enjoyed, Lexa excelled at the Academy classes. While adapting to energy based weapons rather than the more direct contact focused personal combat methods took some time, she rapidly advanced on the Tactical Operations track. Eventually graduating at the rank of Lieutenant JG in 2385 and being assigned as Assistant Chief Security Officer on the USS Vulcan, which had been ordered to patrol a particularly volatile region of space that was home to extensive Orion Syndicate activity. Lexa proved herself in several engagements with the Orions and for her bravery in singlehandedly holding out against a prolonged assault without back-up and getting her team members that had been injured back to safety alive. For this she was promoted to Lieutenant at the end of 2386. Shortly after, she was reassigned to the USS Sovereign as Chief Security Officer. While most of her stay on the Sovereign was rather uneventful, in 2388 the ship had been reassigned to the Gamma Quadrant and came to find most of its crew on the side of the Consortium in their revolution against Starfleet and Federation control. Together with the deposed Captain, Lexa and the remaining crew held out against the Consortium and eventually managed to take back the ship from them. The report later written by her Commanding Officer would see her promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

In 2389 the USS Sovereign found itself on the frontlines fighting against the Borg incursion, despite a performance worthy of song and legend, the vessel eventually was damaged beyond repair and overtaken by the Borg. Going against all she believed in, as the highest ranked Officer still alive, Lexa ordered the ship to be abandoned and in a final move had it set on autopilot with a self-destruct sequence to take out the latest cube attacking them before escaping through the final escape pod and eventually being retrieved by the Nogura.
Service Record 2381-2385: Starfleet Academy, Tactical Operations
2385-2387: USS Vulcan (Akira Class), Assistant Chief Security Officer - Lieutenant JG
-2386: Promoted to Lieutenant
2387-2389: USS Sovereign (Sovereign Class), Chief Security Officer - Lieutenant
-2388-2388: Acting Executive Officer
-2388: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2389- : USS Nogura (Sovereign Class) Chief Tactical Operations Officer - Lieutenant Commander