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Lieutenant Hask Rassak

Name Hask Ral'kesh Rassak

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Feldite
Age 25
Starfleet Service Number HRR-98863372-EWS
Personnel Quarters Deck 5, Room 34A

Command Codes

Command Access Authorization Code Rassak-Alpha-8-3-2-2
Voice Authorization Code Rassak-Olympic-3-4

Physical Appearance

Height 5'0"
Weight 100kg
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Chitinous barbs's fade from brown at their root to tan at their tips
Physical Description If you call him a big iguana he'll just hiss at you and call you speciesist. But you would not be wrong. Short by human standards, but bucking the average on Feldi VI, Hask is a reptilian humanoid. Longer arms, claw-tipped fingers, and yes his tongue does that snake thing. Don't be so narrow-minded, not everyone is handicapped with a blind nose and sense of taste like a human. A Feldi can see into parts of the ultraviolet and infrared light spectrum, and have better oral and olfactory senses.

Of course, a platoon of Feldi soldiers could be knocked out with a bucket of cold water, so the lizard man uprising to overthrow the warm bloodied will have to wait for mid-summer at the earliest.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Hask has the sort of personality that one picks up when you don't go out of your way to win personality contests. He's an engineer first, second, and has a love of abstract Bolian art as a distant third. Social gatherings, 'friends', and mingling are topic's he speaks of as purely theoretical constructs, Like inverted warp bubbles, or micro slipstream jumps within the same system. They sound plausible, but could they work? The math says '???'.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Bolian abstract art. It's a niche hobby, but not many species appreciate artwork that can only be seen in the UV spectrum. it does mean he can appear to be staring at a black canvas for a while.

His interests are mostly in the field of engineering, the practical variety not the theoretical. He's an engineer, not a mathematician or some crazed scientist. Yes putting two warp cores together might make it go faster, might make it all goes faster in a variety of directions at the same time. This means he does not like new things and dispises the word 'experimental'.
Strengths and Weaknesses He's fast. Well, more accurately he's fast in very short bursts and then requires a few minutes to warm up his blood and regain his composure. Feldi do not get angry and fly into a rage, but boy do they collect grudges like pet heat rocks. This also means he's more than happy to sit in front of a heat lamp and think about a puzzle for hours on end.

He also wears fluffy slippers whenever he gets the chance. He grew attached to the affectation during his first deployment on a starship when one of his toe-claws got snagged in a turbolift door frame and got torn off. If you would like to gain the ire of a chief engineer wearing bunny slippers, please take a number and join the back of the line. He will slap you at a time of his convenience.

Specialist Profiles

Annual Starfleet Performance Review Competent. That's the best spin they can put on his record, given Hask is somehow able to get a passing grade without dropping into a lower or rising into a higher ranking. An average performer of miracles, his estimates on repairs are freakishly accurate. The only note of improvement we would highlight is the number of transfer requests he puts in for people on his staff.
Starfleet Medical Physiological Profile Feldi is a Class L world, with low oxygen and high-temperature arid climate. Over time a Feldi native can acclimatise to the higher oxygen mix of Starfleet vessels with no ill effects, but for the reptilian speices, the problem is the heat. If their bodies begin to cool muscle control is lost, and a thermal torpor sets in that closely resembles a stroke coupled with extreme inebriation. To this end most Feldi who leave the homeworld do so with heat-generating supplies, like thermal blankets or redundant life support gear.
Starfleet Medical Psychological Profile If 'arsehole' were a medical diagnosis, his would be a terminal case.

Family History

Family Ral'kesh-Birth Family
Rassak-Clutch Family

Feldi social structure's grow and change as the young mature. They are born into a Birth Family, a commune of fertile males and females who help raise the hatchlings to adulthood. As an adult the Feldi are then able to explore themselves and their lifestyles to their heart's content, forming a Clutch Family that can range from a single pair to a small compound worth of Feldi. A Clutch Family will then be able to care for any egg's fertilised in this group, allowing the cycle to begin anew.

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History Hask was born.
Hask was taught.
Hask was bored.

And then Hask walked into a Starfleet recruitment office on Feldi Vi and asked to join. All the best engineering projects were being done by Starfleet, or being overseen by Starfleet, and if you wanted to be an engineer worth anything to anyone having the Starfleet delta on your chest was going to be a big help.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History The first year out of the Academy was his most traumatic: that turbolift door was a death trap waiting to happen. One moment walking along, eagerly explaining his plans for improving lateral stabilisation at higher warp velocities to the Chief Engineer of the USS Lakia. And the next he stepped into the turbolift, caught his right toe claw on the runner...

The rest is blood, screams of agony, and the assurance of the Lakia's CMO that it would grow back perfectly normal. Hask had been grievously wounded and the warm-blooded mammal was shrugging his shoulders with that 'oh shucks it'll grow back' line?! Had sickbay not been a brisk 25C Hask might have torn the CMO's arm off and assured him IT would have grown back.

Since then it's been a Feldi set against the world. Serving on just to cold Starships, with crews who enjoyed ice skating, or the white frozen wastes of Andoria, or 'ice cream socials'. What's so social about a foodstuff that makes your jaw relax? What's the fun in rendering the Gamma Shift Supervisor unconscious with something called 'rocky road'?

And any time he touches the environmental controls, suddenly it's too hot. I mean yes its a dry heat, but at least he can work in it. The least the humans can do is drink some water to stay hydrated.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
USS Lakia
Starbase Tripoli, Andoria
USS Hawking
Starfleet Research Base Winnipeg
USS Einstein
USS Nogura