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Lieutenant Meibei zh'Khessi

Name Meibei zh'Khessi

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 28

Command Codes

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 55kg
Eye Colour Cyan
Hair Colour White
Physical Description Meibei is short and slight, although she possesses a monkey-like aptitude for climbing. With a friendly face and a natural happy smile, she is pretty but not outright beautiful, particularly by Andorian physicalstandards where height, weight and musculature are typically prized first and foremost. Like all Andorians, Meibei often expresses herself with her antennae, and like the rest of her kin, she tends to have superior physical strength to comparable human or Bajoran women, but with a quicker metabolism that reduces endurance.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Meibei is an oddball given the Andorian stereotype. Far from a fierce, taciturn warrior, she is in fact a cheerful optimist, a kind-hearted soul who not only sees the bright side of things, but tends to reside on that bright side on a permanent basis. Meibei’s smile comes easily and often, her bright spark only dimming upon encountering a truly horrifying cataclysm, or experiencing her own severe personal failure.

For all her bright chirpiness, Meibei is nevertheless oddly streetwise, her naïvité tempered by the common sense drummed into her from growing up on a tough first-gen colony. She is meek, but passionate around her engines; trusting to a fault of friends and superior officers, but wary of scammers and liars. She is happily rural in her speech and behaviour, lacking the more refined manners and standards of most Andorians, something that Meibei is keenly aware of and embarrassed by when she meets her own people from the homeworld or the always polite and elegant Vulcans.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests As a shameless romantic, Mei loves soap opera and the mushiest of all mushy films, both holographic and 2D versions. She is furthermore fascinated with the elegant sophistication of Vulcan drama, even if she often lacks the artistic capacity to understand the complex nuance of Vulcan art. Moreover, Mei adores Martian football, a sport she fell in love with at the Academy and has followed faithfully ever since.

Naturally, Mei is also an avid fan of various ground, atmospheric, sublight and warp-speed racers, keeping track of races all over the quadrant. She is also a fair seamstress, an odd skill born from her childhood, one that she has cherished over the years as a reminder of home.

Specialist Profiles

Family History

Family Two fathers and two mothers, with an elder brother and a younger sister.

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History Born on a border Andorian colony, Meibei was never meant to achieve much in her life. Being hundreds of lightyears from the more prosperous core worlds of the Federation, the young colony was astonishingly primitive, the colonists having to work hard to build up their community. The middle child of an older brother and younger sister, it would’ve been easy for Meibei to fade into the background on the frigid plains.

Except, being Meibei, she instead flourished. At a young age she swiftly demonstrated a natural proficiency for mechanical tinkering, spending as much time in the guts of various flyers and shuttles as she could. Indeed, despite the colony’s meager fleet of old ships, Meibei took every opportunity she could to go into space, even if only to visit the small orbital station to maintain its systems. By the tender age of 10, Meibei was already effectively an apprentice mechanic through eagerness and bubbly enthusiasm, and by the age of 17, she was starting to surpass her mentor in technical skill. For Meibei, the next step in her life was obvious: she wanted to keep doing what she loved, and the best engineers in the quadrant served on Starfleet’s glittering starships.

Unfortunately, while her parents were supportive, the reality of their world’s remoteness made travelling to Earth in one of the colony’s low-warp ships unrealistic. The nearby Starfleet starbase was also quiet, rarely having to deal with traffic in such a sparsely populated sector, while civilian ships rarely flew the uneconomical route directly to the core worlds. In 2379, having resigned herself to missing the next Academy class as she prepared to undertake a lengthy ten month trip to Earth, Meibei became ecstatic at the unexpected arrival of the USS Renown.

The Ambassador-class starship was outbound on a mission of exploration, having only stopped off at the Andorian colony to load some dilithium from the mines. The captain, having a soft spot for the bright young girl, permitted Meibei to take the Academy entrance exam onboard the ship. Meibei’s instinctive comprehension of engines proved remarkable to the Starfleeters, and so Meibei was unexpectedly given the golden opportunity to begin her first year as a cadet out on the final frontier. It was the rarest and most treasured of dreams.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History The next year of Meibei’s life was thrilling and exhausting in equal measure. Despite some initial resentment from her fellow engineers at the captain’s preferential treatment, Meibei’s trusting bubbliness proved impossible to dislike. The chirpy Andorian would eventually become a beloved feature of the Renown’s engine room, learning eagerly and making fast friends, enjoying the kind of exploration mission that countless people in the Federation dreamed of. From bizarre astronomical phenomena to exhilarating first contacts to terrifying battles, Meibei lived it all before the Resolve returned to Earth for refit after that first year in deep space.

From then on, her career would prove stellar. Despite Meibei’s abysmal performance in many areas as an officer, from her diplomatic course to her combat training, Meibei’s gift for engineering proved sufficient for graduation as an ensign. From then on, Meibei would serve on various Corps of Engineers vessels and facilities, working on starships as varied as old Oberth-class frigates to an immense Vesta-class starships and several others besides. While only middling on more abstract astrophysics, Meibei would develop a reputation as an engineer who, in the finest traditions of Starfleet, could work miracles with her ships. Even through battle, catastrophe and the worst of conditions, from bizarre transporter incidents to warp core ruptures to a desperate battle against the Gorn, Meibei continued to perform at her best, content onboard her beloved starships. Promotion to chief engineer of the USS Nogura was a dream come true for the starry-eyed Andorian: to run her own engine room, to get things right, and to handle the warp core of the sexiest darn ship she’d ever laid eyes on.