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Lieutenant Caspar Matero

Name Caspar John Matero 'CJ'

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Terran (Deneva)
Age 30

Command Codes

Physical Profile

Height 185cm
Weight 85kg
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Very dark brown
Physical Description CJ is a well built Terran male in his prime. Normally slender, his recent posting at the Daystrom Institute has seen him 'fill out' a bit; he works out to keep this bulk as fitness rather than fatness.

He is light skinned, with dark brown hair and very dark brown (almost black) eyes. He tends to wear his hair in a slicked down, centre-parted way.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview The one word that is invariably used about CJ Matero is 'introverted'; he tends not to speak unless it is necessary. This is not born of arrogance or any deep-rooted issue, he is just self-contained and determined to get on with the job. He is not aloof, though: he is a fiercely loyal friend and when he gets the chance (rarely!) is passionate in love.

His key friendships are, in Starfleet, Takir, Karl Silraev and Ariadne Bose, all engineer officers from the same intake. He is also very close to his sister, CJ the quiet, contemplative technician, his sister the brash, blunt artist. They exchange messages every couple of days.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Ambitions

Unlike his three close friends from the Academy ('the fab four'), CJ has no high ambition; he treats every assignment on a step-by-step approach. He yearns to 'open up' to someone, and join / create a close group of friends. He is fascinated, professionally, by the new Curiosity Class ships and hopes to one day lead a department on one.

Hobbies / Interests

Anything with a racket
Vulcan cuisine
Jazz music
Earth history
Strengths and Weaknesses + Sharp intelligence
+ Sovereign Class expertise
+ Warp field specialist
+ Damage control specialist
+ A good listener
+ Humility
+ Eidetic memory

- Very introverted
- Formal
- Prefers routine

Family History

Spouse None
Children None
Father Alex Matero (Deceased)(Deputy Head, Denevan Refugee Corps)
Mother Maya Matero (Civil administrator, Deneva)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Casey Matero (Artist, Deneva)
Other Family None

Service History

Personal History Before Starfleet CJ Matero was born to a moderately important family on Deneva, one of the oldest human colonies. His father, Alex Matero, was a committed pacifist and humanitarian and hated the use of Starfleet in conflicts. His mother was an HR administrator in the planetary assembly, and with both parents committed workaholics CJ had a lonely, rather independent childhood. This forged two key traits; a deeply reserved nature, particularly with those unknown to him, and a willingness to work independently.

From an early age Alex regaled CJ with tales of his work as a relief worker in the aftermath of the Borg and Dominion conflicts. Far from turning CJ away from Starfleet, the recollections turned him skyward, looking to escape a world with a heavy history and a culture of always mourning. With good academics, particularly in the sciences, the choice was whether to join Starfleet as a scientist or engineer. To everyone's surprise, he joined as an engineer; he liked problem solving, and wanted to overcome his naturally reserved nature by being a part of a large team (something that scientists can often avoid). His sister, a naturally rebellious artist was the key supporter of 'CJ's revolt' and helped him secure their mother's blessing (Alex Matero having died during the Romulan evacuation).
Starfleet Service History Starfleet Academy 2387 -2391

A quiet man in a new career, CJ initially sat back at the Academy and waited until he knew his surroundings and how they worked. Forming close friendships with three other engineer students, the 'fab four' worked well together, CJ providing the centre, the calm, collected focus, for the group. This group topped the results table for that year.

USS Venerable 2391 - 2393 (Ensign)

His first posting out of the Academy was the Sovereign Class USS Venerable as an Ensign in the Warp Field Coil team.
Operating in support of ongoing rebuilding efforts after the Dominion War, the challenges of seeing devastation suffered by Federation citizens was heartbreaking for the crew and it was with relief that after a year Venerable was deployed to the Tzenkethi border. That relief was short lived, as a lucky break during a well planned ambush saw Venerable heavily damaged; it was only thanks to the quick thinking of the damage control teams of which CJ was a part that the ship was saved, demonstrating the power of the Sovereign Class' tactical suite by defeating overwhelming force.

USS Lake Garda 2393 - 2394 (Lt JG)

With the Venrable ignobly towed back to starbase for a refit, CJ found himself posted, at short notice, to the Nova Class USS Lake Garda, an overworked science ship trying to recommence long-postponed Federation research projects delayed in the midst of two decades of intergalatic chaos. Lake Garda was not a happy ship; her CO was haunted by the loss of so many comrades through years of strife and his relationship with the XO was not a harmonious one. CJ's naturally circumspect nature worked well; no one had time to build friendships as everyone was far too busy, but it was not a happy time and when the new CO of the rebuilt USS Venerable was looking for engineers CJ immediately put in for a transfer.

USS Venerable 2394 - 2398 (Lt JG)

CJ's second time in Venerable was markedly similar to his first, although with greater responsibility; he now led a watch, and had to master other systems beyond Warp fields. He fell in with a new joiner, Lt (JG) Chrissy Kerni, Venerable’s stellar cartographer. CJ's lack of small talk was not a hindrance as Chrissy ‘got him’; she was a natural listener whose infectious good humour had brought the silent, brooding CJ out of his shell. But they just hadn’t broached the ‘something else’ beyond friendship.

The situation was then complicated when Venerable was called to assist a Romulan refugee world in dealing with an unexplained phenomena in their system. Radiation had spiked and the planet's clapped out shield system clearly wouldn't cope. CJ had gone down to the camp with the away team to help a Romulan community with some radiation shield repairs. The Romulan scientist, Oonac, was one of their team and was something else. She was poised, elegant, and utterly serene. He had returned to Venerable deeply unsettled, and not too disappointed to be posted elsewhere.

Daystrom Institute 2398 - 2399 (Lt JG / Lt)

CJ spent just over a year at the Daystrom Institute. A Starfleet secondee to the Institute, he had a small team of JGs and Ensigns, as well as some civilian designers, acting, essentially, as a think tank on future Starfleet warp engines. It sharpened his research skills on engineering theories, but he was deeply frustrated by the peacetime bureaucracy; the think tank had to present its theories to junior and then senior Daystrom boards, before they would let it go anywhere near Starfleet admirals.

USS Nogura, 2399 -

Selected at short notice to join the recently rediscovered USS Nogura, CJ is delighted (and surprised) to be the first of his friends to make CEO of a major vessel.