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Episode 9: Leviathan Wakes

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An unknown alien threat has proved to be a menace for several weeks, their ships travelling through subspace corridors, relatively undetectable, and exiting these corridors to strike their targets before disappearing into the darkness. Several vessels have been lost or damaged as a result of these attacks (most notably the Renown, the Odyssey and the Potemkin). Starfleet Command has deemed the continued exploration of the Wastelands to be a hazard due to the as yet unidentified alien threat that still resides within it, opting to limit the Starfleet presence in the region. The Task Group previously assigned to the area has been recalled to Starbase 214, the nearest Starfleet facility to the expanse, to set up a defence perimeter whilst it undergoes repairs. This drastic move leaves the crew of the USS Nogura as the sole Starfleet vessel in the Wastelands, and one with a large target on its hull...

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Dramatis Personae (USS Solaria)

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In Solaria's first mission, Captain Colby Drayton must lead a crew of replacements on a mission into the Northern Expanse of Federation space and deal with the lingering threat of the Rihansu Resistance. But, is everything as it seems?

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Darkness Falls (USS Solaria)

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For the crew of the Solaria, their second mission sees them come face to face with the apparent leaders of the Rihansu Resistance for the first time, deep into unknown territory far beyond the Northern Expanse. Whispers in the darkness promise to spell danger for the crew of the Starfleet ship...

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Episode 1: Call From the Gamma

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Solaria limps through the wormhole having had a number of engine troubles since leaving Starbase 565, her reputation seemingly preceding her as she arrives at DS11 to little fanfare despite the TF's recent losses. It seems like no one particularly wants the ship, nor her Captain, in the area. The crew are given as much assistance as possible so that they can get the ship up to full operational capacity in a bid to get them as far away from trouble as possible. But trouble is always just around the corner for the crew of this aging Galaxy-class cruiser...

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War is Only Half the Story (DS11)

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Whilst the Consortium threat at large may have subsided, danger looms in the darkness. But in the aftermath of conflict, New Bajor rebuilds and Starfleet regains the upper hand. Deep Space 11 is almost complete and the hero of the hour, Commodore Nilani Azulas, leaves behind her old posting to assume command of the station and begin a secret mission. Alongside Rear Admiral James Ryan, the Task Force Executive Officer, the Commodore must plan a clandestine purge of all known remaining Consortium assets. Using any means necessary, Commodore Azulas and her new crew will finally inflict the killer blow that will end the Consortium once and for all...

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Episode 2: Lady Luck

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Lady luck never seems to smile on the crew of the Solaria. After a seemingly disastrous first contact with the Rakhar people, the ship travels to her next destination via the Moray Nebula. Before entering the Mutara-class nebula, Captain Azulas orders the crew to evacuate much of the lower decks and baton down the hatches for a potentially rough ride. With the crew prepared to cross the point of no return, they are shocked when the Lexington appears with orders for the crew to return home to New Bajor.

What will await them when they return to their home port? Will Lady Luck finally give them a break?

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Episode 3: Something Wicked This Way Comes

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All is well aboard the brand new USS Nogura, the first vessel to be constructed in the Gamma Quadrant. Captain Azulas finally feels settled once again, Lieutenant Rashkae has a fully functioning science suite and Lieutenant Yole finally has all the supplies she needs. With everything seemingly going to plan for once, the crew receive their new orders.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the whereabouts of a Consortium fugitive leads an away team to the surface of Bopak I, the past site of a now infamous battle between the Nogura and Consortium forces. As the investigative team follow their leads, the main mission gets under way.

With terraforming well under way in the Kylata system the crew of the Nogura are ordered to respond to a request for help when the scientists running the project run in to several problems with key systems. When the Away Team arrives however, there is a distinct feeling of tension, as if they are hiding something. Whilst the team render the required assistance, Azulas orders some discreet enquiries in an effort to discover the reason for the tension from the scientists.

Things take a disturbing twist when a member of the team meets with an 'accident' and ends up in a coma in sickbay. Captain Azulas uses her authority to suspend all operations on the planet until an investigation has been carried out, but things take a more sinister turn when one of the scientists is found dead in his quarters...

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Homer's Chronicles(USS Ulysses)

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With Starfleet’s enforced withdrawal, a number of worlds in the Gavarian Corridor were left to fend for themselves in a hot zone rife with conflict. Now that Starfleet has returned, a substantial amount of work is required to rebuild trust and diplomatic links with the independent worlds of the Corridor. Before Ulysses can play her part in the developing situation in the region, she must stop at the ever dangerous Belkan's Drift - a massive asteroid field notoriously difficult to navigate - in order to conduct some final tests...

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Imperfections (USS Ulysses)

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A routine shakedown of some of the ships systems is brought to a halt by the sudden realization that the are not alone in Belkan's Drift. Hiding behind one of the larger asteroids, a lone Borg Cube is hibernating, regenerating after sustaining substantial damage. Commander Quinn and her away team face a race against time to solve the mystery of the Cube, before the Drone's become active and perceive the Ulysses and her crew as a threat to the Collective... ...But the Ulysses isn't the only vessel to have detected the Cube and the crews every move is being watched very closely...

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Episode 4: Whispers In the Dark

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Four weeks on from the quarantine of Kylata and the loss of the terraforming team, the Nogura remains on patrol in the outlands of Federation controlled space when the ship finally arrives in the nearby Nerey'n system to scout for further possible colony sites. Unbeknownst to the crew, a Federation archaeology team is on the fourth planet in the system and they contact the Nogura with information about a discovery that could have quadrant wide repercussions...

Meanwhile, word reaches the Nogura that a child has gone missing aboard a Federation starship near the wormhole. When it becomes apparent that the child has not only been abducted but also belongs to one of their own, Captain Azulas promises to pull out all the stops to find the child and bring the kidnappers to justice...

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Episode 5: The Adversary (Joint Mission)

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After nearly three weeks of waiting for a new commanding officer, Commodore Azulas visits the Nogura to greet the ships new master and commander. A tactical mastermind believed to be key to combating the Consortium threat, Captain Thalek th'Zorati transfers in from the starship Thesis and quickly ruffles feathers as he makes his mark.

Neither Captain nor crew have time to adjust to each other however as the ship is ordered to the Yadera system; a relatively unknown binary star system on the border of the Maran Republic. There, the crew are tasked with investigating the crashed debris of an unknown spacecraft believed to belong to a Consortium fugitive. In order to carry out their mission, the crew are once again forced to come face to face with the Consortium fugitive they previously apprehended and are forced to work with him to prevent yet another tragedy...

...but can they really trust the traitor?

Nogura's mission soon takes a surprising twist when she is forced through the wormhole. A chance encounter with the crew of the Galaxy-class USS Ulysses, deep inside the Gavarian Corridor, changes everything forever...

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Episode 6: War Crimes

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Several months ago, a lone Cardassian endeavoured to start a new life on a Federation world, far from the history of his people and his crimes. Breloc Tejar had never intended on getting caught, but an oversight in his forged documentation led to his detention and, ultimately, his upcoming trial as a war criminal for atrocities carried out decades earlier during the Occupation of Bajor. Fast forward several months and Tejar’s trial has caused countless headaches for Starfleet Command, the Federation Council and even President Bezar himself. With concerns for the criminals safety, the Federation Council has ruled that his trial should take place on the more neutral world of Trill, much to the disdain of the Bajoran people. Tensions continue to rise, with protests about the trial even reaching the streets of Earth’s capital itself.

Following the loss of the USS Ulysses, the death of a traitor and the discovery of a new threat to galactic peace, Captain Colby Drayton teams up with Commander Tara Neprem to take command of the USS Nogura. Starfleet Command orders the Nogura to escort a Federation Ambassador to Bajor in an effort to placate the Bajoran people and take some of the heat out of the highly contentious situation, however, an explosion rocks the ship and almost kills the ships Andorian Engineer. Subsequent investigations point to an unexpected, and unnerving link between the Captain’s previous command and his new one.

Could the ship and her crew be at risk once again?

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Episode 7: Into The Fire

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Whilst the Federation have been negotiating with the Alrakis Pact for more time to explore the Inconnu Expanse, Pact vessels have secretly made inroads into a desolate region known as the Wastelands. In this lawless frontier, respect is earned, not given. Upon receiving intelligence regarding Pact activities in this unexplored territory and faced with the prospect of losing ground in this modern day space race, Starfleet dispatches an initial Task Group to the Wastelands, led by Captain Drayton and the Nogura, to make contact with those worlds closest to their borders and to expand the Federation’s sphere of influence, whilst preventing the Pact from doing the same.

Beyond the border, alone and isolated, the four Starfleet vessels go their separate ways to spread the word of the Federation, but has someone already beat them to it?

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Episode 8: A Greater Power

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They say time heals all wounds, but three days after the startling revelations regarding the Nihari mind simulations, the crew are still struggling to come to terms with events. Holding position in the Iota Cassiopeia system, the Nogura has received a haul of supplies and replacement personnel to help deal with the aftermath of the firestorm that came with the Nihari first contact. Among the new crew, Idra Kizohl returns to the ship to assist with counselling the affected personnel, but soon enough, demons are let out of the closet that are very hard to contain.

Meanwhile, Nogura is soon drawn to Psi Pergonae, a system with a Blue Hyper-giant at its centre, is unremarkable to say the least. With no inhabited worlds, no historic ruins, not so much as a sign of intelligent life, past or present, its no surprise the system is located in the Wastelands. Until a strange signal is detected near the stars corona, a signal powerful enough to draw the attention of not only the starship Nogura, but also adversaries from both the Cardassian Union and, disturbingly, the Nihari Ascendancy.

As each power tries to investigate the nature of this strange signal, a race against time ensues which will have drastic consequences for all… win, lose or draw.

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