Episode 1: Maelstrom

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Once believed lost with all hands far beyond Federation space, the USS Nogura has found its way back into Federation hands, returned to Deep Space 5 by Ferengi Privateers where she now undergoes a massive refit to bring her up to modern specifications. On the eve of her relaunch, one of her former commanding officers takes the helm once again for a dangerous mission to explore an area of space known as the Maelstrom in search of clues as to Nogura's past. With stars that emit triple the amount of radiation as elsewhere in the galaxy, subspace rifts that threaten to rip space apart at the seams, and quantum destabilizations that can tear the timeline to pieces, the Maelstrom seemingly holds all the clues as to the fate of the Nogura's former crew, and it is up to her new custodians to solve the puzzle.

Mission Group For Whom The Bell Tolls
Start Date Thursday January 1st, 1970 @ 2:00am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Brotherhood of the Blue Shirt
by Lieutenant Anjohl Gaden & Ensign Helin Lahm
Day 8 at 2330 Sickbay
Hesitant Introductions
by Captain Nilani Azulas & Ensign Helin Lahm
Day 8 at 0700 Captain's Ready Room
Redleaf Tea
by Lieutenant Caspar Matero 'CJ' & Ensign Ekal Dreisor
Day 7 at 1555 Engineering
Cardassian Checkup
by Lieutenant Anjohl Gaden & Ensign Ekal Dreisor
Day 6 at 1500 Medbay
Loyalty and Truth
by Lieutenant Commander Shelby Adams & Ensign Ekal Dreisor
Day 6 at 1100 XO's Ready Room
Engineering Encounter
by Ensign Ekal Dreisor & Lieutenant Caspar Matero 'CJ'
Day 6 at 0730 Engineering
Temperature Controls
by Ensign Ekal Dreisor
Day 6 at 0615 Deck 4- Officer's Quarters
No Place Like Home
by Lieutenant Caspar Matero 'CJ' & Captain Nilani Azulas
Day 3 at 1700 Deck Three / CO's Ready Room
Tomorrow is Yesterday
by Lieutenant Caspar Matero 'CJ'
Day 3 at 1615 DS5 / Nogura
Keeping Pace
by Lieutenant JG Dadora Jecia
Day 3 at 1410 USS Nogura
A Trill, a Terran and a Vulcan walked into a Ready Room...
by Captain Nilani Azulas & Lieutenant Commander Shelby Adams & Lieutenant T'Pasek
Day 3 at 1115 Shuttle inbound to Deep Space Nine/Captain's Ready Room
Pastures New
by Captain Nilani Azulas
Day 3 at 1020 USS Solaria/USS Nogura Ready Room's
Weather Permitting
by Ensign Helin Lahm
Day 2 at 2100 Spacedock
Shifting Responsibilities
by Captain Nilani Azulas & Lieutenant JG Dadora Jecia
Day 2 at 1250 Cargo Bay 1
Early Morning Run
by Lieutenant Ziq Chura
Day 2 at 0730 Deck 4
Of all things visible, the highest is the heaven of the fixed stars.
by Captain Nilani Azulas
Day 1 at 1145 Bridge, USS Solaria
Opposites assigned
by Lieutenant T'Pasek & Ensign Charles Akron Jr.
Day 1 at 0000 CSO's office
by Lieutenant Anjohl Gaden
Day 0 at 0230 USS Nightengale

Mission Summary

Starfleet Tactical Mission Briefing

Captain Azulas,

You are requested and required to assume command of the USS NOGURA NCC-78204, effective immediately. Upon assuming command, you are to oversee the final stages of the refit process and assemble a crew equal to the challenge ahead of you. You’ll be investigating the fate of the Nogura prior to falling into Ferengi hands, starting at Deep Space 12 near the Cardassian border. Further details will be made available post launch by Starfleet Intelligence, and Starfleet Tactical. Do not share the nature of your mission with your crew, or details shared with you about the Nogura, until you have departed on Stardate 76109.60 (February 10th, 2399).

Your mission will take the Nogura to Deep Space 12, and likely into the Maelstrom area of the Alpha Quadrant. Your orders grant you a latitude to take the Nogura wherever you feel it necessary, and explore any leads you may uncover. The fate of over three thousand of our brethren must be discovered.

Report back to me upon the completion of your mission.

Rear Admiral Vasoch Gor
Deputy Director, Starfleet Tactical