Specifications - Sovereign Class Starship


The Sovereign Class starship was born out the necessity for more combat oriented starships to help combat the Borg Collective, yet keep host to a wide variety of exploratory and diplomatic missions during peacetime. Originally three starship designs were fielded to combat the Borg: Project Sovereign, Project Defiant and Project Nova. Both the Defiant and Nova projects were considered entirely too small to field what was needed; however they were later rebuilt into separate starship designs. For the mainstay of what the project called for, the Sovereign design was chosen to essentially replace the Galaxy Class as the flagship design of the Federation.

Implementation of the design of the starship and construction began in 2367. Construction moved along quickly and integrating some of the newest Federation technologies into the ship design was proving to be surprisingly easy. The integration of the bio-neural gel pack with the already conventional isolinear chip system proved to have few complications. Other new systems included the field testing of the quantum torpedo turret system, enhanced regenerative shielding system, energy-dispersive ablative hull armor, redesigned warp drive and the previously classified “Type-X+” phaser systems. The Type-X+ would be later reclassified as the Type-XII.

The USS Sovereign was finally completed in 2369 and began its shakedown cruise along the Romulan Neutral Zone. Many aspects of the Sovereign proved to be well above expectations during testing. After eight months of shakedown in open space, the Sovereign was returned to dry dock for finalization and commission.

The Sovereign proved to be a well-founded design in terms of its combat abilities. However it lacked the high manoeuvrability of ships similar to its size or the ability to achieve the higher warp speeds seen in the Intrepid and Prometheus Classes. That being said, the ship more then made up for itself in terms of phaser power, torpedo compliment, and torpedo tube placement, which supplemented the forward quantum turret.

Several more of the class were put into production and even the USS Enterprise, the flagship of the Federation, was readmitted into service as a Sovereign class. The first real test for the Sovereign Class was during the Battle of Sector 001 in which the Enterprise arrived in time to help destroyed the Borg vessel in conjunction with the rest of the fleet. Later, during the Dominion War, the Sovereign and Enterprise saw combat while the other ships were slowed in their production in favor of the smaller, more powerful and quicker to build Defiant Class. Near the end of the war six more of the class were completed and two helped with the Jem’Hadar clean up across the quadrant.

Following the war, the Sovereign class was re-tasked with front line exploration of open space along with its fellow exploration-driven starships. In the decade following the close of the Dominion War, the Sovereign class starships have served in a variety of roles as flagships, command and control centers, diplomatic envoys, first contact headquarters, front line defensive vessels, exploratory starships, scientific couriers and troop transports. The versatility and endless abilities of the Sovereign has proven it to be a worthwhile design, and it will continue being, for many decades, the mainstay of the Federation fleet.

Class Specifics

Class Sovereign Class
Role Exploration Cruiser
Duration 70 Years
Time Between Refits 15 Years
Time Between Resupply 10 Years


Length 685.2 Meters
Width 243 Meters
Height 87 Meters
Decks 24

Personnel Statistics

Officers 150
Enlisted Crew 480
Marines 128
Civilians 150
Emergency Capacity 3000

Primary Systems

Computer Control System Isolinear/Bio-neural Computer Control System
Transporter System Cargo and Personnel Transporter Systems
Cargo Transporters 2
Personnel Transporters 5 (Six Person)
Emergency Transporters 3 (Fifteen Person)
Transporter Range 45,000 Kilometers
Sensor Range 20 Lightyears

Propulsion Systems

Thrusters RCS Thrusters
Cruise Speed Warp 8
Maximum Speed Warp 9.9
Emergency Speed Warp 9.95 (36 Hours)
Quantum Slipstream Drive Capable yes
Maximum QSD Distance 50 Lightyears (Per Hour, For 6 Hours Maximum)
QSD Cooldown Period 24 Hours Total Shutdown of QSD

Tactical Systems

Defensive Systems 10 cm Ablative Armor
Duranium/Tritanium Double Hull
Regenerative Shielding System
Offensive Systems 16 Type-XII Phaser Arrays
1 Fwd Rapid Fire Quantum Torpedo Turret
3 Fwd Burst Fire Torpedo Launchers
5 Aft Burst Fire Torpedo Launchers
Torpedo Complement 300 Quantum Torpedoes (Turret Configuration)
450 Quantum Torpedoes (Launcher Configuration)
300 Photon Torpedoes (Launcher Configuration)
18 Tricobalt Devices (Launcher Configuration)

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 2
Shuttles 6 Type-11 Personnel Shuttles
2 Type-10 Cargo Shuttlepods
8 Type-4 Workbees
Runabouts 1 Argo-class Runabout (Plus All Terrain Wheeled Vehicle)
2 Arrow-class Runabouts
1 Prototype Multi Terrain Armoured Runabout