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Bridge   The bridge is the starship equivalent of an operations center or command center. On Starfleet ships, it is generally located near the top and front of a vessel. From here, the commanding officers supervise all ship’s operations, ranging from vessel course control to tactical systems.
Arboretum   The arboretum (or botanical garden) is a garden that has been incorporated into several Federation starship classes in the 23rd and 24th centuries including the Constitution-class and Galaxy-class.
Armory   The armory, arsenal, weapons room, or weapons bay of a starship or other facility was a secured location in which weapons and other offensive or defensive devices were stored to prevent unauthorized personnel from gaining access.
Auditorium   The social epicentre of the Nogura, the Auditorium or Theatre often runs theatre shows, concerts and movie nights that any member of the crew is welcome to attend.
Battle Bridge   The battle bridge on Galaxy-class starships was primarily designed for the control of the stardrive section in saucer separation scenarios. Located on deck 8 of the secondary hull, the battle bridge duplicated the strategic functions of the main bridge, with command, conn, ops, and tactical stations oriented toward a main viewscreen.
Briefing Room   The Briefing Room, observation lounge or conference lounge is a special designation referring to the briefing room on starships that includes an expansive view of space on one side of the room.
Brig   A brig or holding cell was a type of prison on board a starship, space station, or planetary facility.
Cargo Bays   A cargo bay or cargo hold is a general purpose storage facility aboard shuttles, starships and starbases.
Computer Processing Core   The computer core houses primary processing equipment including the computer core processors.
Cybernetics Lab   A specialist scientific unit, Cybernetics is the study of hugely complex artificial intelligence systems, usually running on a positronic matrix and often housed inside robotic machine technology.
Engineering   Engineering’s primary purpose is to be the central point for control of all engineering systems aboard a starship, especially those related to propulsion and power generation. functional at all times.
Fabrication Bay   The Fabrication facility on Nogura is designed to create spare parts and equipment required for missions.
Geology Lab   Geology is the science, specifically planetary science, involving the study of the natural landforms of a planet or other celestial body with a solid surface.
Gymnasium   A gymnasium is an area of a starship which was dedicated to physical fitness and exercise.
Holodecks   A Holographic Environment Simulator, or holodeck as it is most commonly refered to, was a form of holotechnology designed and used by the Federation Starfleet which ran holographic programs.
Hydroponics Bay   Hydroponics is the growing of plants in a medium other than soil, such as a nutrient-rich liquid.
Library   A quiet place used for for educational and research purposes, the library has full computer access to the Federation Computer Network (depending on clearance levels and access codes) and can be enjoyed by supervised children also.
Heihachiro's (Bar and Crew Lounge)   Heihachiro's, named after the famed Admiral Nogura (who, coincidentally, the ship is named after), is the ships only messhall where crewmembers could relax and enjoy a meal or a quick snack in a social setting.
Quarters   All quarters aboard the Nogura are of a similar design, whether they are VIP, senior officer, junior officer, enlisted or guest quarters.
Ready Room   The captain’s ready room is a personal office reserved for the commanding officer of a starship and is accessed from the bridge on deck one.
Science Labs   As a ship of exploration and scientific discovery, Nogura has several science labs and scientific equipment to rival specialist science vessels and other exploration ships such as the Intrepid, Luna and Nova class starships.
Shuttlebay   The shuttlebay (variously called the flight deck, hangar deck, or shuttlecraft bay) is a facility on a starship where shuttlecraft are launched, received, stored, and maintained.
Sickbay   Due to the original nature of the ships planned long term, deep space exploration of the Gamma Quadrant, Nogura was built with most of deck 8 housing the most comprehensive medical facilities ever seen on a starship.
Small Lounge   There are several corridor lounges dotted around the saucer section of the Nogura that provide space for a few people to sit and relax and even enjoy a limited selection of foods and drinks from the nearby replicator. All of these lounges of view ports to allow patrons to take in the stars.
Stellar Cartography   Stellar cartography is the science and practice of making maps and projections of space.
Transporter Rooms   The transporter room is part of a starship or space station which is specially outfitted to transport lifeforms and small, inanimate objects.