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Something Different

Posted on Thu Apr 25th, 2019 @ 9:36pm by Lieutenant Commander Zar

Chief of Operations Log:

My time aboard the Nogura has been brief but it has been undoubtedly the nature of this ship is to be placed on the front lines; no doubt she is being used to make a clear statement to the Alrakis Pact and their recent operations. I read the report from the peace treaty that was signed and with my previous experience as a CO I could clearly see that this was just to comfort the core worlds; meanwhile the outcry on the border worlds will be something much louder. Now the Nogura is being transferred to a different area of space, to help bolster the defenses of a forgotten Starbase. I've heard stories that the base is so old and outdated that the paint they used on the hull of the base is no longer in use, which means that she is clearly old. We've been asked to supply as much help as possible, and it was a good thing that I requested additional supplies before we left starbase. I actually hope we get a chance to spend sometime on the station, I've had some recent experience aboard outposts and stations and I would want to lend my experience to help where I can and what I can do.

As far as me being on the Nogura things are going well, I've pretty much kept to myself for obvious reasons. I myself do not like to be the center of anyone's conversation and since my imprisonment I've gotten a lot of looks from Starfleet personal. Every where I go it feels as if I can hear the thoughts of condemnation being screamed at me; but a comforting thought is that Captain Drayton actually approved of my conduct when I was a CO, yet it has caused me to question nearly ever decision I have made since that day happened. I have battled with my inner self on a daily basis, but no matter what I'm convinced that my decision saved a civilization. With that being said I've decided to put the past behind me and move forward, however I know my record will always follow me I will not allow it to dictate who I am as a officer or a person.

I'm due on duty in a few minutes and so I better get ready. Computer end recording!


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