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Shifting Tides

Posted on Wed Jul 24th, 2019 @ 8:30pm by Lieutenant Commander Zar

Personal Log: Stardate unknown.

It has not been a good series of events here lately, since our time in the Wastelands we have encountered a Borg invasion, the task force was basically decimated. Captain Drayton and Commander Neprem are dead, and we have been given a new Captain who does not like her orders questioned. I know the captain strongly dislikes me almost borderline hate, and it started when I failed to relinquish control of the Nogura after being placed in command by the late Captain Drayton; and she was forced to go to Starfleet Command for the change. Since then as acting First Officer, I jumped into my duties and tried to bring both crews together while trying to stay on top of repairs, here recently we rescued a stranded shuttlecraft survivors from the USS Rhode Island. Which contained the former XO of the Rhode Island, I just found out that I am being replaced by her. I objected to the move because a medical and a physiological evaluation must be conducted, anyone who is the survivor of a major tragedy must be tested to see if they are fit to make objective command decisions when the Commanding Officer could be either in error or leading to the endangerment of the ship and it's crew.

I voice my grievances to the captain and she rebuffed me and accused me of borderline treason. I objected to the captain placing someone in my position whom she does not know and who has not passed any evaluations, I am currently sending my objections to Starfleet Command about the situation; and I am going to seek a transfer off the Nogura when we arrive at the meeting grounds. I have washed my hands of the situations and will allow the new captain to fall to her own devices; I wish Captain I don't know wish that he was here. I wish that he had sent me to main engineering instead of himself going, I do not know how much I can tolerate this woman any longer, she is not fit for command at all. She is arrogant and full of pride and does not like to be questioned; I have never served under someone like that before, but no matter what she will need me before I will need her.

Computer end log.


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