A Victim Of My Own Success

Posted on Tue Aug 13th, 2019 @ 5:22pm by Lieutenant Hask Rassak

Quantum Slipstream Drive.
The MARS stealth system.

Having one of those on the board is bad enough, but both at the same time? And both reliant on the main deflector dish for proper functioning? Its a recipe for disaster. It's a classic blunder I've seen Starfleet make time and again, trying to make their mediocre starships do the impossible. Now the Vesta class or the Century might be able to pull it off with only a few modifications. But the Sovereign is what my fellows would call a 'tried and tested design'.

The wheel is tried and tested, but you don't see many wheels on a starship.

I've been looking over the status reports that have been sent to me via the Lexington's subspace array, the engineering crew of the Nogura is nothing if not willing to share. If the thermal report from the climate control system of the Nogura is to be believed, I'll need a fur-lined winter coat just to go to work. But then again I'm used to having to make do in a warm-blooded world. I'd not want to complain and gain the ire of my fellows.

Note: I'm seeing spelling and grammar errors in some of these reports. I'll upload corrections and make note of the names. Poor typography is the hallmark of disaster.

Why did Starfleet have to assign me to the Nogura? I was happy, for once, with my assignment to the Nevada test range. The work was rewarding, and we were ready to showcase the new Mk4 variable geometry impulse manifold to the C&C. I bet it was Micheals. As I have stated in previous unread reports to Starfleet Command, LtCmdr Micheal Donavan has a history of ill-conceived pranks that have fallen shy of true speciest behaviour by the fact he was never fully implicated. But now that I've been shoved off the VGI project, well now his name will ascend whilst I freeze to death in a starship engineering room. I hope his fair warm-blooded skin burns from thermal radiation as he has often complained it will in the pleasant Nevada sun.

Note: Lexington engineering department needs to install a thermal couple on the main air vent into my quarters, as I am seeing subpar thermal regulation. I'll go speak to them after my shift, and so far my missives to the Lexington CEO have gone unanswered.

In closing, I hope this missive finds you and the other members of the Clutch Family well. As always your fifteenth cousin Hask sends his warmest greetings to you all.

...That's definitely a cold breeze coming out of the air vent.