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Temperature Controls

Posted on Sunday January 3rd, 2021 @ 6:17pm by Ensign Ekal Dreisor

Mission: Episode 1: The Maelstrom Awaits
Location: Deck 4- Officer's Quarters
Timeline: Day 6 at 0615

Ekal stepped out of the cold, bright hall into the... cold, bright room.

"Computer, lights to twenty percent. Temperature to fourty degrees Celsius." She ordered, covering her eyes.

Somehow, she'd been under the impression that her room would already be a tolerable warmth. Of course it had been set to Federation standard.

She started unpacking her luggage in the dimmed light, feeling much more comfortable as the temperature climbed. Most Cardassian vessels maintained 55 degree heat, but she was working her way down to a more human comfort level, hoping to eventually be able to invite visitors over.

The architectural model from her brother was set on one of the bookshelves, her cookware tucked away in a drawer. Her mother's gift, a real physical book of poetry with a note in the front cover, was set on the low table by the couch. With that, she was done unpacking. Everything else could be replicated or wasn't necessary.

Once she was done letting her scales soak up some of this heat, she'd have to schedule a meeting with the XO and the Counselor. No point bothering the CO with her arrival, certainly there were more impotant things for Captain Nilani Azulas to deal with. Ekal heard her mother's voice, reminding her never to approach higher in the chain of command than she needed to. Despite all the federation regulations that said the Captain had a responsibility to know all the officers in their command, it still felt awkward to speak to a Captain.

Ekal approached the replicator sidelong, eyeing it like it might start shooting at her, and then stopped.

"Redleaf tea. Hot."

She sighed in relief as it materialized, absolutley overjoyed this ship had the cardassian beverage on file. The closest she'd been able to find in human drinks was a strange 'african daisy' herbal tea, black, double strong, with hot cranberry juice and cinnamon. But even that order would never taste right.

She ordered more thermal wear and a fresh uniform from the replicator as she sipped her tea, then a nail brush- which was close enough to a scale buffer brush, and took a hot (70C) shower.

Would she visit the XO or the Counselor first?


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