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A Captain's Prerogative

Posted on Wednesday March 17th, 2021 @ 9:09pm by Captain Nilani Azulas & Lieutenant Caspar Matero 'CJ' & Lieutenant JG Dadora Jecia

Mission: Episode 1: The Maelstrom Awaits
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Day 11 at 1105

With the Nogura safely travelling at high warp and a couple of days travel yet to come, the Captain had a new mission for two of her senior staff - a decision that was going to no doubt cause them some consternation, but it was in her prerogative to make it after all. The issue related to some of the station's on the bridge, and it was something she needed toi have resolved by the time the ship arrived at its destination.

Sat in the ready room, the Captain took a deep breath and tapped her commbadge. "=/\=Lieutenant's Jecia and Matero, report to the Captain's ready room."

CJ was on the Bridge anyway briefing the Bridge team on some maintenance and so made straight for the Ready Room, waiting for the door chime.

"ENTER!" the Captain bellowed from within the private office.

"Good morning Captain," CJ said with genuine enthusiasm, and a slight inflection, as if anticipating bad news.

"Good morning Lieutenant," the Captain nodded in greeting, gesturing to one of the chairs opposite her. "We're just waiting for Dadora," she confirmed before congratulating him on the efficiency of engineering so far.

CJ beamed. "It's the team, Ma'am," he said softly. "They are the best I've served with. We are lucky to have them," he said humbly.

Upon hearing the summons, over the comm, Dadora actually smiled. She zipped her jacket as she stared over at the nurse. "Well, duty calls. Let's reschedule for... some time...." Her voice trailed off as she nearly sprinted out of the doors of Sickbay. She wasn't purposely trying to evade the physical, but in her opinion, it was easily something that could wait.

Dadora stepped into the nearest turbolift, simply calling out her destination. "Main Bridge," she recited before feeling the turbolift hoist her through the ship and towards Deck One. The hiss of the door alerted her to her arrival. Stepping off the lift, she made a beeline towards the Captain's Ready Room. She pressed the chime and waited for permission to enter.

"Sorry for the delay, Captain," she said as she entered. Dadora nodded a silent greeting towards CJ as she approached.

"No worries DJ," the Captain grinned as she welcomed the Ops chief into the office and gestured for her to take a seat next to the Chief Engineer. "Okay both, I am about to ask for something that will ruin your days," the Captain smiled, almost unapologetically, as she handed them both a data PADD.

"As you know, one of the features of the bridge is that all of our stations are entirely configurable, meaning we can change station layout in a variety of ways," the Trill told as she picked up her own data PADD. "I want to swap out all of the mission operations type stations on the port wall and move them into The Pit, with the engineering stations moving in the opposite direction. I want The Pit to serve as a missions operation center so that we don't have to head down to astrometrics, the briefing room or some other damn place. What do you both think?"

As the words left the Captain's mouth, it was easily something that Dadora hadn't been expecting. Her eyes, however, may have hinted at her excitement. It would definitely be a great deal of work, making that change, but the Ops officer definitely saw the payoff in such a change. She knew that the Captain had asked her opinion, but she wasn't sure she wanted to answer first. Her eyes drifted in CJ's direction to see if he wanted to voice his opinion first.

"It's ambitious, but practical," Jecia said as she began to review the specs on the data PADD she'd been given. "Seems like it presents the opportunity to strategize on the fly from the Bridge." There was a single question burning a while in Dadora's head: why? Of course, that wasn't exactly a question one floated freely towards their Captain when orders were being given.

CJ looked thoughtful; like, he suspected, Jecia he didn't quite understand why, but he nodded. "It can be done, Captain," he said, thinking about what he would need. "The team will, of course," he said with a pointed nod at Jecia, "work to Lieutenant Jecia's schedule," he said this not wanting to cut across the Ops Officer's busy job, "but yes, Ma'am, it is of course doable."

"Excellent," the Captain grinned as she placed her data PADD on the table in front of her, "I'd like it done by the start of alpha shift tomorrow; 18 hours," she advised, despite knowing that it would be a tall order for the teams.

Dadora had was just about to suggest to CJ that she would work to his schedule, but the Captain quickly made it obvious just how quickly she wanted this done. The Ops officer's eyes widened only slightly as she looked from Azulas over to CJ. "Well, it looks as if my schedule just cleared up," she announced. This would undoubtedly call for an all-nighter. Certainly information she didn't have to share with CJ.

"As always, the battle bridge will be fully operable in case of an emergency," Dadora said. "Otherwise, I can have my team repurpose some of the stations to double for Ops and Engineering while your teams get started on the move." It was unlikely the Bridge would be needed for actual use, but Jecia didn't want to take the option off the table if the Captain desired it so.

"If necessary, we'll move operations to the battle bridge for the time being," Azulas confirmed with a nod, quite liking the idea, "but only if this transfer poses a problem. According to the yard engineers, it should be a relative doddle," she smirked, knowing just as they did, that if the yard engineers said something would be easier, it was likely to be the opposite.

CJ frowned. "Let's get started, then," he said simply. As an experienced Sovereign Class Engineer, he was going to do this job himself.

"No time like the present," DJ chimed. She was hardly one to delegate when it could be avoided, and she certainly wasn't going to sit any of this assignment out with so tight of a window to work with.

"Let me know if you need anything in particular to help you," the Captain smiled, gesturing with her right hand towards the door of the ready room, effectively dismissing the officers.

"Of course, Captain," Dadora said as she took that as a cue to rise from her seat. She began to make her way towards door, watching them slide apart as they emptied out onto the bridge.

CJ went to the terminals concerned to have a look, thinking through, in his head, what would be a straightforward but time-consuming activity.


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