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Departure Stations All Over Again

Posted on Tuesday April 6th, 2021 @ 8:09pm by Captain Nilani Azulas & Lieutenant Commander Deila Fargold & Lieutenant Ziq Chura & Lieutenant JG Dadora Jecia & Ensign Ekal Dreisor & Lieutenant Alexandre Levett & Lieutenant JG Noli Auru

Mission: Episode 1: The Maelstrom Awaits
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Day 14 at 1105

There was a distinct spring in the Captain's step as she departed the sanctuary of the ready room and entered the hub of activity that was the bridge. Despite all that had taken place in the short time they had been at the aging station, most notably the reassignment of her XO, the Trill was in buoyant mood. The discovery of a mysterious signal deep in the Maelstrom, near the last recorded location of the Nogura before her crew disappeared, had piqued the scientific curiosity inside her. Whatever they were going to discover, she was confident they would face it together, as a united crew.

With the new layout of computer consoles also completed thanks to the stirling efforts of her engineers and their colleagues in Ops, the Captain was eager to get underway.

"Dadora?" the Trill addressed the Ops Chief as she made her way to the command chair, "Are we done transporting the supplies to the station?"

Upon hearing the Captain's query directed towards her, the Halanan Ops officer responded as the woman moved towards her chair. "Yes, Captain. The last of the supplies on the cargo manifest have been received, and all personnel reassignments have been accounted for." The young woman looked over both manifests to make certain that there had been no last minute additions. "We're ready to request clearance for departure on your order, ma'am."

Deila had been on the bridge for a few minutes before the captain arrived, organizing what was left of the preparations for departure. Right now she was making a slow loop around the bridge, checking in at each console, and making notes on her PADD or talking with the officers stationed there. She still wasn't quite over the fact that it was HER doing this, the new first officer of the Nogura. She was just finishing her loop when the captain exited her ready room and began conversing with Lieutenant Jecia.

Ziq Chura sat at the Tactical station with his arms crossed as he waited to finally leave DS12. He was bored of being at the station and was eager to get exploring the Maelstrom.

"Lieutenant Chura," the Captain called as she moved to her command chair and stood looking at the Bolian, "clear our departure with station operations." She then spun on her heels and seamlessly reeled off her orders as she elegantly slid into her command chair. "Clear all moorings. Ahead one quarter impulse power..." and then she paused, looking at the Cardassian Conn officer, "and please, no nonsense about thrusters only while in spacedock," the Trill smirked.

The burly Bolian simply nodded as he uncrossed his arms and began to tapping away on his console. "Captain, DS12 Operations has cleared us to depart. They've recommended we stay at one quarter impulse until we reach the outer marker."

Ekal could recite codes and regulations, but in this situation what would be the point? She smiled instead. No nonsense indeed. "Ahead one quarter impulse."

Efficient as always - Azulas was impressed, but in truth, the crew had yet to be tested properly. That would come, in time. For now, she watched in silence as the crew worked on their duties and the ship slowly inched closer and closer to the doors of the station's internal docking bay. "Once we reach the outer marker, set a course for heading four one mark one eight zero. Warp seven," she instructed, turning her head slowly in order to share a glance with her new first officer.

"Warp seven, heading four one mark one eight zero." Ekal recited, perfect in her protocol and clear in her enunciation.

Meanwhile, at the science station, and having been convinced to stay on for at least one more mission, Lieutenant Javorian Travis was analysing everything left to him by his predecessor. The Maelstrom was every scientists dream.

Chura was pleased to be back in the road. He'd spent the last couple of months sitting in spacedock with the Nogura and he was strangely eager to see what this Maelstrom held for them.

In the darkness of space, dozens of lightyears away, one would be forgiven for believing that storm clouds had gathered. The black heavens of space, magnificent on any given day, were made all the more enchanting by the plasma storms irradiating the nebula clouds and particle pockets that made up the outer layer of the phenomenon. Beyond the lightning, the thunderous claps and the solar winds were stars that emitted triple the amount of radiation as elsewhere in the galaxy, subspace rifts that threatened to rip space apart at the seams, and quantum destabilizations that could tear the timeline to pieces. As if dealt a cruel hand by fate itself, the phenomenon known as the Maelstrom throughout the Federation and beyond, seemingly held all the clues as to the mysterious fate of the starship Nogura's former crew. And in true Starfleet fashion, it was up to the ship's new custodians to solve the puzzle.

Azulas sat in her chair, grinning like a cheshire cat as she watched the stars zip past at warp speed, a single thought occupying her mind.

"The Maelstrom awaits..."


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