Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Posted on Thursday June 3rd, 2021 @ 3:20pm by Lieutenant JG Chance Taylor-Matthews

Mission: Episode 2: The Cruel Hand of Fate
Location: On his way to the USS Nogura
Timeline: Day 1 at 0000
Tags: Chance, Apollo, P'Tal, Saying goodby, Friendship

Chance sat alone on the shuttle that was taking him to his name home. He sat there and looked at the pictures that his former ship family. the USS Apollo. where he served and almost died with for the past 6 years had sent him, he came across a picture that was drawn by a now 16yo Vulcan prince, but he was 10 at the time. Chance closed his eyes for just a second and a memory came flooding back to him.

Flashback USS Apollo- Location Chance's office

Chance was sitting in his office going over the duty assignments for next shift, when a telepathic voice came to his mind. It was from his Captain T'Val.

........"Mr. Matthews?" May I have a moment of your time?"........
......."Of course sir. How can I be of help?"................
......."Well I want you to meet someone."................

Chance knew that before he got married to his partner Jacob that the Captain was tried to fix him with every single male on the ship.

........"This not one of your, I want you to meet Mr. Right matches again. I told you that I have an Imzadi.".............
......."Nothing like that Mr. Matthews."............"May we come in?........"
........"Oh course sir, my door is always open.".............

The chime went off and the door opened and there stood his Captain with a what looked to be a very young and very nervous Vulcan boy in tow.

Chance immediately stood at attention, when he saw the gaze of his Captain.

"As you were Mr. Matthews." Captain said.

Looking down he saw the young boy cowering behind the Captains leg.

"Who is this young man?" Chance questioned

"Well Mr. Matthews, is my son P'Tal." Captain T'Val answered.

Chance came around his desk and got down on his knees and placed his forehead against the young boys.

"Live long and prosper P'Tal. It is good to meet you." Chance said in the traditional Vulcan greeting.

"Live long and prosper Mr. Matthews." P'Tal said back, returning the greeting with wide eyes and a very big smile.

"So what brings you two the rear of the ship?" Chance asked his Captain

"Well we were taking a stroll around the ship and I think we kind of got lost and then I remembered that the Diplomatic office was here." Captain said

"So you wanted to come and meet me is that right P'Tal?" Chance said looking at the young boy.

"I have seen everything and every team aboard, but yours Mr. Matthews. So I wanted to meet you. So what is a diplomatic attaché do?" P'Tal asked.

"Well P'Tal, you saw how I greeted you didn't you?" Chance answered back "My job as well my teams job is learn about all the races and species that we meet so that we could foster peaceful relationships with them." Chance continued.

"So your job is to learn all about us?" P'Tal questioned again.

"Yes we do. When I was in the academy, I had to learn all about the different people that we had to meet out here. My favorite is Vulcan's because you are the most logical and very polite." Chance said.

"Have you met with a Cardassian?" P'Tal asked.

"Several of them in fact. Some good and some not so good, but majority of them good." Chance said.

"I'm afraid of the Cardassian's." P'Tal said

"Why is that my young friend?" Chance questioned

"Well, they are mean." P'Tal answered

"And that why I am here, to make sure that these talks go smoothly on Cardassia." Chance said

"So you are going down to Cardassia with Father?" P'Tal questioned

"I am." Chance replied

P"Tal was looking around the room and he spied a board game set up on the table.

"What is this?" P'Tal asked

"That is an Earth game that my boyfriend taught me how to play. It's called Chess." Chance replied
"Is it hard to play?" P'Tal inquired
"No not really, but it does take logic and some skill. I can teach you if you want to learn?" Chance answered the young Vulcan
"I would like that very much.", the young Vulcan answered.
"Well, then looks like we have a game." Chance stated

All the while, Captain T'Val stood there watched the exchange between the young Vulcan and Chance.

"Well Mr. Matthews, not today we do have dinner and by the looks of it you have a mound of paddwork that still needs to be finished." T'Val said
"Your're right as always sir." Chance responded back

The young Vulcan face dropped. Chance saw this and and got back down on his knees. "P'Tal, we cannot play to today, because you need to eat, so you can grow big and strong like your father, but we can play tomorrow, if you want?" Chance asked

"I would like that." P'Tal answered

"So have your father or your schoolteacher bring you here after school and we will play till your father comes to collect you for dinner." Chance said
"You really don't have to do this Mr. Matthews." T'Val said
"I know sir, but I want to and by the looks of it young P'Tal here needs a new friend." Chance responded to his Captain
"Well Mr. Matthews, Thank you for visit, we will be retiring back to our quarters now." T'Val said

Chance placed his forehead against P'Tal's. "Live Long and Prosper P'Tal." Chance said
"Live Long and Prosper." P'Tal said back

Captain T'Val look P'Tal by the hand and they exited Chances office, but everyday P'Tal and Chance played Chess.

P'Tal's and Chances bond was almost brotherly. Chance was somewhat a mentor to P'Tal. When P'Tal turned 16 Earth years, is when Chance got a transfer to the USS Nogura, who needed a Chief Diplomatic Officer.

The ship threw a farwell party for Chance, but his young teenage friend was nowhere to be seen. Chance knew exactly where 16 year old P'Tal would be and he found him sitting in the Diplomatic Office, setting up the Chessboard.

"You don't feel like partying with me?" Chance asked
"Parties are not my thing and plus I don't want you to go, who will play Chess with me?" P'Tal asked.
"P'Tal, that is StarFleet. I go where I am called. There is a ship out there needs my help. You can understand that right?" Chance asked.

P'Tal's head dropped down and he thought for a moment. "I understand, but I am still upset. I feel like I am losing my bestfriend." P'Tal stated.
"PT'al these six years have been absolutely wonderful. I have seen you grow into a young man, that even your father can be proud of. We will see each other again." Chance said
"Really?" P'tal said
"Really, now looks like we have a game today, so let's play." Chance said and sat down at the table

Chance had his final game with P'Tal before he had to disembark from the USS Apollo and travel to his new home on the USS Nogura. It can time for Chance to leave the ship and P'Tal came running down the corridor crying. A Vulcan showing any emotion is unlogical, but P'Tal was crying.

"Chance, what's wrong with me? My eyes are wet and water is running down my face. I can barely see."
"This my young friend is called crying. It mans that you are saddened, but I think I know why. I don't want to go either, but I have to. It is my duty as a StarFleet Officer to help those in need." Chance said

Chance wiped the tears from P'Tal eyes. Chance thought for a moment and then he opened his mind to P'Tal to help him calm down. Since Chance is a Betzoid, not only is he telepathic, be he is also empathic. He can feel and manipulate the emotions of other in close contact. Chance game P'Tal an empathic hug, that was filled with friendship and love and all the warm and fuzzy feelings. P'Tal calmed right down and the tears stopped.

"I can see now why I liked you Chance." P'Tal said

"P'Tal if you ever get lonely or just want to talk, you father knows where I am going to be at and how to communicate with me. I need to go my shuttle is waiting." Chance said

End of FlashBack.