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Feline Sabotage

Posted on Thu May 2nd, 2019 @ 9:58pm by Lieutenant Meibei zh'Khessi

Mission: Episode 7: Into The Fire
Location: Deck 8
Timeline: Day 144 at 1740

After she was discharged from Sickbay, Meibei was strictly ordered to bed rest by the doctor, the captain and the XO separately and with considerable force. The XO in particular repeated that order at least twice a day, usually with some light-hearted threat of retribution.

Naturally, Meibei completely ignored them. Thus, late one day after spending a couple of hours in Engineering, she slowly floated her way back to her quarters. She was still clearly in bad shape, one antenna missing and half her body bandaged, but her spirit seemed to have recovered much quicker than her corporeal form. Meibei was clad in a flowery vest and a long skirt, humming merrily as she chugged along while reading a PADD, the hoverchair's automatic systems taking her where she needed to go without need for piloting. At least, that was until a very odd sound jolted her out of her concentration.


Startled, Meibei looked around before spotting a small furry creature in front of her. "Kitty!" she breathed, grinning as he brought the chair to stop, having developed a fondness for the Earth animals while at the Academy. "What are you doing out here? Did you go out on an adventure?"

The cat considered the odd blue woman in her floating chair, plainly wondering what to make of it as its tail slowly wagged from side to side. Finally, the cat approached, meowing loudly in greeting...and then, oddly, it went underneath the chair.

"Uh...what are you doing down there?" Meibei asked, flummoxed. She tried bending down to see under her chair, but her protesting muscles quickly put a stop to that. She was just reaching for her hoverchair's controls when she heard a loud click.

The chair fell to the deck with a sudden loud crash, accompanied by the startled yelp of its occupant and the panicked screech of its saboteur, tipping Meibei sideways onto the deck with all the grace of a sack of potatoes. She groaned as she lay there, unmoving.

"Ow," she grumbled, aching horribly from the fall. She had luckily fallen on her unburnt side, meaning that the bruises were relatively mild, but they hurt nevertheless. Then she spotted the cat moving back into her eyeline, meowing hesitantly before nudging Meibei's cheek with its wet nose. "Meanie," Meibei grumbled, glaring.

Will came running around the corridor in the direction his cat ran. He sped up when he heard the crash, and was shocked to see the badly injured Andorian woman on the ground, his furry friend nuzzling her cheek.

“Oh my,” he said, and rushed to help. “Liviana, what did you do this time?” he asked the cat, who stepped out of the way. “Please, let me help you back up. Did she damage the chair?”

"Dunno," Meibei muttered, wincing. She tried to push herself up off the deck with her good arm, but it started trembling immediately at the strain. "Ow, that really smarts."

“Do you need me to contact anyone?” Will asked, crouching and offering a hand for her to grab for support. He didn’t know how badly hurt she was, either from the fall or her previous injuries, so didn’t want to just start grabbing and cause more pain. The cat, meanwhile, was doing her usual ‘hide by crouching in plain sight’ move that never seemed to work.

"Oh no, I'm fine," Meibei groaned, her grumpy tone at odds with her words. "Could ya pick me up? It's only my right side that's all burnt, and I can stand fine..." Like so, the human gently helped pick Meibei up, getting the pixie Andorian on her feet. Meibei kept a hand on the wall to maintain her balance, but she seemed strong enough despite her injuries to stand unassisted.

Once she was a bit more stable, Will looked her in the eye. “Sorry about that. You’re Meibei right? Meibei zh’Khessi? I read your file before coming aboard. I’m Will Hunt, the new Strategic Operations Officer.”

"Aw, hi!" Meibei said with a buoyant grin. "Guess that wasn't the most elegant way to introduce myself, huh?"

Will returned her grin, the happiness in her pleasant tone being absolutely infectious. “Not exactly, but entirely my fault. Well, not mine.” He scooped up his cat and held her so that her face was level with Meibei’s. “And this is Liviana. And she’s very sorry.”

Locking eyes with the cat for a moment, Meibei snorted in disbelief. "Oh yeah, I just bet she's sorry," she teased the animal grumpily, but at the last she was unable tor resist a grin at the animal's completely unfair cuteness. "Could you get the chair workin'? I'm not supposed to be walking much, ya know, doctor's orders..." And the XO's repeated insistent orders, but Meibei didn't mention that given how hot and bothered she became whenever Tara got bossy. "There's a little switch on the bottom, next to the anti-grav unit. Just flick that and you can set the chair straight real easy."

“Of course.” Will found the switch and pressed it, and the antigrav unit hummed back to life. He righted the chair and presented the front of it to the Andorian. “Good as new. But can I make this up to you somehow?”

"Well..." Meibei said slowly, biting her lip. She slowly turned around and sat herself back down in the chair with only a mild wince. "Dinner. Human-style. Deal?"

Will nodded with a smile. "Deal. It was nice to meet you, Meibei, despite the circumstances. I'll bring this little one back to my quarters so she can think about what she's done. I'll contact you about dinner in the next day or so?"

"Okay," Meibei said brightly with a sudden grin. She plucked the PADD out from under her backside on the chair, where the helpful human had put it, and paused as she moved a blue hand back to the controls, favouring the mischievous kitten with a mock glare. "And I am so getting you back, Mister. Just you wait."



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