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Arrival at 214

Posted on Sun May 12th, 2019 @ 12:58pm by Captain Colby Drayton & Lieutenant Commander Cordelia Millarini & Commander Tara Neprem & Lieutenant Commander Zar & Lieutenant Meibei zh'Khessi & Lieutenant Marcus Alexander MD & Lieutenant JG Joseph 'Seph' Swift & Lieutenant JG Eza Bergen PhD

Mission: Episode 7: Into The Fire
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Day 146 at 1740

"=/\=We're on final approach to Starbase Two-Fourteen Captain. Recommend slipstream shutdown."

Words from the familiar voice of the ships Slipstream expert reverberated around the bridge and drew the attention of all in attendance. Drayton inched forward and sat on the edge of his chair, his eyes transfixed on the main viewer as his right hand pressed a button on the arm of his chair. "=/\=Acknowledged Commander," he called out over the comm before closing it again. "Alright Lieutenant," the Captain spoke between deep breaths, "bring us out of slipstream. Commander Zar, Lieutenant Bergen; monitor the slipstream and get as many readings as possible for engineering to analyse," the master and commander of the Nogura ordered, a glance towards his XO the only time he took his eyes off the main viewer.

Eza kept his eyes on the sensors, the data coming in changed as the slipstream around them began collapsing the vessel dropping out into regular space. "Readings look good, there was some unexpected hull stress on the port nacelle, nothing the SFI fields couldn't handle but it may indicate a slight discrepancy in the deflector while collapsing the slipstream."

"I suggest we re-calibrate the deflector dish with the correct frequency of the warp core," replied Zar as he continued looking at read outs from the console. "It could be that as the deflector dish was removing particles and objects out of our way, it caused some feed back; which could explain the stress encountered by the port nacelle," he added as he downloaded all the data for the engineering teams. "All in all we are here in one piece," he added.

With the ship back in normal space after their longest journey at slipstream velocity, the viewer changed to reflect the starfield ahead and the small, glistening speck in the distance that was gradually getting larger due to the magnification range on the visual device. "Let engineering know and have them work on the issue," the Captain directed towards the Science Chief before looking back at the Strategic Operations Officer. "Commander, contact Two-Fourteen. Let them know we're here and the rest of our task group is on the way. They can expect to receive away teams with supplies and personnel shortly. And, invite Captain Gral aboard. I'm sure he'd like to stretch his legs somewhere else for a change," Drayton smiled, hoping to build a rapport with the Tellarite before the bolshy Utaazi woman arrived. "Ops, begin preparing supplies for the station and contact sickbay. See what medical supplies they can spare for the station. The place is a relic and we can expect her supplies and equipment to be relics too. It's the job of this task group to get the station a little closer to the twenty-fourth century," he ordered.

"Yes Captain," Commander Hunt responded and immediately got to work.

"On it captain," replied Zar as he moved his fingers across the console and then opened up the internal comm system to the cargo bays. "Commander Zar to Chief Marrsat and Officer Lyman; prepare the transporters to begin moving over supplies to Starbase 214. Lieutenant Udri coordinate with the Starbase's operations officers to see where they want us to transport the supplies. Ensign Bahr get with flight operations and prepare the cargo shuttles to move supplies over to them," he said as he started manoeuvring his fingers over the console and started freeing up officers and non-commissioned officers to help with the cargo transfers. He started assigning pilots that were off duty to man the shuttles so that they could begin moving the supplies. He then tapped his comm badge on his chest "Commander Zar to Doctor Alexander, if you could direct a few of your medical officers to auxiliary cargo bay 2; we can start sorting out what medical supplies and equipment you would like to transport to Starbase 214," he said as he waited for a response.

Dr. Alexander’s voice came over the com system, “understood, we will be there in 15 minutes, Alexander out.”

=/\= "Bergen to zh'Khessi, I'm on my way down to Engineering, can you spare a few minutes to take a look at the slipstream drive." =/\= Eza said rising to his feet.

=/\=Sure can do!=/\= came the reply from the perpetually merry chief engineer.

When Zar heard the doctor's response and the channel closed he quickly moved his fingers over his console and downloaded the data that the sensors recorded for the engineering team to use for the slipstream drive. Once that was done he quickly tapped his comm badge. =/\=Commander Zar to Lieutenant zh'Khessi, I am transferring the sensor data we recorded while using the slip stream drive to main engineering. Zar out.=/\= he said as he pressed a couple of buttons and started transferring the data where it needed to go.

With the ships crew working on a new objective, a welcome change of pace after the trials of recent weeks, the Captain was pleased to see them so invested in something. The coming days would again see them pushed to new limits, but he was sure that they would respond in exactly the same way they always had; with great dedication and purpose.

Zar continued to remain focused on the task that was before him, he needed to make sure that everything was going to flow like clock-work and they only had 15 minutes to get it right. He briefly looked up from his screen and watched as the outpost became larger and larger in his view, and for one brief moment; he wondered how in the world did a base like this go neglected for all this time. At least the Outpost 231 in the Beta Quadrant was behind on her refit by thirty five years, and he managed to get the base brought up to code in the three years that he was there. Maybe their operations officer could use a few tips and pointers in trying to get the base up and functional, he also wondered if the old style fusion reactor was strong enough to handle all the new systems.

"Captain," Commander Hunt called out as he stepped back from the console he had been working at, "Captain Gral respectfully declines the offer of visiting the Nogura at present. Instead, he welcomes you and the commanders of the task group to the station upon their arrival."

Colby nodded slowly as he listened and then turned to his strategist, "Very well. Inform the Captain that I'll beam aboard as soon as the other commanders are present."

"Of course Captain," William nodded before going back to work.


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