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CO's on 214

Posted on Sun May 12th, 2019 @ 12:59pm by Captain Colby Drayton
Edited on on Wed Jun 19th, 2019 @ 10:59am

Mission: Episode 7: Into The Fire
Location: Ops, Starbase 214
Timeline: Day 146 at 1900

The old style transporter bay of Starbase Two-Fourteen was filled with the bright yellow glow of her transporter beam as a deep, almost whirring sound filled the room for the fourth time in quick succession. Once the sound subsided and the glow dissipated, Captain Colby Drayton stood on the transporter pad and looked about the antiquated room. It was clear from the lack of maintenance in the room that the station had been neglected and it made him feel sad. Regula-class starbases had been state of the art in their time, but now they were just sad relics of a time long since past.

"Captain," a voice distracted him from his thoughts, "I'm to escort you to the Ops Centre, sir," a Petty Officer stood by the door declared.

Stepping down from the pad, the Captain nodded and held out his hand, "lead the way Petty officer."

Two turbo lift rides later and a corridor walk that seemed to span the length of one of Nogura's nacelles, the Captain was led into the Ops centre of the station. It was surprisingly up to date considering the rest of the station, but that was probably because most of their work was carried out in Ops and thus, it made sense for modifications to take place there.

"Captain Drayton," a gruff voice sounded as the Captain walked towards the situation table at the heart of the room. "Welcome to my humble starbase," the Tellarite commander of the station greeted the task group commander. "I'd like you to meet Captain Desai-Scott of the Roehampton, Captain Maxwell Cohen of the Adriatic and Captain Eren Utaazi of the Odyssey," the Tellarite introduced all of the gathered officers in turn, each shaking hands with Drayton until he came face to face with Utaazi.

"A pleasure Captain," he nodded to the woman as they exchanged greetings, not meaning it at all after their earlier exchange via the holocommunications platform where she had totally rubbed him up the wrong way.

"Captain Drayton," she nodded to him as they shook hands briefly and then stood at opposite sides of the Ops centres command table.

"I assume you have all seen the sensor data we collected," Gral spoke in his usual gruff manner. When a few nods confirmed his suspicion, he continued. "Since we sent you our telemetry, we've lost all sensor readings of the Alrakis Pact forces," he told, "they've vanished. Whether by choice or by nefarious means, they are gone."

"Damn," Desai-Scott shook her head slowly, her hands on the surface of the table. "They must have gone dark somehow; there cant be a force that can get rid of a force that large in the blink of an eye," she remarked with a frown.

"All of our vessels have brought supplies to update the station," Drayton advised the Tellarite, "I recommend that we begin the process immediately. When we are at a stage where the Roehampton crew can supplement the station without the rest of us, we'll head into the Wastelands to investigate what exactly the Pact flotilla were up to," he continued until he was interrupted by Utaazi.

"I say we go into the Wastelands now," she told bluntly, "we need to discover the reason for their presence."

"I concur with Eren," Captain Cohen told, looking at the Betazoid with a nod.

"Well I don't," Desai-Scott countered. "Drayton is right. We need to put all of our efforts into preparing this station for whatever might come its way before we go gallivanting around the depths of the Wastelands."

Gral watched the sides square off, almost in disbelief until Eren Utaazi spoke again. "So, how do we solve this?"

"There's nothing to solve," Drayton answered before letting out a sigh. "Starfleet regulation one-nine-one, article fourteen," he began, which instantly drew a disapproving look from the Betazoid. "In a combat situation involving more than one ship, command falls to the vessel with tactical superiority, should there not be a higher ranking officer present. I think we can all agree here that the Nogura is the tactically superior vessel and thus, command falls to me until we have ascertained the nature of the Alrakis threat," he directed with a glance around the table at all of the commanders in turn. When no one objected, he continued. "Have your supplies for the station beamed over and assign any spare personnel possible to assist in the integration of the new systems. In two days, Adriatic, Nogura and Odyssey will depart for the last location of the Alrakis flotilla whilst Roehampton continues the final upgrades to the station," he concluded.

"We should pool all intelligence that we have so far," Desai-Scott suggested as she tapped at the tables controls. "We have a vast wealth of experience among our crews. I recommend we have our science, strategic operations and command officers work together to analyse everything we have and see if there is anything we missed in isolation."

This suggestion seemed to get a greater air of approval from the Betazoid who nodded in agreement before looking across at Drayton again. "I suppose that as the flagship of this little expedition, you'll have no objection to such meetings and analysis taking place aboard your ship, Captain?" Utaazi queried.

"Of course not," the Captain of the Nogura nodded in further acknowledgement, "I'd also like to invite all of you to the Nogura, with your executive officers, for a special meal tomorrow night," he offered as a sort of peace offering, looking around the group, the bast majority nodding appreciatively. "So, we're agreed then. Captain Gral," Drayton directed his words at the Tellarite commander of the station now, "if you need anything from any of us, now is the time."

"Just a word with you, Drayton," he nodded at the Nogura's commander.

"Very well," Drayton smiled, "the rest of you should get back to your ships and get this show on the road," he suggested, but in a tone that implied it was more of an order than a suggestion. As the commanding officers of the battlegroup left, Drayton turned his attention to Gral. "What can I do for you Captain?"

"There's no easy way to say this," Gral frowned as he took a seat at last, his tired legs feeling the strain of standing for too long, "Starfleet has re-assigned your Strategic Operations Officer to the starbase to oversee sector operations from here," he told in a quiet voice and an almost look of shame.

Drayton placed a kind hand on his fellow commanding officers shoulder and gave it a squeeze. "I know," he smiled jovially, "shit happens, but you are getting a good officer. Commander Hunt is extremely talented."

The two men shared a pleasant smile before Gral rose to his feet again. "Well then, how about I give you a tour of the rust bucket that will be your base of operations for the foreseeable future?"

"Lead the way Captain," Drayton smiled, gesturing for the corridor entrance nearby.

"Captain... bagh!" Gral growled through his pointed teeth, in his first typically Tellarite gesture, "call me Tora."

"Okay Tora," Drayton grinned, "lets see what the rust bucket has to offer," the pair laughed as they began their expedition around the station and also, the start of what both hoped would be a great working relationship.


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