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M.A.R.S. - The Bringer of War?

Posted on Fri Jun 28th, 2019 @ 1:20pm by Lieutenant Alexander Mitchell

Mission: Episode 7: Into The Fire
Location: Officer's Quarters, Deck 04
Timeline: Day 146 at 2200


Alexander began pulling his uniform jacket off before the doors had begun closing behind him. He continued de-clothing until there was nothing left to remove and stepped under the hot stream of water from the shower. Standing there as the grime, sweat and tears of the past few hours washed off him. If only it was as easy to wash the pain away.

He didn’t know how long he’d stood under the water, just letting it wash over him. Eventually he went through the motions of cleaning himself before shutting the shower off and reaching for a nearby towel. The cooler air in the bedroom caused a quick shiver to pass through him. He replicated some casual clothes, denim jeans and a plain white v-neck t-shirt, and pulled them on once sufficiently dry.

He’d just come from a rather tense meeting between assorted officers of the Nogura and Roehampton, the take away was that they would head to the Briar Patch to make repairs and regroup but their next step was unclear. That said, Alexander knew what his next step was. A refugee on the Nogura, he would be volunteering with the engineering teams to help make repairs.

“I’m too wired to sleep.” He said aloud to the empty room. Instead he decided to do a bit of reading; specifically, the technical specifications of the U.S.S. Nogura. He wasn’t sure how temporarily he’d be onboard and figured that he should spend some time getting to know her.

The one standout aspect of the Nogura, for him, was the Quantum Slipstream Drive. Prior to his assignment to the Roehampton, and a year spent on temporary assignment at JAG Headquarters, Alexander had undergone six months QSD training at Boscombe Down in England.

Xander spent the next hour reviewing the Nogura’s previous use of the drive; the sensor data, telemetry data, diagnostic data. The young pilot was in his element.

When he’d had his fill of studying the QSD, he prepared to deactivate the terminal. He stopped short when something else caught his eye. “M.A.R.S. System.” He’d never heard of it before. The specifications listed it’s status as ‘PENDING’. “What are you?” A little further digging revealed it to refer to the Multi-Adaptive Refractive Shield System.

A combination of two technologies, multi-adaptive shielding and refractive shielding, it would allow a ship to become invisible to sensors, not unlike a cloaking device. The difference is that if someone looked out a window, the ship would still be visible. ‘No doubt their way of getting around the Treaty of Algeron.’ He mused.

The technology had been tested out in simulations but hadn’t yet been tested in the field on a Starship. It was planned to have been installed and tested on the Nogura in the next few months but obviously the situation had changed. This new technology could provide a tactical advantage over the Borg that the Federation desperately needed.

Alexander quickly decided to bring this technology to the Captain’s attention. He began downloading the data onto a PADD. It would still have to be installed and tested but it could provide an important tool in their fightback against the Borg. There were no guarantees it would work but there were no certainties in life. ‘Except death.’ Xander thought bitterly.

He didn’t bother pulling his uniform on. Instead he replicated a pair of brown boots and fixed his hair to make himself presentable. Grabbing the PADD on his way out the door he asked, “Computer, locate Captain Desai-Scott.”


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