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Late Night Musings

Posted on Sun Jun 30th, 2019 @ 1:49pm by Captain Kayla Desai-Scott & Lieutenant Alexander Mitchell

Mission: Episode 7: Into The Fire
Location: Captain's Quarters
Timeline: Day 147 at 0145

Alexander pressed the door chime of the temporary quarters assigned to the Captain. That was where the computer told him she was. He was starting to doubt his decision to inform the Captain of this, especially so late at night. 'Maybe the Captain's already aware of it and has dismissed it. Maybe Starfleet Command is already preparing to roll the technology out across the fleet and I'm behind the curve.' It was too late now, he'd pressed the chime.

Appearing at the doorway in her dressing gown, the Captain's hair was somewhat dishevelled and her eyes narrowed as she adjusted to the light of the corridor. When she realised who it was that had woken her from her slumber upon the incredibly comfortable couch in her room, she smiled at him as politely as she could. "Mister Mitchell. What can I do for you?"

"Sorry for disturbing you, Captain." He instantly regretted interrupting the Captain's sleep. "I didn't realise how late it is. Guess I lost track. This can wait until morning."

"Don't worry Alexander," she smiled as she stepped aside and let him enter her quarters. "So, what got you so engrossed at this time of night?" she queried, stepping over to the replicator."Drink?"

Xander shook his head. "I'm fine ma'am, thanks." As he watched the Captain replicate her beverage of choice, the Lieutenant continued, "I couldn't sleep so I decided to review the Nogura's specs. Nerd that I am, I wound up neck deep in the data on her QSD drive." He allowed himself a lopsided smile. "But I also found mention of something that I think we could use in our fight against the Borg."

He held the PADD out for the Captain to take. "It's called M.A.R.S., it stands for Multi-Adaptive Refractive Shielding. In a nutshell, it's a stealth technology that's one step sort of a cloaking device. In theory it'll render a ship invisible to sensors but if you looked out a window the ship would still be visible."

Returning to her sofa with a steaming cup of Raktajino in hand, the Captain took the data PADD and offered the Lieutenant a seat opposite her. She took a moment to read through the data he had presented her with before nodding. "I've heard about this. There were rumours of a system in the works that would be employed on the new Century-class starships. You think this system is aboard the Nogura?" she queried, sipping her beverage.

Xander nodded. "I believe so. They've already run simulations using the Nogura and the system was due to be installed and undergo field testing over the next few months." He sat back and sighed. "This won't tip the balance, but we could find it incredibly useful."

"Download every bit of material you can and run it past Commander Zar and the engineers," the Captain nodded as she passed the data PADD back to the Lieutenant. "We'll schedule some simulation time in the holodeck once they're online again. I'd like to see what it is we're looking at."

Xander accepted the PADD. "Aye ma'am. I was planning on working on repairs with the engineers anyway, at least until Starfleet can find me a permanent post." He paused for a moment. "I feel a little useless since the Roehampton's destruction...a little...lost, I guess."

"Well I was meaning to talk to you about that," the Captain smiled as she put her coffee cup on the table top and relaxed on the sofa again. "Since Admiral Azulas gave me command of the Nogura, she also gave me authority to freely assign people to roles, including survivors from any vessels we should encounter. That starts with the Roehampton crew. So, if you would be willing, I'd like you at Nogura's CONN from Alpha shift tomorrow?" she asked, looking at him with more than a little hope in her eyes. If he would say no, perhaps the rest of the Roehampton crew would? Not that she could blame them, the Borg had taken everything from them, or rather, she had because of the Borg.

Alexander smiled. He was a pilot, not an engineer. The Captain's request was music to his ears. "No place I'd rather be, ma'am." Taking a deep breath he continued, "I've only served under you a matter of weeks but I'd follow you to hell and back." He paused as his lips formed into a grim smile. "And before this is over, we may be doing just that." That wasn't a particularly positive note to end their conversation on but these were grim times. "Anyway, I'll let you get some sleep and I'll try and do the same myself. Goodnight Captain."

Rising to her feet, the Captain slowly made her way to the door, leading her guest to the exit. "Your words are very kind Lieutenant, and greatly appreciated. Get a good nights sleep and I'll see you on the bridge later," she smiled, giving the man a nod as she pressed the door control to grant access to the corridor.

Xander nodded before stepping out into the corridor. He doubted that a good nights sleep was on the cards for him but he would still try.


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