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The last year has seen the names Nogura and Ulysses become intrinsically linked as both vessels share a similar history and bonds that will tie them together for forever more...
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As the first Starfleet vessel constructed in the shipyards of the Gamma Quadrant, the USS Nogura continues the proud traditions and reputations of previous vessels to bear her name. A brand-new ship with the latest technologies and a fearsome reputation to live up to, the Nogura is sure to make her presence felt in the space lanes of the Alpha Quadrant following her transfer to Task Force 72 and the home quadrants. But beyond the traditional heartlands of the Federation, the course of peace never runs smoothly...

Many light-years to the south-west of Sol exists an isolated, desolate region, cut off from the rest of the galaxy by large swathes of Federation, K’Zinti and Talarian territory. A lawless hotbed of activity filled with many worlds and species all lightyears apart, all free to come and go as they please. The area is known by many names, but to Starfleet it is known simply as ‘The Wastelands’.

Meanwhile, for months now, Task Force 9's forces in the Gamma Quadrant have been besieged by hostiles from many different directions, all intent on pushing back the rapidly expanding Federation influence. In the wake of the Consortium conflict, a savage, bloody affair that cost countless lives, Starfleet's forces have been weakened substantially. Vessel production at the Ha'dara Fleetyards has moved into overdrive in a bid to compensate for the fleets losses and whilst several of those vessels under construction are vessels considered smaller, yet capable, a secret project has been underway that is to bolster the fleets capability greatly. Hidden away on the far side of one of New Bajor's moons, Hadara 3 is the home to a classified construction project that only senior officers in the Task Force have been briefed on. The vessel is in the final phase of its construction, a name has been chosen and a commanding officer assigned to lead the final stages of the 'Ulysses Project'.

With a massive weapons complement, an auxiliary craft unit including several Starfighters, a Rapid Deployment Marine Infanty unit. the brand new Quantum Slipstream Drive, the Century-class USS Ulysses is a significant upgrade on her Galaxy-class predecessor that was destroyed several months earlier in the Alpha Quadrant. With the vessel preparing for her shakedown cruise, and with the need to get her into the combat arsenal of the Task Force as soon as possible, the Ulysses will soon be unleashed upon the Gamma Quadrant and her array of technological enhancements will make her a vital component in all future Task Force endeavours.

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This database is a player run encyclopaedia style resource for the Nogura, hopefully expanding to other sims involved with the war in the future.

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USS Nogura

USS Ulysses

  • The Ulysses is currently a classified construction project at the Ha'dara Fleetyards, the ship only recently having been given the name in honor of the previous starship that was lost in the Gavarian Corridor of the Beta Quadrant.
  • Captain Kayla Desai-Scott is assigned command of the Ulysses and begins to assemble her command staff for the vessel.