Initially serving as a science officer prior to promotion, Aria has built up knowledge of engineering and tactical as well during stints in the different departments throughout her career. Eventually she was guided onto the command track and while it was not a path she had originally considered, she has enjoyed the unique challenges it provides since being cherry picked by Captain Farrell to serve as his executive officer.

Physical Profile

  • Height: 5 Foot 8
  • Weight: 128lbs
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair Colour: Black

Aria is of just above average height, at just over 5ft8. While she is now 39 years old, her Human/El-Aurian mixed heritage makes in appear to be in her mid to late twenties. While her hair is long, when on duty it is always tied or in a knot to keep it within regulations.

On a rare occasion, when off duty, scaring is visible on her back. It is not something she ever discusses, in part as they relate to a classified assignment.

Personality Profile

Born on Vulcan to Federation diplomats, Aria was exposed to a rich variety of cultures and customs growing up. Nevertheless she can be entirely undiplomatic at times if her patience is stretched too thin. She is an eternal student, always learning for her benefit and the benefit of those around her. She is a fast study, with an ability to often see beyond the immediate problem. Perhaps typical of someone born to an El-Aurian mother and two diplomats, she is a good listener and tends to let people air their troubles and come to their own conclusions without the need to actually guide them down a particular path. 

Personal Information
Species:El-Aurian/Terran Hybrid





Starfleet Command


USS Nogura


Executive Officer

Initially serving as a science officer, she has built up knowledge of engineering and tactical, serving all three departments throughout her career. Eventually she was guided onto the command track and while it was not a path she had initially considered, she has enjoyed the unique challenges it provides.

Aria will more often than not be the person attempting to see the positive in a situation, to keep spirits up.  She is energetic, gets by on very little sleep and would happily stay up for hours on end to listen to people spin a tale or two.

Her other great loves are running and swimming, both of which she feels offers time to think as well as offering health benefits.  She also enjoys reading actual books, with early additions of Sherlock Holmes adorning her book shelf. 

Aria never stops learning, although one of her greatest interests is running. She finds it a perfect time to not only exercise but to ponder anything on her mind. She loves reading old classical novels from Earth, usually with a glass of wine in hand. Her ambition, ultimately, is to find a place she feels comfortable and her home from home.

Annual Starfleet Performance Review

Rear Admiral __________, Officer Commanding, __________



Born in 2329, Aria was the only child of Erisa and Jonathan Winters. 

Always an inquisitive soul,  her curiosity was encouraged and she thrived.  While she excelled as a student, she was also something of an outsider.  Living on Vulcan, she attended a school with the children of fellow diplomats and officers stationed on the planet, and most of the friendships she made were fleeting.  Yet she wanted for nothing and enjoyed meeting the diplomats who attended the functions hosted by her parents and the occasional trip through the stars.

And without a doubt she was captivated by the stories her mother told, tales of the El-Aurian people and their rich history.  She dreamed of the worlds her mother described, cried at the stories of their desperate attempts to survive the Borg.   Yet in those stories, her imagination was set alight and her mother always encouraged her to travel her own path.  To explore and never let fear keep you from being who you want to be.

Aria decided her path would be in Starfleet and, after passing the entrance exam with ease, was offered a place at the Academy and began her studies in 2346.  

For Aria, it would be the beginning of friendships which have carried on to this day and she excelled in her studies, specialising in the sciences.  From there, the cadet graduated with distinction, being assigned to the USS Maryland in 2349.

In 2354, Lieutenant Winters was assigned to a specialist team under the command of Admiral Weston.  The mission was classified and remains so to this day.  For six months, the specialist team was off grid, until a distress beacon was detected.  Of a team of twelve, only three survived and while the details never became known, Admiral Weston’s career never recovered and the survivors were left to rebuild their lives and eventually resume their careers.

After almost a full year at Starfleet medical and then additional rehabilitation, Aria took a leave of absence to go travelling.  

Following her extended leave, she returned to duty in 2359 and was assigned to the USS Horizon which was on a five year deep space mission.  During the mission, Aria climbed the ranks, becoming Assistant Chief Science Officer.  Towards the end of the mission, the ship was heavily damaged in an attack by an unknown force.  The ship survived but with the loss of almost one hundred souls aboard.

With a sudden promotion to science chief, Aria impressed her CO with her extensive knowledge and calmness under pressure.  Subsequently her appointment to the senior staff was made permanent and Captain McLintock became a mentor to the young woman.

On the return home, McLintock began to encourage Aria to consider the command track, appointing her as second officer and acting first officer when his XO was reassigned.  During the next two and a half years they became a perfect team, with Aria’s confidence in her new role growing.  All of it was to be tested, however, when Starfleet engaged the Borg at Wolf 359.

While considering themselves the lucky ones, who escaped death – or worse – in the battle that followed, those who did survive were left without a captain and mourning the loss not only of their CO but many crewmates and fellow officers.  Returning to Earth, Aria was left contemplating her next steps when word of her new assignment arrived.