A survivor of the Battle at Wolf 359, Ciara Byrne is a Counselor who has been hardened slightly by the Borg. She may have her own demons still lingering from the loss of friends and her first ship, but she is headstrong and confident in her own abilities. Ciara places the mental well-being of others before her own and is known to psychologically analyze everyone she comes into contact with whether they like it or not. She may have contemplated leaving the service after the battle against the Borg, but somehow her mother talked her out of it. Now she has returned to a starship after a year on Earth and she is ready for her do over on the Nogura.

Physical Profile

  • Height: 5 Foot 3
  • Weight: 128lbs
  • Eye Colour: Hazel
  • Hair Colour: Dark Auburn

Ciara Byrne is a relatively short dark redheaded Irish woman from Deneva Prime. She has light hazel eyes and at time does crack a smile when someone says something funny. Otherwise Ciara’s physical appearance is unextraordinary. Though, Ciara’s left leg is severely scarred from an injury sustained on the Bellerophon when debris buried it during battle. She does well to hide this fact, so few knew that the scarring exists.

Personality Profile

As a child Ciara felt like she really had to act out in order to get the attention of her parents away from her older siblings. As time went on, however, that seemed to change as Ciara desired less and less attention from those around her. Eventually she settled into a more subtle personality by balancing alone time with social time. Ciara finds comfort in both social settings surrounded by a few friends and in alone time reading a book.

Her first bout with a battle situation did a small amount of damage to her psychologically and she still does wake up with the occasional nightmare. When those she treats talk of battles they’ve survived she will sometimes suffer a flashback and get distracted. However, she has been cleared by the psychologists she spoke with following the fighting. Ciara is not perfect, and she doesn’t try to be. Her job is to help others and she’s been known to bottle up her own demons in an effort to help others.


Personal Information





Starfleet Command


USS Nogura


Chief Counsellor



Annual Starfleet Performance Review

Commander Jesse Gordon Phd, Counselling Department, Starfleet Medical

Lieutenant Ciara Byrne seems to continue to bear the burden that she came with when she first reported here at Starfleet Medical almost one year ago. After reading the previous performance reviews and coming to the realization that Counselor Byrne was a well rounded officer who was, and still is, capable I have become concerned about her overall mental health. She has ensured me at the time of this review that she is coping just fine, and while I do have my concerns I agree.

Counselor Byrne does quite well with her patients by providing an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming when they talk to her. She is very approachable, empathetic towards others, and an excellent listener. The Counselor does well with analyzing the situation and attempting to give her best opinion and approach. Others here at Starfleet Medical in the Counseling Department have come to depend a great deal on her for advice. She handles herself well and I look forward to seeing the great things that are sure to come from her in the future.


Ciara is one of seven children born to Kayleigh and Michael Byrne, she is the youngest, and was born on December 14, 2338. Sometime in 2336, two years before Ciara was born, the family decided to move to Deneva Prime. Two years later that was where Ciara would be born and that was where the family would remain. She is one of three girls her sisters are Sara and Lillian Byrne. Ciara also has four brothers named Joshua, Connor, Logan, and Andrew. Growing up with four competitive brothers made life for Ciara somewhat interesting and she had to learn how to defend herself rather quickly.

As a child Ciara was constantly getting herself into trouble and acting out. This was a product of being the seventh born child in a large family. Growing up on Deneva Prime should have been easy for the girl, but all through her adolescent years she acted out. During one of these instances she broke into the barn of their neighbor and released the herd of Denevan cattle that were locked away for the evening.

It wasn’t until her early teenage years that Ciara had steadily began to shift in personality to a kinder and more caring individual. The exact reason for this has never been stated by Ciara, however, it was possibly due to the conversation she had with her father Michael one day. He wanted so much more for his daughter and her consistent acting out would get her nowhere in life.

Ciara’s High School years seemed to bring a sort of peace for the girl since many of her siblings had already moved out. Lillian’s decision to join Starfleet had the eventual effect on Ciara of leaving to do the same. She had applied to Starfleet Academy her senior year of high school and entered after acceptance in 2356. Unlike her sister who had decided to go into engineering she chose psychology as her field of study.

The constant amount of schoolwork and the difficulty of learning different psychological techniques were very draining on Ciara. Being away from home also did not help matters but she was determined to get through it. She concluded the pre-medical portion of her time at the Academy by 2360 and had her Doctoral in Psychology by 2364. Ensign Ciara Byrne’s first assignment was to the USS Bellerophon where she was to learn how to be a Counselor.

After her first year of service on the Bellerophon Ciara had already made several friends, been promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, and was preparing to transfer to another ship in order to become a Chief Counselor. However, something seemed to hold her back and she decided to remain aboard the Bellerophon for a little while longer.

Fate played a cruel prank on Ciara because two years into her decision to stay the Borg had assimilated Captain Jean-Luc Picard and attacked the Federation. The Bellerophon was one of forty ships to attempt and stop the Borg cube from getting to Earth. Through the course of the battle the Bellerophon was heavily damaged and ultimately destroyed.

Ciara was one of the lucky few that got to the escape pods and survived the encounter, but just barely as she was injured during the fighting. With a shattered leg and a sprained wrist, she had to be carried to the escape pod by a close friend Lieutenant Ronald Humphreys. Along with the other survivors of the Battle at Wolf 359 Ciara was brought to Earth.

After two months of recovery Ciara Byrne had considered leaving Starfleet and resigning her commission. She had lost several her friends during the fighting, but when she was offered a position at Starfleet Medical to serve as one of the Chief Counselor’s she could hardly refuse. Though, Ciara never really expressed to anyone why she ultimately changed her mind her mother may have played a crucial part in that.

Ciara would only spend one year serving as Chief Counselor at Starfleet Medical in the B Wing of the hospital there. Her job there was quite taxing as she was constantly helping those who had been wounded all while dreaming of returning to the stars. After all, Ciara had joined Starfleet to get away from Earth and see the rest of space. And, in 2368 she had transferred to her second starship in her career the USS Nogura.