Nayeli found herself unable to handle the drama that was her previous assignment. Everyone was at each other’s throats for one reason or another, and even through all her training, she couldn’t block out the anger. She wanted to travel the stars, go exploring, but not with an angry crew. So she allowed her name to be put out for other positions. One immediately came up, and she found that it was a type of ship she’d always dreamed of being on, one that would have so many newer systems for her to learn. But having just been posted a year ago, would they even take her? Nayeli put her name forward, on her own, to that ship, the Nogura, before any others could try to snatch her up. Slowly, she was packing her bags, because even if this ship didn’t take her, surely there was on out there that needed someone like her in their science department. But, as luck would have it, the Nogura accepted her.

Physical Profile

  • Height: 5 Foot 7
  • Weight: 170lbs
  • Eye Colour: Dark Brown
  • Hair Colour: Dark Brown

-Eyes and hair are extremely dark brown.
-Hair usually pulled back either into half or full ponytail on duty, down when off duty.

Personality Profile

Strengths: Able to detect small irregularities on sensor scans, though she may occasionally look over the bigger picture.
Weaknesses: Has trouble blocking other’s emotions when she is emotional.
Ambitions: Doesn’t want to captain a starship, but wants to travel the stars, see places no one has ever seen.
Hobbies: Making holodeck programs, studying the newest science tech, even if she shouldn’t know it yet.

Personal Information





Starfleet Command


USS Nogura


Chief Science Officer




Annual Starfleet Performance Review

Rear Admiral __________, Officer Commanding, __________



Birthdate: October 21st, 2333

Nayeli was born to an already family of 4 on Betazed, making her the third and youngest child in the Tekla family. Her father was already the Federation Liaison for Betazed, so there was always a Starfleet connection.

Her childhood was normal, learning to control her abilities at a young age. Her siblings both went off to Starfleet Academy, and when her time came, she did as well. But during all of that, she was also being setup with an arranged marriage to Ignasi Behar.

The couple did end up falling in love and were married shortly after both graduated from the Academy. She majored in science, he in engineering and command. Due to the marriage, she was always on the ship her husband was assigned to.

With her assistance in the SciTech advancements, and her work on the ships themselves, Nayeli quickly made her way up through the ranks from Ensign to Lieutenant Commander.

Most of the assignments were normal, until she and her husband were approached by Commodore Alex Rexan to join in a covert mission. Nayeli’s husband was the first officer of the mission, and she was second officer and was promoted to Commander at a young age.


Nayeli was severely injured on the mission, and lost an unknown pregnancy. However, as she was the only surviving senior staff member, all blame fell to her.

FILE SEALED 2361 – 2365

Nayeli was returned to active duty under own own identity in 2365 after living from 2361 to 2365 under a false identity due to contracts against her. She had a long term relationship with Commodore Rexan, under both identities, but unfortunately it fell apart after neither of them could handle the loss of their unborn child.

She to get away from the relationship, even though there was still love, it wasn’t enough. Nayeli applied for another chief position on the USS Wolf and was accepted.

Addendum to the sealed files:

The logs from the mission on the USS Tierney have been released after all blame against Nayeli was found to be due to the fact that her former husband, Ignasi Behar, was working with the Orions and had set them up on the mission. She had taken the fall for the rest of the command staff on the mission as she was the only one left that did not get killed.

After scanning through deleted communication files with Commodore Rexan, it was found that Ignasi Behar had been communicating with the Orions up until the night before the mission, taking all blame off of Nayeli and clearing all contracts against her. She was demoted to Lieutenant from Commander for breaking comm silence and endangering the mission.

Nayeli Behar had her identity hidden between 2361 and 2365 for her own safety. WIth man Orion contracts on her head, there was no choice.

Medical History:

-When Nayeli was a child, she had a falling injury that caused the need for two of her ribs to be replaced.

-Nayeli has a scar that runs from her shoulder to elbow on her right arm.

-After a mission on the USS Tierney, Nayeli’s life was in danger with threats against her. She took on the life of a young woman who had died on the mission, posing as a Bajoran instead of a Betazoid. She had an implant to mask her Betazoid biosigns as well as blocked her empathic and telepathic abilities.

-Once Nayeli’s name was cleared, she was restored to her former physical appearance as well as the implant was removed, unlocking her empathic and telepathic abilities again.

-Nayeli has gone through one miscarriage during the USS Tierney mission due to her injuries and another on Starbase 27 after a mission to save Commodore Rexan’s symbiot.