The following database article is a complete historical recount of events pertaining to the USS Nogura.



Stardate 45980.87

These Are the Voyages… Almost two years since the destruction of 39 starships at the Battle of Wolf 359 against a cybernetic species known as the Borg, Starfleet has almost recouped its losses thanks to a mammoth ship building programme. Most notably among those new vessels are six of the now famous Galaxy-class, the same..Read More


Stardate 45497.26

Commanding Officer Assigned Approximately five months prior to the scheduled launch of the Nogura, the ships Commanding Officer was picked from a pool of six candidates. Due to his successful dalliances with the Cardassians during the Border wars, the executive officer of the Ahwahnee was chosen as the captain of the ship. It was a..Read More


Stardate 44038.35

Spaceframe Begins Final Construction In the wake of the Borg invasion of the Federation, final construction of the six Galaxy-class spaceframes that were put into storage began. At Starbase 565 in the Trill system, construction of the USS Nogura began in earnest.


Stardate 44002.3

In early 2367, around stardate 44002.3, the cube entered the Wolf system. Locutus hailed the assembled fleet, ordering the ships therein to disarm and escort the cube to the Sol system. Immediately thereafter, the fleet engaged the Borg. The Excelsior-class USS Melbourne was among the first ships destroyed, with its saucer section partially vaporized while..Read More


Stardate 43989.1

Borg Assault on the Federation at Wolf 359 In late 2366, on stardate 43989.1, the USS Enterprise-D arrived at Jouret IV, twelve hours after contact with the New Providence colony was lost. The colony was found to have been completely destroyed, literally scooped from the planet’s surface. Admiral J.P. Hanson and Lieutenant Commander Shelby of..Read More


Stardate 40195.83

Spaceframe Construction Begins Less than a year after the completion of the initial batch of six Galaxy-class starships, construction begins on the spaceframes of the next batch of six. These are swiftly halted, however, when it is determined there is little need for the vessels. The spaceframes are distributed to classified facilities across the Federation..Read More